Less than a Month Left – Garden District (formerly Standard at 14th and S St, NW) Closing for the Season on Dec. 6th


Looks like today might be the last great weather day too. Garden District, (formerly Standard, I always forget and continue to call it Standard…), usually reopens in early March.

14th and S St, NW

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  • Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?

    • Not sure what this comment means. They are closing for the season (as they always do) b/c they are all outside.

      • Lyrics from So Far Away?

      • Oh, yes, you are right. I did not read the signs carefully. Still, so many closings here and there. PULP next door for example…. so, Carole King’s lyrics roll on in my head.
        “It would be soooo fine to see your face at my door…”

  • I still call it the Standard. You should too.

  • I’ve tried this place twice, and the obnoxious crowds have kept me from going back. American Ice Co. Is better.

  • I’ve been wanting to try this place but have been turned off by the crowd it attract as well. Maybe it’s just the beer garden setup, but it just always strikes me as a Kappa Sig BBQ at UVA.

    • The last time I was here, a group of Nova frat boys (and their girlfriends – all identically clad in brown boots+jeans+Barbour jackets) were waiting for their Uber SUV and began puking all over the sidewalk at 4pm. Two dudes just throwing up, puke splashing on innocent pedestrians’ shoes.
      Definitely one of the grossest things I’ve seen in DC.
      Also, I stopped by Dacha yesterday at 4pm and the crowd could not have been more different than the crowd that takes over the place on the weekends. Saturday’s official uniform is puffy vests, cowl sweaters, Ray Bans, and guys named Chas. It’s like a bad UVA tailgate. GO BACK TO BALLSTON.

    • Totally. For those of you who are looking for examples of “basic” men in DC, this would be a good place to spot them in the wild.

  • Haha, so much hate for the educated preppy scene in such a preppy educated city.

  • I was there last night and it was a great, non-crowded neighborhood group with a couple of kids, dogs, etc. If you go during HH on Thurs or Fri or in the evening on the weekends it looks like any other popular place near U St.

    • Dacha was the same way yesterday afternoon/evening. 80% gay men from the neighborhood, tons of dogs, a few families with small kids, etc. It was a very subdued scene and quite lovely, reminded me of when Dacha first opened.

    • I don’t know, I’ve seen it overrun with drunken idiots on many a weeknight. And I don’t care if they’re frat boys or hipster nerds.

  • Love them. Will miss them. Glad we had some nice weather this weekend to enjoy it.

  • just got back from austin and that place has beer gardens down…ha re: hipster comment, if by hipster you mean preppy yupper, then totally! bordo imo is the dopest beer garden in the district.

    • In some ways, Austin actually has too many beer gardens. I sometimes struggle to find a quiet spot to sit at the bar – since many places seem to be more of a “picnic tables and food trucks” set up. Mug Shots on 7th is a good spot for a quiet pint but.

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