Update on Rito Loco coming to Shaw – Hoping to open by January

606 Florida Ave, NW

A few readers have been asking for updates on Rito Loco burritos coming next door to Bistro Bohem – the owners tell me:

“We have acquired almost all of our equipment and are just waiting on our final permit from DDOT. The final permit from DDOT is to tear up the sidewalk in order to increase the size of the water line into the building. We hope to open for full service by the beginning of the year.”

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  • man… I feel like we’ve been waiting on this one for a long time.

  • i talked to one of the owners at the truck recently, and he sounded pretty bummed that they’d been so slowed down by the permit process. they were hoping to be up and running by now. such is the way it goes with opening a restaurant though.

    • Spoke to them at the cider event 2 weeks ago. Can’t wait for them to open! Vegan options will be available too.

  • The owner told me the same thing for December about a month ago…

  • One thing I can say about the location; I am ALWAYS in the mood for a burrito when I walk by there.


  • I don’t get this place. It just a wrap with meat and cheese and a little sauce. The meat was good, the sauce was OK, but I gotta say…it is hella boring! But hey, to each his own. Seem like nice enough guys but I’d be careful before denigrating rice and beans. One person working the truck a couple months ago said, “nah, no rice or beans or other crap, just meat and cheese.” I was offended because the mix of meat, beans, and cheese it exactly what i LIKE about a “burrito.” Not to mention, for $9 I expect a burrito that fills me up for hours, not a glorified “wrap sandwich.”

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