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  • The one for sale would be great for a gelato and coffee joint with outdoor sitting.

    • Yes, please!! Maybe with crepes for the winter months (since gelato presumably won’t be flowing quite as readily then)?

  • I know right!

  • I don’t really care what it is as long as it’s reasonably priced. I think we’re good for expensive dining options on Upshur for now.

    • Crane & Turtle is definitely pricey, and Domku can be depending on their menu but it’s generally pretty reasonable, as is Petworth Citizen. I’m hopeful that the new place from the Room 11 group will be more on the affordable side as well. Hopefully that trend continues…

  • Just curious. What do popville-ites think about a Indian Dosa shop here?

    Dosa is a fermented crepe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils. It is a staple dish in South Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana,Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. It is also popular in other parts of India, and other countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.

    • binpetworth

      Would love a dosa shop here! Or kabobs. Or ice cream. Really would love to see something underrepresented in the area, which includes all of the above.

    • this would be awesome and very much welcomed. Are you contemplating opening such a venture here?

      • Would love to. A few friends and I have talked about this for ever. But can’t seem take the plunge and risk.

        • Every time Popville posts one of these buildings on Upshur St it seems there’s a ton of interest from the immediate community for certain businesses (bakery, ice cream, deli, pizza, etc.) and some interest from people in starting those businesses. Makes me wish there could be some way for that interested community to directly help someone (who may lack substantial business experience, access to capital, etc.) start up a business to meet those needs (perhaps through some sort of crowdfunding mechanism, as was done with Upshur Street Books)? Rather than just hoping someone gets one of these properties and develops something great for the community, it would be nice to help make that happen in some way by supporting a local entrepreneur…

    • Yes please!!! I would be there once a week and would force my friends from other parts of town to try it.

    • looooooove dosas!!!

  • Fingers crossed for some good restaurants or retail establishments. Maybe this will temper the disappointment of the 7-Eleven and other recently announced tenants at Park Place.

  • Anyone have any further details on these properties? Prices, any interest yet, etc? I couldn’t find either of the properties listed online. Lots of potential, as with all of the storefronts on this block, but I’d assume neither of these properties have commercial-grade kitchens ready to go and would need significant investment and construction work (as Paul Ruppert did for all of his properties, especially Crane & Turtle)?

  • Family friendly this time, please! Not a bar, or at least the kind of place like Argonaut or Jake’s on Connecticut that has kid-friendly Thursday or a kids menu. Know your neighborhood, people. Crawling with families looking for a before-7 pm place to eat.

    • Have you tried Petworth Citizen? On the early side of dinner, the place is totally family-friendly. I’ve brought my baby there since she was weeks old and gotten nothing but positive response from staff and fellow diners.

      (Petworth Citizen folks, if you’re reading this: neighborhood parents would love to have a changing table in the bathroom!)

  • BAKERY, ICE CREAM SHOPPE, DELI and COFFEE SHOP would all be amazing.
    Agree with the others that some local economic development people need to help connect these sellers with interested buyers. Otherwise, we get stuck with less than desirable options.
    I hope Riyad Market, which was just part of a police sting operation where packets of “illegal substances” were seized, is the next to sell or be shut down.

  • By the way, these both would make cool places for some type of eatery. I don’t care as much about the affordability as long as it isn’t super upscale, but I do want QUALITY options.

  • I wonder if they’ll knock down the building for sale and go up?

  • Here are some ideas: bakery, a deli, a sterile nail salon, and a gym for non-crazy crossfit people. Also second gelateria/ice cream parlour!

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