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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Finally got my lazy butt out of bed for a run this morning. It felt even better than I told myself it would!
    Rave: I voted!
    Rant: I’m not impressed with Bowser & Catania seems like an ass. I voted for Carol Schwartz, but she doesn’t have a chance in hell.
    Rave: Beautiful weather the next couple of days! And cool nights are awesome for sleeping 🙂

    • So in effect you voted for Bowser. Aren’t you old enough to remember Nader? I would have thought everyone over 32 was permanently scarred by that.

      • That’s a bit condescending, and I don’t think this is analogous to the Nader situation. This person said they don’t like Bowser or Catania, so they didn’t vote for either of them.

        • In the last poll I saw, the numbers for Catania and Schwartz added up to 45%… which was the same as Bowser’s share. So Schwartz’s presence in the race does seem rather Nader-like to me.

          • True, but you’re assuming that the Schwartz voters prefer Catania over Bowser, which may not be the case.

          • Because every single vote for Schwarz would go to Catania and not Bowser??? That’s not what the polls have suggested.

      • I take your point, but I don’t really want Catania to be mayor either. I thought about abstaining, would you have prefered that? If my preference were “not Bowser” then I would have voted for Catania. But I decided I don’t like either one, so the best I can do is a protest vote of some kind. I’m sorry that doesn’t align with your preferences.

      • I’m older than 32 and I voted for Bush both times. 😛

    • Two friends also voted for Carol Schwartz because they believe she would be a good mayor, and because they didn’t want to vote for either Bowser or Catania.

  • Rant: I don’t think I have any insulation in the exterior walls in my bedroom. 3 of the 4 walls in the bedroom are exterior, so it’s already 6 degrees colder in there than the rest of the place when it’s cold. It’s not even really cold yet. I will spend tonight rummaging through mortgage docs, I think I have a warranty, I can’t even remember, to see if it’s covered or if I’ll spend hundreds to fix this. I tried reading through DC building codes to learn about insulation, but I didn’t really understand it. I assume the builders were supposed to use it when they gutted and rehabbed the place last year. So frustrating.
    Rant: every time I fill up my car gas splashed out after and I am not topping off. I have experimented with tilt of the handle, using the pin or just holding the trigger, shoving it all the way in or being more gentle, and nothing is working. The interwebs tell me I might need a new carbon filter. I can’t wait to be a woman who sounds like she can’t pump gas when I bring the car to the mechanic!
    Rave: I get to try out my new to me polling place tonight! (I forgot to change before the primaries)

    • I’m having the exact same issue in my condo. I moved in last December and almost froze to death during the winter. But that was before anyone else was moved in below or around me so I’m hoping it will be better this year with residual heat from below.

      How do you even check to see if the room is properly insulated? Tear out part of the wall?

      • I’m not sure how conclusive this is, but I took off the outlet cover and used a bamboo grilling skewer to poke around between the junction box and the drywall. I didn’t hit anything before I got to the brick. I wiggled it around and didn’t feel any resistance at all.
        It’s really really noticeably colder not just in that room, but in that one corner I tested. The walls are cold to the touch and this really shocked me, even the baseboard is cold to the touch.

        • I Dont Get It

          Do you know that there are these little insulation pads you can put inside outlets? Won’t completely solve the problem but every little bit helps.

          • I have those and I used canned expanding insulation around the outlets. I guess it’s helping because I could feel cold air coming in the outlets, but now I can’t. I can still feel cold walls and some cold air around the baseboards.

    • pablo .raw

      I may be able to help you with the insulation thing; at least to give you an opinion. Just e-mail me.

    • You will likely spend more than hundreds if it means pulling out the walls and redoing the installation. I had to do it on my house. Flippers cut corners like you would not believe.

      • In most cases you can add spray cellulose insulation without ripping out the walls. Trying internet searching for “cellulose spray insulation on existing walls” and you’ll see a lot of resources that show how it is done. If there is no insulation at all this will pay for itself VERY quickly.

    • If you need to add insulation, do it sooner rather than later. I waited years to add needed insulation, and once I had it done, I kicked myself for waiting. It was a pain and a mess and an expense. But it lasted two days. And then my room was comfortable and my heating bills plummeted. It was not smart to “tough it out” as long as I did.

  • Rave: I voted and got to come into the office a bit later than usual.
    Rant: My options for mayor.
    Rave: The democratic process, living in a world where I can vote, hold property, etc, etc. Thank you to the gods of chance that I was born into this time and place.
    Rave: Amazing weather today. I love the crunch of leaves under my boots and the hazy autumnal light.

    • Farragut

      I was walking down a long sidewalk with dried leaves gathered to one side. Did I walk on the cleared path or the 100-foot-long leaf trail? I think we know the answer. *crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch*

  • Rant: Signs that put quotation marks randomly around words for no good reason.

    • Maybe it’s not “random” — if it’s pointing out that the “escalator” doesn’t escalate — and has now become “stairs”.

      • I think you are giving far too much credit to the sign author. That seems too subtle for your typical WMATA station manager. Although I appreciate your glass-half-full attitude . . .

  • Rave: I voted!
    Rant: A poll worker yelled at some guy in the polling station that he didn’t fill out his ballot correctly as she was feeding them into the scantron machine. That means she looked at it – which violates the whole concept of a secret ballot. I told the guy in charge, and he responded with “well, we’re poll workers, we have to do that.” Am I overreacting? I was a poll watcher a few cycles back and would have told her to knock it off, but I’m not sure about DC Law.
    Rant: Running the gauntlet of campaign workers to get into the polling place. Literally on both sides of the sidewalk a good 100 yards long, yelling and trying to give me literature. Has anyone ever been swayed by that? And how much trash does that generate when people just drop whatever they’ve been handed?

    • I’ve been swayed by that in the past – I once went to vote uncertain about one race, and after being accosted by several supporters of one candidate in that gauntlet I voted for her opponent.

    • Tell BOEE, especially if you have the name of the person. That shouldn’t be happening.

  • Rant: Off to an informational interview but feeling so down about any hopes or prospects coming out of any of these minute steps I take in the job search.

    Rant/Rave: Dizzy and headache while riding last night meant less time riding and more time snuggling fuzzy horses.

    Rave: Heading to Alaska Avenue today on my alphabetical tour of DC State Avenues. The hill up with be rough but it’s all downhill on the return!

    • Farragut

      Don’t forget Puerto Rico Avenue, too! Ha ha. It might be fun to find the non-US states, too, like Quebec and Ontario streets.

      • Oh good call!! I actually, sadly, had to google to see if it existed or if you were pulling my leg. I’ve added it to the list! I’ve been pondering how to deal with the District. Do I bike to Columbia Avenue? Do I protest?

        • Farragut

          Well, Columbia Road was actually named for Columbian College (before it moved to Foggy Bottom and became George Washington University). I don’t have any good suggestions for an alternative unless you want to go for some of those memorial streets like Langston Hughes Way by Busboys & Poets or Duke Ellington Bridge or something.

    • Also, I stand corrected. Informational Interview was actually a RAVE. There’s a job. And I’m perfect for it. And I’m excited.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: My life at 3:30 this morning:
    Evil Cat: I’m going to jump all over Mom’s head and meow incessantly.
    Me: What? Huh? No, it’s not time to get up yet!
    Evil Cat: Wheee! Let’s keep this up until 5 minutes before she wakes up, then fall asleep peacefully on the pillow beside her and act disgruntled when she gets up to feed me!
    Rave: Early wake-up from Evil Cat meant I was second in line to vote this morning!

    • Farragut

      Evil Cat should obviously be named GOTV Cat instead.

    • My cat uses his face like a crowbar, trying to pry me out of bed. That squashes his nose, and he makes piggy grunty noises, which cracks me up, which in turn wakes me up… aaaand I was up and running errands super early on Sunday, even though I was promised an extra hour of sleep.

  • palisades

    Unsure: Due to bad planning on my part, I will be alone for Christmas. Family/girlfriend will be out of town. Trying to make the most of this situation. I’m thinking of volunteering on Christmas Day. Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to do it?

    • Farragut

      Allison volunteered and delivered food to the elderly with a friend a few years ago when I was working; hopefully she’ll see this and chime in with the name of it…

    • This is totally my fantasy. I’d love to spend Xmas day alone, sipping coffee, reading a book, building a fire, having Chinese food for dinner, and going to see the monuments while they’re empty. Unfortunately, I have family expectations to be somewhere across the country.
      I should have been born a Member of the Tribe!

      • palisades

        That sounds tempting, don’t give me any ideas….I want to be a good citizen at least one day out of the year.

        • I hate holiday travel. So overpriced and stressful, I can’t even imagine trying to do it with kids. Plus, I prefer to be in the office when it’s empty.
          Last year, I skipped Xmas with my family and saw them for one week in January. Was really nice.

      • binpetworth

        I am not a Member of the Tribe but have spent Christmas alone for the past few years. It is glorious. I fix myself a nice meal of whatever I want (which always include pie), open presents sent to me by relatives, and watch A Christmas Story several times in succession. I justify it by doing an “early Christmas” on a weekend prior to the big day with family, sometime between Thanksgiving and Dec. 25.

      • Nothing in DC is empty around the holidays, not even on the actual holiday. Total misconception. I’ve been out and around on every holiday (and day before and day after) and it’s always mobbed. I thought that Thanksgiving Day would be a good day to go see the train exhibit at the botanic gardens. The line was over an hour long at noon.

        • That’s because everyone still int own is thinking “how can I get these drunken relatives/annoying in-laws/rowdy children/random Mormons out of my house for a few hours? I know, the Smithsonian!”

          • Exactly. That’s often why I’M there. But I keep hearing “DC is deserted around the holidays”, which is the furthest thing from reality. I get that one might think it SHOULD be deserted. But as the second-most-visited city in the US, and the holidays being vacation time, it’s actually the other way around. Downtown Skokie IL is probably deserted. Because at least some Skokians are HERE. And some Dubuquians. And some Harrisburgers. And some Tucsoners…

        • The Smithsonian is closed on Christmas Day which made working at the Sculpture Garden skating rink even worse that day – it is (was? this was back in the early/mid 80s; things may have changed) was literally just about the only thing open on the Mall that day, so attracted everyone who wanted to get out of the house for a little bit. Mobbed. I’d work Christmas eve until closing at 9pm and have to be back at the rink at 8AM. Great way to ruin Christmas.

      • MOT here. Chinese and a movie are always packed, even with treif!

      • Becks

        I was looking forward to a nice quite day at home with maybe some take out. My Godmother called and said that she wanted to visit for Christmas and wants me to cook “Christmas Dinner with all the fixins”. This means two days in the kitchen and days of clean up. I love her dearly, but golly, Chinese take out sounds so, so, so much better!

        • No one who doesn’t enjoy cooking should be made to cook, especially with the myriad meal-in-a-box products available around the holidays.
          (Me, I love to cook a massive holiday meal. The more people around my table the happier I am. But I put a LOT of time and money and energy into it and if it weren’t my own idea, I’d be super resentful.)

        • Sheesh. Well if she loves you dearly then she’ll totally understand when you say you’ll be happy to arrange dinner but it may not be exactly what she has in mind.

        • Yikes. Surely it’s for the host to decide what to cook for the visitor, not the other way around? (Unless the visitor is the one doing the cooking.)

    • The DC JCC has a huge volunteer program for the 25th, you can sign up there. I had mixed experiences in the past depending on which place/project I chose, best ones were at nursing homes and my friends loved going to Children’s Hospital.

  • Anyone in the 1200 blocks of Irving St/Columbia Rd NW hear 6-7 gunshots last night at about 1:30am coming from the alley? Followed by squad cars/police with bright search lights?

  • Question for the always knowledgeable popville community: I’m going to Miami for a wedding the first weekend in December and decided to take the whole week off work. I’ve never been to Miami before- what should I check out? Any other beaches/sites I should see that are nearby? I like nightlife but am also hoping for some fun outdoor activities or quieter beachy spots.

    • Where are you staying? South Beach or the mainland? SoBe is crazy all the time.
      Nightlife: The Electric Pickle, The Treehouse, and Trade. Even if you’re not into clubs, you should go out in Miami. So many incredible music venues. Avoid the awful commercial clubs (Liv, Karu & Y, Mansion, Nikki Beach, etc). There’s something magical about dancing outside in December while it’s 80 degrees. I’m not familiar with the salsa/Cuban music scene, but I’m sure there’s tons of great options.
      Mac’s Deuce might be the best dive bar in all of the U.S.
      You’re also not far from the Keys, if you have a car that is a fun drive. You can do some great diving off Key Largo. Stop at Alabama Jack’s for lunch (great seafood honkytonk on a rural road in the middle of a swamp).

    • So fun! I went to the U and the entire city is one of the weirdest/best places in the world. Go to the Venetian Pools and check out the gables. Go to Lincoln Road. If you are looking for quieter beaches you can go to Biscayne Bay. A car will make all of this easier and you can always take a day trip south to one of the closer keys. Have fun!

    • If you’re in South Beach, check out the Wolfsonian Museum.

    • palisades

      I think Miami is one of those places where you have to embrace the lifestyle at LEAST one of the nights. It is absolutely wild every day of the week. When I went we stayed in a shitty hotel right on the main road in South Beach and did all the trashy clubs. People hand out these VIP wristbands for the clubs that we thought were so stupid, until we realized that they are actually totally useful and can help you skip the lines and get happy hour deals and stuff.

    • Take an Art Deco tour! Here’s one option (friend and former colleague is one of the owner/guides) http://www.artdecowalks.com/index.php

    • Go snorkeling at John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo. Its a really easy, nice drive and the snorkeling is awesome.

    • I heartily recommend Puerto Sagua in South Beach for Cuban food I am still craving after being there in January. I also liked the sushi at Pubbelly, which was in a cute little neighborhood. And in Brickell there is this place called The Filling Station that serves a burger with caramelized onions, nutella and crumbled bacon. Nutella on a burger was heavenly. I am apparently all about food when I travel…

      • Second the vote on Puerto Sagua. Also, try Las Olas Cafe at Sixth & Euclid. It’s just a hole in the wall but good Cuban food and popular with locals, I usually get a Cuban sandwich to go and eat it on the beach.

  • Rant: have to go back to my old ‘hood to vote later today.
    Rave: voting!
    Question: I’m looking for a free-lance graphic designer type to help me pull together a quick and easy customized game board as a gift, with a fast-turnaround. Any suggestions for one, or how to find one?

  • Rave: the metro station manager that puts up that poorly punctuated sign at gallery place. It is terrible to see a person with mobility limitations exit through the turnstile there to find an escalator not working…then deciding between hiking up it or swiping back into the station (and walking a long way to another entrance).

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: I’m not well informed about voting options today
    Rave: starting to e-mail friends who are more informed to get opinions
    Rant: still no results from medical procedure
    Rave: Photo work keeps coming, I thought I was done for the year. I feel blessed even though I’m not a believer in those things. I don’t like the word “luck” either.
    Rant: Public employee who raised his voice to make his point yesterday about a review of plans. I also raised my voice. People who know me, knows that I’m quiet and introverted but sometimes people think they can take advantage.

  • Aglets

    Rave: I woke up this morning in a 70 degree apartment! We finally have heat!
    Rave: I voted early and am proudly wearing my sticker upside-down in solidarity of the DCBOEE
    Rave: I had Halloween candy for breakfast

  • Rant: Unnecessary quotation marks.
    Rave: Voted!

  • Rant: At work and I just can’t seem to concentrate. I just want to sleep 🙁
    Rave: Um…I’m alive?

  • Rave: Interstellar in IMAX tonight.

  • Rave: Donna Martin is a sweet, snuggly kitty.
    Rant: I have to give her back when Emilie returns from her trip.
    Rave: I got out of the upcoming work trip. The only trips in my near future are for fun.

  • Rave: Woke up with an idea for a novel, registered for National Novel Writing Month, and am 500 words in already, real work be damned!

    Rave: Days-long headache gone!

  • Rave: Finally got my Silver Line Metro fare card. Very cool looking compared to my cluttered looking greenish one. I like it when the things that I use on a regular basis are esthetically pleasing.
    Rave: Trying an ayurvedic diet. It’s been a couple of days, and I definitely feel that this is a good way for me to go. And I love Indian and Nepali food, so until I learn how to cook some of my favorite dishes, I have a nice reason to try out some new things at new-to-me restaurants.
    Rave: Lots of serendipitous non-coincidences. Yay!
    Rave: Going out to vote. We really need to make this a national holiday, get national standards, and do something to ensure that the votes that are cast can be verified. There are a lot of barriers to voting in this country, and I appreciate being in a place where I’m reasonably sure that my vote will be counted.
    Nostalgic Rant: I really miss the old voting machines that I used in NYC where you pulled the lever once you were finished. Pulling that lever really made me feel like I was doing my civic duty as a citizen.

    • Your metro card rave is cute. My husband also pays attention to the aesthetics of everyday things. For example, he picks up paint chips every time we’re at the hardware store, and uses them as bookmarks, with the chip color coordinating with the colors on the book cover.

      • I do this too with the paint chip strips! I don’t coordinate with the book covers though, I just care that they’re pretty! Although I have to admit that if I thought the color clashed with the book cover I’d probably switch. Um, sorry if this is too personal, but how does your husband feel about things like toothbrushes? I’ve discarded freebie toothbrushes when the colors (yellow, green) just seemed wrong for starting off my morning. lol

        • His aesthetic sense is almost entirely limited to books. (The bookmarks, the shelving arrangements, etc.) When he wrote his own book, it took him as long to choose the cover as it took to crank out 400 pages of text. (This obvious exaggeration is less exaggerated than you might think.)

    • Andie302

      My friends husband cares greatly about aethetics. They were switching backs because of a bad customer service incident and he ruled out all banks that had a red debit card. Also, I get comments on my shiny gold credit card fairly regularly. I tried to customize it to something funny, but I’m guessing there was a copyright issue with my upload. Womp womp

  • Rave: Got my Costco membership yesterday. I bought raspberries, gas, and a slice of pizza, hooray!
    Rave: I get the day off for election day
    Rave: Spoke with the landlord today, we’ve decided I’m going to put one more person on the lease. After yesterday’s millions of comments, I still don’t have much clarity on pricing the rooms though.
    Question: When advertising a room, is the closet (if it encroaches on the room) included in the dimensions?
    Rant: None really!

    • Andie302

      I would include the closet in the dimensions and say “including closet.” Once you write the ad take a look at it from the perspective of the future tenant. Include great photos if you have them, the basic information necessary, and then ask them to reach out to you for details. I would plan to hold an open house and ask people to RSVP to obtain the exact address. Good luck!

      • I have a few photos, but they’re not really all that great, since the house is still under construction (although the LL swore up and down 10 times it would be ready by Jan 1, and possibly a couple weeks sooner). Would those be worth posting?

        • When will you be able to have an open house? While it is still under construction?
          I’d be nervous about the house being ready in time – your landlord’s assurance that it will be ready by Jan 1st isn’t worth much if there are unforeseen delays (weather related, delays in materials being delivered, etc). What happens if it isn’t ready?

          • Yeah, I’d be nervous about finding tenants for a place that’s under construction and may or may not be ready by a certain date. Not impossible but as a potential renter I might be wary.

          • I hate to do it during construction, but it looks like I’ll have to. Right now they just have to put in the flooring, paint, and install the cabinets/countertops and appliances. He’s a general contractor, and he says they’re 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so I’m not too worried.

    • Also, this person is trying to rent out their room for $1200 in a house similar to mine! And we have one much bigger! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/roo/4745229112.html

      I think looking at other ads on CL can ruin me.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Living across the street from your polling station makes voting really easy and no matter the results today, either Muriel Bowser has lost her bid for Mayor or is no longer my councilmember, so I’m looking today as a can’t lose scenario.
    Rant: The Masked Intruder show at R&R Hotel for tonight was cancelled. I was going to try to find a way out there tonight to see the world’s most dangerous pop-punk band.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Senior Citizen dogs. Twice last night one dog got up, went downstairs and then kept barking until I came down to carry her back up (she’s perfectly able to climb the stairs on her own.)
    Rave: Regardless I had a refreshing night of sleep despite the dog and a continuing series of dreams where I was being punched in the kidneys.
    Rant: I returned to the Ab-Y last night after a long absence and found it rife with PSL and possibly, AXE®.

  • Rave: With all this talk about Uniqlo, I went to their website and ordered some button-down dress shirts. Best-fitting dress shirts in my wardrobe. Shoulders, torso, and sleeves all fit perfectly—that never happens.
    Rant: Long lines to vote at Dunbar. Just two machines?
    Rave: I love voting. Feels good. Great day.

    • maxwell smart

      Have you visited Hugh & Crye in Georgetown? Not only would you be supporting a local, small business, their mission is about making shirts that fit – so the sizes are based on body type and height. Super friendly staff and really a fantastic product, albeit probably a bit more expensive than Uniqlo (although A LOT more variety since Uniqlo really only sells solids). Aside from some slim fit shirts from J. Crew, I think the rest of my work wardrobe is entirely from Hugh & Crye.

  • Rant: My computer keeps freezing when I try to log in to PoPville. And now I’m getting the “posting comments too quickly” warning.
    Possible rant: Coughing a little…hope I’m not catching the plague that my BF’s son has had the past few days! Little dude sounds miserable, I feel bad for him. And definitely don’t want to catch it.
    Rave: Interesting potential research project at work looks like it will be moving forward. My boss isn’t too excited about it b/c it’s super small and will take my time away from proposals, but I cannot only work on proposals, I will go batshit crazy if that’s all I do all the time.

    • Additional question – I have read on here that whooping cough is going around. I was initially worried that’s what the little dude had, but he doesn’t have a fever and I think he’s young enough that his vaccine would still be good (he’s 10). He is coughing an awful lot though…how long does the vaccine last?

      • Immunity lasts about 4-20 years. So that info is not really that useful! If he didn’t get the vaccine in the past 2-3 years, I’d say it’s a good chance it’s whooping cough if it fits the symptoms. I had it this summer, with no fever (or one so mild it didn’t really register). Take him to the doc, he can get antibiotics if it’s whooping cough or some other cough suppressant if it’s something else.

      • It varies by individual. Is he coughing like he has crud to get rid of? Or like there’s an annoying tickle in his throat? Or like he’s trying to expel a lung and has no control over it? It’s that last one that might merit a round of antibiotics. When I had it, I would sit up out of a sound sleep suddenly coughing to turn myself inside out. No tickle prior, just sudden and convulsive.

        • It has been a dry/hacking cough, which from what I read is how it can start for the first couple weeks. But that can also be from post-nasal drip and he’s definitely got some sinus stuff going on too. If he’s still not improving by tomorrow we’ll take him to the doctor.

          • It could also be croup. I know a small kid that has it now and got it at daycare in a Fed facility.

          • Did you recently turn on the heat in your house? It takes a while for me to become accustomed to the forced air HVAC heat. I’ll have a sore, dry throat with a little cough for a few weeks. Especially when I wake up in the morning. My boss was also complaining about it to me.

        • That’s exactly how mine was/is! No other symptoms other than the cough. It’s getting a bit better after the antibiotics and cough suppressants, but I would have sudden coughing fits that would end in gagging/gasping for air. Really embarrassing when it happens on the metro, lemme tell ya.

  • RAVE: SNL this last weekend, finally watched it. Some really good sketches (and some bombs, per usual). Jay Pharoe as Katt Williams had me convulsing with laughter.
    RAVE: Prince’s 8 minute jam was amazing on SNL. He’s such an incredible talent. Watch it!
    RANT: Prince is not touring any time soon. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    RAVE: had my monthly “alone” dinner last night. I like eating by myself once a month late at night, reading a magazine or book. It clears my head. Ate mussels at Bistro La Bonne! They were good, though not as memorable as St. Arnold’s.

  • Rave: summer weather today! I have been getting bummed out about the cold, so this will be a nice break.
    Rant: Knee problems. I’m hoping I won’t need surgery, but I think there is something really wrong with it.
    Rave: Found a good deal on a cute parka. Now all I need are new snow boots and I’ll be set for winter.

  • Rant: The likely election results will mean no DC statehood for at least another 2 years.
    Hypothetical question for DC residents: If DC could be exempted from federal taxes in exchange for giving up its Electoral votes, would you take that deal?

    • Farragut

      I would not take that deal. The right to vote is very important, and I’d be hard pressed to give it up. As a *protest*, though, I can foresee people refusing to pay their taxes.

    • Yes. All day.

    • Statehood: It wasn’t going to happen in the next two years no matter what. If the Dems really supported it, they could have pursued it in the past when they controlled Congress, and the White House. It just isn’t that popular an idea.

      To your hypothetical: No deal without some serious consideration of, and protection from, unintended consequences. For instance, just imagine how fast and high rents and housing prices would skyrocket if DC became a little 69 square mile tax-free haven.

      • Oh come on, there’s no chance DC becomes exempt from Federal taxes. Could you imagine a single politician who would actually vote for this? How would that look to their constituents?

      • More education needs to happen on Statehood. I have talked to dozens of people, of all political persuasions, from all around the country, who are ridiculously ill-informed about the District of Columbia. They think our whole budget comes from the federal government. They think all the land is owned by the feds. They think that it is right and proper to deny federal employees the vote (which is awful in itself) but don’t realize that most DC residents don’t work for the gov’t, or that many (a majority?) fed employees live in VA and MD. And so on.
        I don’t think DC Statehood is serious about statehood. If they were, they would know about and be working to correct these misperceptions.

        • Allison

          I’d like to think I did my part when some tourists joined me at a table at the Native American museum cafe. When they found out I was a local, they started asking questions. I included a brief lesson on our lack of representation. Now go forth, tourists from Georgia, and tell your brethren of our woes!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      This is the deal that Guam and Puerto Rico have. As a result, lots of big pharma relo to Puerto Rico.

    • jim_ed

      Without a doubt. I think pursuing this is the best way to bring the statehood issue to the forefront, since a lot of the libertarian kooks from the hinterlands are all about setting up tax free havens – it has the potential to get people talking about our lack of representation, not to mention put some extra walking around money in my pocket and likely double my home value.

  • skj84

    Rant: I feel like I let a friend down yesterday. I was supposed to help her with campaigning, but by the time I got out of work I was exhausted and sick. I decided to go home and get some rest, my evenings are booked the rest of the week. I really needed the time home to decompress and feel much better this morning. But I feel bad about flaking, I really shouldn’t have even agreed to help in the first place. She had been so good to me and I want to reciprocate.

    Rave: It’s such an honor to be able to vote. And as cheesy as it sounds, people died so I could have the right to complete my civic duty. I was in line with my Aunt and she actually cried as we discussed voting rights in this country. I’m proud to have voted this morning.

  • Rant: Got elbowed on the bridge of my glasses a few days ago and now they hurt to wear. Can’t figure out what needs adjustment.

    • I’m not sure if by “Can’t figure out what needs adjustment” you are referring to your glasses or your face. But, if it’s just the glasses (and I do hope it’s just the glasses) you should be able to take them into any nearby eye-wear shop/optometry practice to have them adjusted for free. I worked briefly for an eye doctor and it’s like they all have some kind of agreement to do free glasses adjustments.

  • Rant – dentist this AM = my mouth is numb, I have to go back in three months (which insurance doesn’t really cover) and I would kill for some coffee right now.
    Rave – still haven’t turned heat on in condo. Was 70 when I woke up this AM. Wondering how long I can get away with this for.
    Rave – possibly planning a trip to NOLA for Jazz Fest
    Rant – didn’t get to vote this AM so need to make sure I get off work early enough to do so today.

    • If you have the option to do flex spending accounts at work, now is likely open enrollment so you can put aside pre-tax money to cover the dental work done in 2015. It’s still your money, but it’s like getting a 25%ish discount on the dental work.

      • Oh I hadn’t thought of that – thank you! I just switched jobs recently so not sure open enrollment applies to me but I’ll definitely look into that – good call!

  • Rant: When I left the house this morning, there was a package on my porch… for a house half a block away.
    Rave: Since it was on my way to the Metro, I took the package with me and dropped it off at its proper destination.
    Rant: There was another package already on that house’s porch. Just out of curiosity, I glanced at the name… and it was my basement tenant’s. So then I felt obligated to take it back to my house and stow it securely so that nothing would happen to it.
    Rant: I expected that a snafu of this nature would have to be Lasership, but the address labels on both packages were from USPS. Usually USPS does a better job than that.
    Rave: I left the house earlier than usual, so I had time to restore both packages to their rightful owners.

    • you sound like a good neighbor

    • That’s super considerate of you!!

    • Only barely related, but I once had a FedEx package addressed to my Dad at his house delivered to me at my job by a UPS guy. True story.

      • My boyfriend once had a an order he placed with Amazon shipped to his mom’s old address where she no longer lived at the time even though he hadn’t lived there in 7 years, didn’t have that address saved in his Amazon account and specifically designated our current address as the point of delivery. When he finally got to the bottom of it, Amazon refused to send him a replacement, just a refund and it was for something we couldn’t find in stores! The OP is a good neighbor indeed!

  • Rant: Haven’t voted yet, but planning on voting Catania. His only negative is that people say he’s not nice, but I’m not voting for him to be my friend, I’m voting for him to get stuff done as mayor.
    Rant: Mary Cheh supports the service lane in Cleveland Park. Also, the sandy spot and sandbags near the CP Metro that have been there since 2009 should be named Cheh Beach.
    Rant: voting in this country – so many people vote against their interests based on misinformation, one issue, etc.
    Rave: bosses are out of the office today so everyone is more productive.

    • Your comment dividers have been on.point. lately!

      • Thank you much. I’ve been working hard at the gym trying to bring my A-game to heretofore untouched aspects of my life.

        • Andie302

          Ooohhh…what else are you working on? I’d love to feel like I accomplished something at the gym OTHER than a boring workout…especially with winter coming and facing down a treadmill.

    • I had been thinking the same thing, but started reading more about his behavior getting in the way of getting things done rather than helping. And the anecdotes of his interpersonal interactions are pretty horrendous. And I’m not sure about some of his education policies. So I changed my mind, especially since Schwartz seems like she’d do a great job (even if her chances of winning are nonexistent). But I did stop and think for a bit before filling in that bubble.

      • I’m not a fan of Schwartz. Speaking of personal animus getting in the way, the only reason she ran (this time) is because she hates Catania and wants to play spoiler. Now, that could also be Catania’s fault, but I see we agree on the Anybody but Bowser side of things.

        • In the debate I listened to on the radio, Schwartz came across as holding a big-time grudge against Catania.

          • I missed those, so I missed that intel. I guess I can’t blame her for resenting him; didn’t he have some vendetta against her way back when?
            And I dunno, I actually briefly considered voting for Bowswer too. All the options suck. Ugh.

        • It will be interesting to see what role Schwartz will play in a Bowser administration.
          You can guarantee that there’s a quid pro quo at play here.

    • I dunno about the “voting against their interests based on misinformation.” I am a white, straight, male, high SES voter who has voted for exactly one Republican, ever (Patrick Mara, against VO), and I am by no means a low information voter. By virtually any standard, I vote against my interests (financial, at least) by voting Democratic. But I do it because I believe it’s the best thing for the country, if not my own pocketbook. Even if I don’t agree with the way a lot of people vote, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. (I am assuming the voters to whom you refer are those who are poised to sweep Repbblicans into a Senate majority, but this really applies no matter who you are talking about.)

      • While the soon-to-be GOP sweep is part of my rant, I also got into it with a friend this weekend who fully supports Bernie Sanders, thinks Bernie Sanders is great, but thinks that he is unelectable and will therefore vote for Hillary Clinton (assuming the two of them run).

        • You believe this person is voting for Clinton based on the misinformation that Bernie Sanders is unelectable, and that voting for Clinton would be against his interests? One point and one question: Point – Sanders is completely, utterly unelectable as President. Question – I am having a hard time conjuring up the particular situation of a person for whom Bernie Sanders is a great choice, but for whom Hillary Clinton woudl be voting against his interests. Can you elaborate? I’m fascinated (unless I misunderstood).

          • With regards to Sanders being unelectable, I think that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. His positions are remarkably in tune with how a large amount of the electorate seems to feel. My friend is immensely opposed to the National Security-Industrial Complex and our seeming endless war in the Middle East. Sanders > Clinton on both of those.
            Obviously, there are more interests at stake in elections than short-term financial well-being. While voting for Democrats might be worse for financial self-interests (assuming Dems want to raise taxes on people at my income level), there is something to be said for the lower rungs of the economic ladder having a healthy safety net and a hand up – resulting in a stronger economy in the long run.

          • @Beau: Even if his positions are in tune with a lot of the electorate (and I suppose that depends on your definition of “a lot”), that’s not really the point. I’m not sure what you mean by self-fulfilling prophecy, but I do not see any path to victory for Sanders against other democratic candidates in the primary. And even if he won the nomination, I doubt you could cobble together 270 electoral votes against all but the most lunatic GOP candidate. He certainly wouldn’t have beaten Romney, and wouldn’t beat Christie, Bush, etc.
            And you’re right that there are more interests at stake than financial well-being – but that realization seems at odds with your comment about “so many people vote against their interests based on misinformation.” They may be voting “against” their interests in one narrow sense, but think that overall, their vote is for the good of the country.

          • I replied below about misinformation effecting voters (Obamacare death panels, etc.).
            With regards to Sanders running, I think he is the best chance to get southern whites back in the Democratic fold. I think he has the ability to articulate the ongoing war of finance capital against labor and industry. I think he has the ability to articulate how the gradual shift of jobs from full time to free lance contractors undermines American consumerism (and thus the economy) in the long run. I think he has the ability to articulate that the ALEC/Koch wing of the GOP would like to repeal the New Deal and Great Society programs that make up the social safety net. I think he has a certain “Mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” vibe that would resonate well.
            How he’d be attacked is clear: unhinged, socialist, etc. But knowing that, I think he could refute that, especially given his history of working across the aisle.
            He makes an amazing moral case for helping the poor and working classes of this country. I think that would resonate in Iowa. I think he’d do well in NH.
            By self-fulfilling prophecy, I mean that if we all say he’s unelectable, no one votes for him and he is therefore unelectable. Would a one-term Senator with a background as a Con Law professor seem electable compared to a former First Lady and two-term Senator? He didn’t initially.

          • “How he’d be attacked is clear: unhinged, socialist, etc. But knowing that, I think he could refute that, especially given his history of working across the aisle.”
            I agree with most of what you said, although I think Elizabeth Warren is a better messenger. And I simply don’t think he can effectively refute it – maybe I’m reversing field here, but the Republican smear machine is very good, and I don’t think enough of the good people of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Colorado will be able to resist the “unhinged socialist” mantra. It doesn’t matter what the people of Maryland or Alabama think – those swing states are the difference.

      • Accountering

        Presumably the people he is saying that are voting against their interests are the poor, uneducated low income white voters that litter the south and midwest, yet reliably vote republican.

        • Of course. My point is that the same could be said for the educated upper-middle class white voters that reliably vote democratic. I like to presume that people aren’t, on the whole, idiots, and have valid reasons for their actions (whether I agree with them or not). If nothing else, even if it’s self-delusion it helps me sleep better at night.

          • Accountering

            I am not certain the upper middle class white voters you mention ARE voting against their interests? I believe that all people should be allowed to marry, I believe that my GF and future daughters should have access to birth control and control of their own body, and a believe in a social safety net makes this a stronger country for all.
            The poor dude in rural Arkansas making $11/hour at the local Walmart makes no sense why he would vote for a Republican who wants to deny him subsidized healthcare, force people in his community into perpetual poverty by having children when they aren’t ready, and remove any safety net from him should he lose his job.

          • @Accountering: I agree with all that. But what you’ve done is create a scenario where it is against everyone’s interest to vote Republican, and in everyone’s interests to vote democratic. I agree with that, but that fictional Arkansan (?) may have a multitude of reasons why he votes Republican, even though it’s not in his short term (or even long term) economic interest. You say the upper middle class white voters consider things other than economics – why shouldn’t he?

        • Yeah, to a large extent. I had wanted to keep this race/party neutral. I’m referring to folks who think Obamacare is taking away their rights/causing death panels and that Democrats generally want to take away guns. I’m also referring to the people who are terrified of ebola/immigration/terrorism. I’m by no means omniscient, but I try not to let fear be my governing emotion.
          One issue I deal with fairly frequently is that of “Obamaphones.” People are mad as hell that some folks have government subsidized phone service. The Lifeline program was instituted under Reagan and expanded to wireless services under Bush II.
          And of course, there is still a surprisingly large portion of the American public who believes Obama wasn’t born in this country and that Democrats are, by definition, freedom-haters.
          Just feeling ranty, I guess.

    • Well, one concern re: Catania is the extent to which his being “not nice” — which sounds pretty extreme, will prevent him from getting things done — which will have a consequent negative impact on the city as a whole.

      • In the choice between “not nice” and “few definable positions or policies”, I’d rather have a one-term mayor who tries to get things done, even if his personal touch is lacking, rather than someone who says things that defy the laws of physics (pro-bike lanes, provided the bike lanes don’t displace anything).
        In the long-term, I’m waiting for more people like Smitty and Elissa Silverman to be a major part of our city’s government. .

      • Accountering

        I have such a hard time with this one. Yes, Catania is not nice. You could even say he is an ass. Do you think though, given what you know about Bowser, that she is going to “get things done?”
        Serious question.

      • Fenty wasn’t nice and the city council hated him. He still got shit done. He paid for his behaivor by getting voted out after the first term.

        And yes, I too am wondering what you think Bowswer will get done.

      • I’m late getting back to this. The truth is that I don’t know. I can see Catania being ineffective because he’s unable to work with people because he alienates them — and I view playing well with others as a pretty essential skill for a politician. I can also imagine Bowser getting good advice and putting together an efficient team that is, yes, able to get things done, although I don’t know if this is her priority in any way. I think it’s unfortunate that there doesn’t seem to be a candidate who has both a history of getting things done and reasonable social skills — or at least not a candidate who has both of those qualities and a reasonable chance of winning.

  • Rant: winter morning stomach troubles. Anyone else experience this? It seems when it gets cold enough in the morning I wake up with sharp stomach pains. Maybe I just need to be warmer?
    Rant: still waiting to hear. Can’t tell if its good or bad they are taking so long to get back to me with definitive news.
    Rave: high 70 today? Strange but true.

    • Allison

      Is there something you tend to eat or drink in winter that you wouldn’t normally during other seasons?

    • I definitely get stomach aches in the winter. Any change in temperature, really. I sleep with a haramaki/belly warmer and that helps a ton. It’s super unsexy, though. Haha

    • I have never heard of this, but if the cold is an issue I highly recommend a heated mattress pad. Turn that sucker on an hour before bed, put your jammies in the blankets so they get warm too, and be the happiest person ever.

  • On Sunday, I watched about 8 police vehicles surround a postal van, remove and cuff the driver. Then they searched the van. Something small enough to fit inside the officer’s hand was removed.
    So now I’m wondering if a USPS worker was dealing out of his work van, or if a dealer borrowed a USPS-employed friend’s van, or if the van was stolen…
    Does the PO ever deliver on a Sunday around here? I think they do in NYC. Or can it be assumed that any Sunday deliveries from a PO van probably weren’t properly stamped, iykwim?

    • I saw a US postal worker (driving a USPS van) deliver something to my next door neighbor this past Sunday. I also saw Sunday delivery occurring once before on another street in my neighborhood. My guess is that it’s legit, but only done if there are special circumstances (delays on scheduled deliveries, backlogs for whatever reason).

      • I think they deliver packages, but not letters, on Sundays and holidays.

      • I’ve seen it for packages too, including at my house when a delivery had been delayed. So perhaps it’s only special circumstances. I was also wondering if it’s an agreement with UPS/Fed-Ex when they’re doing the final delivery as a way to help their bottom line.

  • Mike

    Rant – Not particularly jazzed about the expected poll results today, but I went out and voted anyway. I’ll secretly keep my fingers crossed for a pleasant surprise.

    Rave(?) – Haven’t turned on the heat at the house yet. It got pretty chilyl last night, so I woke up with the cat and the dog snuggling in bed with me. Slept amaaaazingly. Thinking about trying to eke out a few more heatless nights now.

    Rant – CANNOT seem to get motivated at work. I feel like once a year I just have a week or so where I can’t seem to get anything done, despite having a mountain of stuff to draft, review, finalize, etc.

    Rave – I get to see the new Bob’s Burgers episode tonight after work and school! The light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Now that I’ve joined the smartphone brigade, I’ve really been digging podcasts. “Welcome to Night Vale,” “Fresh Air,” “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”, etc. It helps that I hate most of the music on the radio these days, and I’m sick of Ebola and ISIS on NPR news, I get enough of that at work.
    RANT: I’m still sad about Oscar Taveras (St. Louis Cardinals rookie). He died over a week ago, and it was such a shock–he was only 22. It’s hard to avoid his name in my baseball blogs.

    • Oooh, you should also pick up the RadioLab and Ask Me Another podcasts. Super awesome.

    • I just got into podcasts this year, too! I love several shows that Radiotopia puts out (99% invisible is great, Strangers can be a little NSFW, but I really enjoy it). Thanks to suggestions from Popville, I’m now hooked on Serial and This American Life, too. And if you’re a soccer fan, Men in Blazers is highly entertaining!

    • “Serial” is another great one, a spin-off of “This American Life”

    • Farragut

      Thanks for the suggestions! I tried Serial, but I couldn’t really get into it. I find I like history shows and scifi/fantasy-related ones, so I’m listening to BackStory and Hardcore History for the former and stuff like Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy and Sword & Laser for the latter. And I’ve been very picky about what episodes I listen to in general–I skip a lot of them that have interviews with people I don’t care about.

      • For history (or science, philosophy), check out Melvin Bragg’s In Our Time from BBC. There are enough episodes you can skip the ones that aren’t interesting and still have many to listen to.

      • Stuff You Missed in History Class is usually pretty good. The voices of the hosts sometimes get on my nerves, but overall I like the content. I’ll have to check out BackStory!

      • BackStory is my life. I have the world’s biggest historian crush on Ed Ayers.

  • I have a nice little pork roast, and some naan, and some extra high quality basmati…. Recommendations for what I should throw on the pork as it roasts, to make it savory and saucy when I serve it with naan and rice?

    • That’s very much going to depend on what cut of pork you’re using. It sounds like you’re heading in an Indian direction and lean cuts like loins/chops aren’t really conducive to long stewing. If you’re using those, I’d put some Indian spices (tumeric, cumin, cardamom, maybe a little chili) together in a rub and do it that way. If you’re using a long roasting/stewing cut like a shoulder you can definitely do a pandi curry, or a vindaloo if you like things spicy.

    • Allison

      I mix curry and butternut squash sometimes. If you cook it long enough, it turns into a mooshy tasty yellow curry sauce.

    • How about a mango (or other fruit) chutney? Fruits tend to pair well with pork, and since the chutney is part of indo-british cuisine, I think it would work. Maybe with a bit of curry powder mixed in?

      • A chutney sounds divine. If you couldn’t find mango, you could use apples and caramelized onions. As someone else said, it depends on the cut of pork. If it’s a shoulder or something that’s conducive to a long stewing, the apples and onions would have plenty of time to cook down.

  • Rave: It’s my birthday today! Cheers to that!
    Rant: I’m the one who keeps track of birthdays in the office; despite dropping hints, hardly any of my officemates remembered mine.
    Rant: This is our busiest week of the year prepping for a yearly meeting (so I’m letting it slide that they forgot my birthday….). Working 12 straight days always seems less exciting when you’re right in the middle of it.
    Revel: Fall back and this fantastic fall weather! Hope it sticks around for a bit!

  • Rant: Just read that one of the Car Talk host recently died.

    Rant: People who use the the bike room in my office building as their personal bike storage rack.. Seen the same 3 bikes in the same place for over a week now. We have limited space on the racks which I’m sure others would gladly use. And no, they are not working late since I’ve seen the bikes there over the weekend…

    Rave: The weather!

  • Rave: Jimmy Kimmel’s annual Halloween prank. These videos will always be funny because the kids are too young to even know who Jimmy Kimmel is….

  • Revel: Upcoming weekend escape to Front Royal with friends. Sat. night dinner will be amazing – leg of lamb, English roast potatoes, apple crisp.

    Anyone have recommendations for a good hike in Shenandoah National park? Anywhere between Thornton Gap entrance & Front Royal entrance. I don’t think we’re up for Little Devil Stairs, but want something scenic.

    • Rose River loop is great and so is Hawksbill. Neither is that long so you could do both. Hawksbill is the highest point in the park and there’s a great view at the top and the loop is only around 3 miles. You also could start in the park and take Cedar Run down towards White Oak Canyon, but turn around when you get tired. The entire White Oak loop is long.

  • skj84

    Rant: A freaking Mouse got in my purse!!! I had a candy bar in my purse and when I went to grab it this afternoon I found it had been opened and nibbled on! I am beyond horrified, the candy was way in the depths of my bag.

  • Rant: Coworkers who feel like they are automatically attached to you for some stupid reason. Just because we’re from the same state doesn’t mean I need to tell you my personal business. And no we are not “Alabama girls” or anything like that. Please stop with the nicknames.
    Rave: the weather today
    Rave: got promotion on my job. Yippee!!
    Rant: Office move includes a nomadic period from Nov. 14 until Feb 26 depending on the contractors.
    Rave: Will be able to work from home during nomadic period.

  • Rave: Got up and jogged to my polling place today.
    Rant: They couldn’t find me in the book…in spite of the fact that I voted in that exact same location in April at the primaries! Had to do a special ballot. Grrr.
    Rant: Ex who couldn’t get it together when we were involved but now that I’m gone wants to keep saying how now he’s ready for a commitment (which I don’t believe and think is a ploy)

  • Our condo–converted in 1993–also does not have insulation in the walls. This is apparently not uncommon in this area, unfortunately. I’ve “solved” the problem by using an oil-filled sealed radiator in the bedroom. I’m not even sure if I own the drywall on the exterior part of the building, or the association does jointly, so I haven’t pursued more radical options.

  • Question/need help!: Somehow, I’ve become my friends’ therapist. Typically, I don’t mind – I love my friends and I’m happy to help. However, between grad school and work I don’t have the time or energy! How do I politely deter them from coming to me to rant/complain/get help/give support? In the past 24 hours I’ve dealt with a pregnancy scare and a boyfriend who maybe didn’t move out of town but says he did. It usually takes like 10 minutes before I can break in, give my (annoyed, short, really shitty at this point due to stress/exhaustion), and ask if I can follow up later. I’d love to keep being here for my friends – after the semester is over. Do you have any suggestions on how to politely handle so I don’t lose my friends, all of whom are important to me?

    • To me, it all depends. Have you told them that you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? How do your friendships function during normal, not stressful times? Is it a two way street? Do you also confide in your friends? What types of things, if any, would you be up for doing until the semester is over? I’d think about that some before having a conversation about it.

      • They generally know I’m overwhelmed – most of them did law school (but didn’t work full time). I recognize that everyone’s busy and we tend to forget how stressed everyone else is. They’ve definitely been there for me in the past (when I’ve been stressed about what “Black Tie” is for a function, needed support during exams or being there to talk). Lately, I’ve been the easy-going friend, with minimal drama (cutting out partying and not taking any bullshit in relationships has helped), but when I panic they’ve been there. Since I’m also in a new relationship, I know I’ve definitely started leaning more on my boyfriend rather than my friends, but I’m definitely feeling stretched thin with wanting to be a good friend, girlfriend, confidant, etc. and needing to bring my grades up. I’ve told people who have asked or expressed interest in my studies that my first midterm hasn’t gone well and I’m overwhelmed, and they’ve all just said “you’ll get through it – you always do” then seem to go back to their issues.
        When I’m not stressed out of my mind, I love getting a drink with friends, telling them ridiculous stories that happen, and helping them through their issues. But really I feel like a bit of a friendthrapist more and more (friend therapist).

        • If I were you, I’d just tell them that you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and need to lay low for awhile. I think as long as you’re communicative about what’s going on with you, your friends won’t take offense. It happens.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Remembered every item I needed to be able to work out before work, shower, and change except for one: the dress I left in the car.
    Rant: I wasn’t worried about it because I normally keep extra clothes at the office…except apparently I took everything home recently and didn’t recall that detail.
    Rave: I was pretty productive this morning in comfy clothes and I hid out in my cubicle.
    Rave: Midday bike home in surprisingly warm weather to get dressed for the day, snuggle the pooch briefly, and then head back to the office.
    Rave: Someone asked me if I had a moment on the metro platform on my way back to the office. I hesitated briefly because I was sure she was going to talk up some political candidate and I those type of discussions don’t impact who I vote for. Ultimately I didn’t want to be rude, so I said I did have time. She just needed to know how to get somewhere on metro and we had a friendly brief chat and then went about our day. I’m glad I wasn’t a jerk to her. (It’s not in my nature, but I contemplated it briefly.)

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