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  • when i moved to dc almost 15 years ago, i would have never thought that area of town would ever be built up. my how things have changed. back then, this area was Shady.

    • I remember how deserted that area would get, especially around the school there, when i first moved to dc in 2000. as i remember it the only activity was indeed shady, or people there for a concert. then when i repeat stories like this i feel like a grumpy old ‘back in my day…’ fella.

    • I heard a funny joke, not really about this area specifically but still applicable: “It used to be that 14th & U was the shady area you had to go to in order to go to the Black Cat. Now the Black Cat IS the shady area.”

      • It’s a bad joke though. Here’s a good rule of thumb that will almost always be applicable: if a place regularly hosts Michael Jackson vs. Prince dance parties for people who were children in the 2000s then it is not shady.

  • I think it looks really, really great, but the windows aren’t even a little tinted? I feel like I would have serious privacy concerns if I lived there.

  • Wood bldg?

  • The windows are great but the lot next door is likely to get developed in the next few years and those views will be GONE. I’d stick to buying the 8th and V st units even though they aren’t south or west facing.

    I remember when WUST hall had what I swear were black panther security guards. My how times have changed!

    • Which lot is likely to get developed? HFA to the west , the parking lot to the east, or the rowhouses to the south? Any scuttlebutt on why development of those lots would be likely?

  • Is there any risk to 9:30 Club? Like is their rent going to go up a lot (do they even rent?) or will they think the neighborhood is getting too bougie and move out? I LOVE living near it and all this development makes me feel weirdly paranoid about it!! I don’t want anything to change!

    • Love the commenter who thinks development would drive 930 club out. Ya gotta be kidding me / they are probably more than thrilled and no doubt the owner of the club is going to be buying a penthouse suite in this bougie bldg. 🙂

      • “Bougie”?

        Curious to know how this is being defined in this context.

        • It’s not exactly a marginal building, will you concede that?

        • Rich, real rich. Don’t be unnecessarily dense.

          • The connotations of “rich” and “bougie” aren’t quite the same.

          • Neither Merriam-Webster nor the Oxford Dictionaries Online (the free abridged [?] version of the OED) lists “bougie” in the slang sense, which kind of surprises me, but here’s how Wikitionary defines it:
            (chiefly African American Vernacular, slang, usually pejorative) Acting as if one is of a higher social status than one is; suspicions regarding true roots and background are implied.

        • texdoc, “Bourgie” has for a very long time had very specific connotations to Black folks, applied to people and institutions, not always necessarily equated with material wealth. And of course it’s based on perception and the speaker’s own status (e.g. some people might consider Howard U. bourgie. Others not). I wasn’t being snarky or dense, I just didn’t know the word had crossed over like that to describe anything fancy or rich.

          • MarkQ, I wasn’t disputing what you said — more just calling into question the Anonymous who defined it as “Rich, real rich” and told you: “Don’t be unnecessarily dense.”

      • the 930 owners did buy a unit. what is crazy is someone is also combining two penthouses also for around $3M total.

    • 9:30 club owns their building thankfully.

      • Ditto on being thankful that they own their building.
        (Though I wouldn’t mind if the gentrification prompted them to do something about the window-holes, etc. currently painted in that BLUE. Love the club, but that blue — and its ubiquity outside and inside the club — has become tiresome.)

        • Agree it is well past time for 930 to clean up their facade including putting up a proper sign so visitors know where the heck it is. Especially with the new nicer buildings there is going to be a lot of confusion which means more drivers circling the block 2-3 times to be sure that’s where they are headed.

          • this might be the single dumbest comment ever made

          • Accountering

            I don’t think it was dumb in the least. To someone who has never been there before (they have tons of shows that appeal to a broad range of people, including first time visitors, some of which will undoubtedly be from the suburbs) it doesn’t stick out in the least.

          • I don’t think the 930 club has any problems getting folks indoors. “Hey, can you point me to the 930 club?” seems simple enough for those who aren’t sure.

          • People drive by 930 and circle the block already. Its okay for regulars and because there are no other destinations and not a lot of traffic. By this time next year visitors are going to have to look past Town, Landmark Theater, and 3-4 new restaurants while looking for the club which basically has the appearance of an abandoned warehouse. Their ugly blue plywood and white that boards up the windows does not match the branding from all the ads people see in the paper. With 400 new units on the block there will be a lot more car and pedestrian traffic as well. So sure they can go ahead and keep looking terrible, it seems part of their MO, but it wouldn’t kill them to clean up and brand their building more like their other marketing material.

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