Confirmed: Coppi’s coming to former Lavandou space in Cleveland Park

3321 Connecticut Ave, NW

A few weeks ago I reported some scuttlebutt that Coppi’s Italian restaurant (formerly of U Street) would be taking over the former Lavandou French restaurant next to Nanny O’Briens in Cleveland Park. On their facebook page they say: “We will be making the grand reopening announcement within the week. Getting closer!”


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  • there was a time when Coppis was good but they just never were able to keep up once DC actually started to boom with legitimately good restaurants. Cleveland Park is probably a good location for them to age gracefully./ There is no way they would be able to compete in the U/14th street location. Maybe that can be Cleveland parks marketing strategy.

  • I swear, Coppi’s had a location on that same strip in Cleveland Park for quite some time. My best guess is that they left around 2002 or so. Anyone else remember? They were located closer to Brookville Market — which back in the 1980s was actually a Safeway.

    • You are very right. I remember them being up there as well. I think they were in the spot that cigar bar used to be/or is the cigar bar still there?

      they used to serve pasta along with the pizza at the Cleveland Park location

  • Coppi’s was in the location that is now CP’s. Aroma was next door. Both were popular during the 1990s.

  • I thought Coppi’s was excellent food, even after there started to be more competition around 14th and U, and have missed it a lot since they closed for the rebuilding of the building they were in. So happy to hear they will be in Cleveland Park, closer to where I now live. I don’t miss Lavandou, which was ok, but not great. Now Ripple, I love, though yes, I sometimes wish portions were larger.

  • Aroma opened in 1998 and had no success until 2000 under new management.

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