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  • Perhaps I’m naive, but what does “South Asian American” entail? Will this be similar to Shophouse?

    • I think Shophouse is Southeast Asian. I think South Asian refers to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka (and maybe more that I’m forgetting).

      • Anon is correct. If you follow the link to the previous thread, a few people had similar questions, and someone said that it will be Bangladeshi food.

  • Seems like a slightly strange location, with Merzi doing a seemingly similar (and delicious) thing right around the corner. I guess there is enough traffic for both. There is a Chipotle and a CalTort across the street from each other farther up 7th…

    • That block is such an odd, out of the way location. I’m surprised when anything thrives over there.

      • It’s quite close to DC Superior Court and the other courts in the area, so there’s a built-in lunch crowd (jurors, attorneys, staff, etc.). Also nearby is WMATA HQ, AARP, a DOJ building, the local FBI Field Office, and all the DC government folks at One Judiciary Square. Add in tourists who want a quick lunch somewhere near the Mall and people eating before Wooly Mammoth shows and it should do all right.

      • Pretty central, really. Have you been to the NATIONAL MALL? This is likely THE closest non-truck food option to a wide swath of MALL.

        Source: rec softball league hits Penn Quarter Sports Tavern after games because it’s THE closest place to our fields on the mall.

  • ah

    I have no idea if this will be bad or good, but I cannot understand how the owner could afford to do the build out for 3 years and still not be ready.

    I could understand Waggamama sitting on real estate, using its corporate dollars and not doing any build out. But this doesn’t seem to have huge corporate backing.

  • shouldn’t it be “Grand Tunk”? guess “Grand Funk” was already taken

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