Donburi Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary Nov. 20th in Adams Morgan – 50% off all day – Check Out their Revamped Menu

2438 18th Street, NW

The folks from Donburi Restaurant write:

“On November 20th, 2013, Donburi opened on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. As of this Thursday we will have been open for one year, and we’re incredibly happy to say that things have only gotten better with each passing week. To celebrate our 1-year anniversary, we’ll be premiering a revamped menu which will include both tried-and-true favorites as well as brand new menu items. This is also an opportunity for us to thank all of our customers, who have supported us loyally over the past year. As a sign of our deep appreciation, everything on our menu will be 50% off for the entire day, including our new menu items.

Please join us on Thursday, 11/20, from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM as we celebrate this tremendous milestone. Without you we wouldn’t be here!”

Check out the new menu:

Donburi – 11-20-14 Menu (PDF)

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  • Curry! Gyudon! Oyakodon! I am so happy! I just wish they had a slightly bigger space…

  • Am I missing something or do they no longer have any vegetarian options?

    • Um, the mushroom one appears to be meat free.

      • But it says it has donburi sauce which has katsuo (dried fish). So, maybe there are no vegetarian/vegan options 🙁

        • justinbc

          So ask them not to put the sauce on. Easy solution.

          • just eat around it.

            here’s the thing that a lot of people simply do not understand. despite the stereotype, most vegetarians don’t want to make a big deal of their diet and really wish that restaurants would have offerings that don’t require us to make special requests. there are many many vegetarians, it’s not like it’s a peculiar special thing.

    • It’s Japanese food. Authentic Japanese food no less. Despite whatever Americanized version you may have had here in the States, finding completely vegan food in Japan is extremely difficult, and hard to come by. Most foods are made with some sort of fish or meat sauce. If you ask for it without meat, they’ll simply assume you mean beef, and very well could include pork, chicken, or fish. Trying to explain that you are vegetarian or vegan is something that is very difficult to do there. Just like when you go to a steak restaurant, you shouldn’t expect great vegan options at an authentic Japanese restaurant. Just go somewhere else.

  • justinbc

    I’m planning to go tomorrow, if anyone wants to meet up for lunch or dinner. I think I will only have lunch time free, but still trying to check on later availability.

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