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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: today is my last day in Upper Marlboro and I’ve gotten some nice teacher goodies from this training.
    Rant: I’m beginning to get anxious about not knowing where I’ll be living come September 1.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Had to cancel my credit card after unauthorized purchases/hacking. Didn’t realize how many auto-pay items I have on that account and now am trying to identify them all to change payment info. Argghhh.
    Rave: At least I noticed the charges immediately and got them removed.
    Rave: Discovered LoveMeow.com and get a daily fix of cute kitties.

    • msmaryedith

      Ugh, I sympathize. For two Christmases in a row, my card got stolen (was actually in my possession, but they somehow copied it). Trying to recall all your auto-pay stuff is a huge hassle.

    • skj84

      Ugh, I hate updating my auto pay accounts. I had to get a new card for my main account twice in a year period(it expired and then was compromised a few months later. Thanks Bank of America!) and going through figuring out which accounts were on that card was a drag.

    • Accountering

      It is the worst. All of the Netflix, Fios, and assorted other crap that you set to auto-pay to get the points becomes a huge pain when you need to switch. I completely sympathize!

    • This happened to me recently and Capital One sent me an email with everything that the card was linked to. I was impressed!

    • Apologies for stating the obvious, but this type of thing is much easier if you keep a list of your accounts and which ones are autopay. I have a simple spreadsheet with a list like this (mainly so I can remember which accounts are NOT autopay) but if you need to switch credit card info for autopay accounts it makes it much easier.

      • Accountering

        I just went through my activity, and figured out who I paid that way. Pretty much functions the exact same way.

        • Yeah, you can do that too, depends on how you use your credit card though. I use my credit card for just about all of my non-autopay bills too, and most purchases, so it would be a bit tedious going through my cc activity for that. Besides, my little spreadsheet exists for other reasons as well, so keeping the autopay info there is an additional reason it’s useful, not the only reason.

        • binpetworth

          Yep, that’s what I did too. Just looked at last month’s statement. But a spreadsheet is also a good idea, especially as I have auto-pay on multiple accounts; think I’ll start on this weekend!

      • msmaryedith

        Well, it happened to me when I was on vacation and didn’t have my laptop with me. I also had the card linked to various sites (Amazon, etc) that aren’t autopay, but it was the default card for purchases. It took a while to catch everything because if you go months without purchasing from that site, you still had to remember to check payment info.

    • You could also get a new CC and just put autopay items on that card, stick the card in a drawer and not use it for anything else. Less likely it will get hacked and then you know where all your autopays are.

  • Rant: Metatarsal problems have returned after a two pain-free years. Excellent timing before I head to a 6 day conference where I will be on my feet for about 80 hours.
    Rave: I can make the next PoP HH! I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone.
    Rant: My building lost a package of mine. I don’t get how that happens.
    Rave: At least it was not a time sensitive or extremely valuable package.

  • Becks

    Rave: I am still enjoying lovely mint, basil, and cilantro from my garden. I have decided to do this again next year, but I am going to start with plants and not seeds.
    Rant: Wishy washy friends who are there for you when it suits them. I need to find friends closer here in DC.
    Rave: I decided to start a yoga class once or twice a week in Columbia Heights. I checked with my contracting company and they will pay up to 300 a year for health/gym/ or yoga membership! Sweet! I stopped into Kali Yoga studio and the place looked great. I can even rent a mat there.
    Rant: I love Pokémon! I have played the game since it came out. I used to play the card game but then stopped when I moved overseas. I have bought every Pokémon video game and still play it almost everyday. I was invited to a wedding this weekend and am excited about going, BUT…. The Pokémon World Championships are finally in the SAME city and country that I am in. I want to go to the Championships and watch the worlds best players, but I don’t want to disappoint my friend. Darrrrr……..

    • Here’s my shortcut for basil and cilantro – buy the living plant from Giant (in the vegetable section), put it outside for a few days to harden off then separate out the individual plants and put into your garden. Instant herbs!
      Mint is perennial so should come back next year.

    • The pokemon thing is cute. I still own a JigglyPuff shirt so I can relate 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: insomnia
    Rave: like the new doctor that replaced the one I love
    Rave: it’s a small world, saw a popvillager at the doctors

  • Rant: One of my friends/coworkers was mugged and beaten up this morning at his bus stop in Takoma Park. I’m so upset for him but luckily it doesn’t sound too serious.

    Rave: His desk phone was ringing so I answered it. It was the PG Police Department saying that someone turned in his wallet!

  • SFT

    Rant/Rave Combo: Reality TV. I love it. I hate it. I can’t stop watching it. This week I added Bachelor in Paradise into the rotation and I’m in it for the long haul now. My poor husband. I’m glad that we have a basement where he can escape the insanity!

    • I didn’t think I would like Bachelor in Paradise… but my mom got me to watch it and it’s surprisingly entertaining. Bachelor/Real World/all the guilty pleasures.

    • pablo .raw

      I hate myself when I remember that I watched several episodes of “Rock of Love”. Father forgive me.

    • skj84

      There is nothing wrong with loving reality tv. Nothing. Some of my favorite shows are reality TV programs and I have no issue stating it. I love scripted shows as well, but the stigma against reality shows need to go.

      • Watching reality tv is kind of like using cocaine. They feel good and are bad for you, but you’re a grownup and should be allowed to make your own decisions. The real problem is that you’re supporting the producers of this stuff, and their business model involves destroying people’s lives. Yes, those people are willing participants. They get into it thinking they’re going to get rich. But the odds are stacked against them.
        You should read up on the heavy duty psychology that goes into manipulating the participants on reality shows to get the drama that sells. It’s horrifying.

        • This seems like a good assessment.

        • SFT

          Yeah, I get your point and for the most part agree. But I think we are far enough along into the reality TV game for potential reality stars to understand what they are getting themselves into. We all know that reality TV marriages fail, families fall apart, friendships end, fighting and crying is inevitable, and stardom fades a quickly as it comes. If you are willing to subject yourself to that, well, then I am probably going to DVR you and watch!

          • Tell me this: When you watch reality TV, do you feel superior the people on screen? Do you feel as if, faced with the same situation, you would perform better? I bet you they felt that way too. That is, after all, the appeal of these shows– to make the viewer feel superior. I bet the participants also felt good about themselves, before they were subjected to the mind games designed to turn them into raging lunatics on screen. I think too few people know that reality TV preys on impressionable, uninformed people and then further manipulates them to create drama where none would have existed under normal circumstances. And then the show moves on, and the discarded participants are left out in the cold, much worse off than they were before they appeared on TV for your entertainment.
            I think it would be less cruel to watch public flogging. Skin heals. Psyches… not so much.

          • “…reality TV preys on impressionable, uninformed people…”
            Ha, when I read that I initially assumed you were talking about the viewers, not the subjects. I agree that reality TV can be a harmless and mindless escape from the rigors of a tough job, etc., but the extent to which some people immerse themselves makes me wonder why the need for so much mindless escape, especially into the (fake) lives of other (“real”) people.

          • SFT

            Scripted television isn’t that different. Watching fake people living fake lives for entertainment value. It’s mostly mindless, unless you count the few good ideas I’ve gotten from the Walking Dead about what not to do should the Zombie Apocolypse happen. But some of these shows have launched some pretty successful careers – we all benefit from Top Chef alums who seem to think that DC is a great place to open a restaurant. Property Brothers and like shows give great ideas on how to renovate homes and do little projects on your own. Hotel Hell has made me never want to stay in another Bed and Breakfast for as long as I live. And the Real Housewives, yeah, they make me feel a little more superior, especially when they travel overseas.

    • Say Yes to the Dress is my guilty pleasure reality show. I could watch it for hours. I don’t even have plans to get married any time soon, but I just love looking at all the pretty dresses!

      • Me too! I just love weddings and wedding shows…which is weird because I don’t think I am interested in having a wedding for myself.

        • I love watching it, but only until I can’t deal with the petty family members and the brides who can’t stand up to them.
          It makes me think about Carolyn Hax and what she would say to these women who are about to get married but can’t set boundaries to keep their families from messing with their lives.

          • I think the show exaggerates some of that family drama for the sake of TV. Like a bride’s sister will start out all opinionated saying she hates everything the bride loves, until the last few seconds of the show when all of a sudden the sister changes her mind and loves the dress.
            The saddest episode I saw was about a bride who divorced her first husband because he was abusive, and she was getting married again to this great new guy. But, her parents were super religious and did not believe in divorce, and they did not support her second marriage. The bride’s father refused to go to her wedding or take part in any wedding activities and the bride no longer speaks to him. Her mother went to the dress appointment, but wasn’t sure if she could go her wedding because her husband would not allow her to go. Seriously! The whole dress appointment was so sad on so many levels. We never found out if the bride’s mother was “allowed” to go to her daughter’s wedding in the end.

        • binpetworth

          Ditto. I think I like those shows because I would never spend that kind of money/wear that kind of bling, so it’s fun to just see how the other half lives. Kinda like why I enjoy 19 Kids and Counting as a child-free person.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m obsessed with the Duggars! WHEN IS JANNA GETTING MARRIED?? I want to see her wedding! I also want to see at least one Bates/Duggar wedding.

          • I second the obsession with the Duggers.

          • I second the obsession with the Duggars. I sometimes secretly hope to see the oldest son Josh on the DC metro, as they live in the area!

          • Emmaleigh504

            omg I am so ready to find Josh and Anna and do a drive by, but that would be creepy…and I think their house is far back from the road so I wouldn’t see anything anyway. Maybe I’ll bump into them on metro or something.

          • The Duggars terrify the crap out of me. I’ve watched the show a few times and I just can’t.

    • Alright, I am totally with you. My job is stressful and requires a lot of difficult thinking, so I love me some reality TV at night. However, since we switched to all on-line TV, I have trouble finding new shows. My stalwarts are Teen Mom and Toddlers and Tiaras, and a new favorite is Are you the One? I need new ideas (that are on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu)???

      • I think Say Yes to the Dress is on Netflix. Long Island Medium is also on Netflix and all of the TLC cake shows. Totally get what you are saying about needing reality TV after stressful work days.

        • I like Pawnsylvania, Oh Hello, pubLIZity, Armond of the House, Roman’s Empire and Dad Academy.

          • Check out Hot Wives of Orlando on Hulu. It pays homage to the RHWO [Pick Your City].

          • Now ‘LA Deli’ is in my head!

          • I watched one episode of Hot Wives and didn’t find it very funny – barely laughed at all when I watched it. I’ll try to watch some more and give it another chance. Av Club gave the show a really good review, but I don’t always agree with their opinions.

          • +1000000 LOVE the Kroll reference. my favorite comedy on tv [currently on tv]

      • Say Yes to the Dress is on Netflix! Not sure if 16 and Pregnant is available online, but if you like Teen Mom then you should check it out. I also love Master Chef, it’s on Hulu.

        • 16 and pregnant is on hulu, though I think it’s just one season of it. Hulu really kind of sucks because they tend to only have one season of a show. Same with Netflix. They might have a few old seasons, but nothing updated. I wish they were allowed to put new seasons on!

      • Emmaleigh504

        yes! My job required lots of reading and thinking about technical stuff and when I get home I want to give my poor brain a break. That’s why I love me some cheezy teen shows.

      • SFT

        Ditto. I deal with who and what is blowing up when and where all day. So going home and watching some ridiculous people argue about nonsense it blissful. No brain power required. Basically anything on Bravo, cooking shows, home reno’s, and now Bachelor in Paradise are my shows of choice!

      • I think you can watch all of I wanna marry Harry online. It was ridiculous and they totally manipulated the girls, but pretty hilarious.

    • Has anyone else watched Married at First Sight? I saw an episode last night and could not look away. Definitely a guilty pleasure.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: nice seeing friends at meeting last night
    Rave: catching up with good friend at Ethiopian Restaurant
    Rant: There was only one dish that didn’t have jalapeno in it
    Rant: Waitress came to explain to me that said dish is spicy
    Rant: I asked for something else and she said they’ll make it “mild”.
    Rant: Apparently we have different conceptions about the meaning of “mild”.
    Rant: Jalapeno
    Rave: My rants are mild.

    • Hahaha — I totally relate to these two rants of yours:
      Rant: I asked for something else and she said they’ll make it “mild”.
      Rant: Apparently we have different conceptions about the meaning of “mild”.
      I have had to give up on Indian restaurants for this reason. 🙁

      • pablo .raw

        Me too! I got tired of being hungry, really hungry and then being unable to eat the food in front of me.
        BTW I’m no culinary expert, but I would call Ethiopian food+ Jalapeno “Fusion cuisine”

        • Yeah, I was going to ask about that! Most Ethiopian food is off-limits for me because of the spices, but I definitely don’t remember jalapeno being among them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have the opposite problem, I tell them I want it really spicy and it comes out mild. 🙁

    • Do tell which ethiopian restaurant this was — i love jalapenos!

  • Rant: Ferguson, MO, Gaza, etc., the world seems to be going to hell. I struggle with trying to figure out what is my little place in the battle to make it a bit more just and right. Sometimes, it is hard to know. Sometimes, it is overwhelming even to think about everything that is wrong with the world.
    Rave: I went to an amazing yoga class last night and had a lovely drive home with my friend, who had amazing life-changing news to share. It was a gentle reminder that even when the world seems dark, there is still goodness and light and hope.
    Rave: I woke up to a sunny day, remembering how lucky I am. It is good to have those moments of perspective from time to time.
    Neither Rave nor Rant, just an observation: Obviously I have been feeling very philosophical and contemplative this week.

    • Same shit, different day. There are still positive stories out there. As the Pres said, sure, there are all those problems happening, but then you have places like Indonesia, that last month elected a dude President that was born in poverty and is a former furniture salesman. West Africa might have the Ebola breakout, but beyond that the continent is generally more stable, prosperous, and democratic than at any other point in my lifetime.

    • Allison

      Try not to read/watch/listen to the news constantly. It’s good to be generally aware of current events, and check up every once in a while, but if you’re inundating yourself with bad news from everywhere from Africa to Ukraine, you’ll lose your sense of self in a big ocean of world. As for figuring out what your “little place in the battle” is, there’s only a few plausible answers: spend time being grateful for your own small slice of paradise, vote for leaders you think will respect your values, donate money to international causes, and if you’re feeling really gutsy, volunteer your time. Accept that you cannot solve the world’s problems alone. In fact, many of these issues can only be justly resolved by the people who are directly impacted by them; one man’s “America to the rescue” is another man’s paternalistic miscarriage of justice.

      • I totally agree and usually do 100% of what you suggested, Allison. I think my boundaries are just feeling a bit more porous this week than they usually do. And I have to realize that it is ok. It happens; the key is to make sure it doesn’t become a slide into depression.

      • Good advice. I’d add read the news, don’t watch on TV.
        And think about where you can make a difference – It may not be alleviating suffering in Syria but perhaps tutoring a kid in your neighborhood.

  • Rave: Niece born yesterday.

    Rant: She lives in Germany and I have no idea when I’ll be able to meet her. All of my step-siblings with kids live too far away.

    Rave: My step-sister might be next (trying for her first) and she lives pretty close to me.

  • Rave: Sunny out again!
    Rave: Enjoying my gym class.
    Rant: Only lost 0.5 lbs last week despite sticking to my diet and exercise.
    Rave: Last week was AWFUL at work, and before I would have used that as an excuse to totally drop off the wagon – eat crap, stop working out, etc. – just to get through the week. Instead I stuck to my plan, skipped a couple workouts as necessary, but got right back into them when I had time again. I’m proud of myself for being back on track and even though I only lost 0.5 lbs last week, I easily could have instead put on a pound or two.

    • Most experts say that 1 pound a week is about the most you should lose to do so safely and with the maximum chance of keeping the weight off. So losing .5 pounds in a week is pretty good. Kudos to you for keeping your weight going in the right direction for you!

    • Accountering

      Congrats on your Rave! If you can lose .5 pounds during the horrible weeks, than that is CERTAINLY something to be proud of. Let me echo the above, the most you can really expect to lose (without yo-yoing)
      Remember, it took a long time to put the weight on, so it does take a while to take it off (I am down about 10 over the last 5 months) and feel better than I have in basically forever 🙂
      Congrats, and keep up the hard work!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Woke up this morning to no water pressure. 12″ main break on my street. Will take 12+ hours to fix.
    Revel: Awesome friend invited me over to use his shower.
    Rant: Need a plan for this scenario.
    Revel: Had enough water in the house for the dogs.
    Revel: Found out from another brother they’re expecting. That’s makes two brothers expecting my second and third niece/nephew in the next nine months.
    Rant: Still not expecting.
    Revel: Coffee.

    • Ugh, I’m sorry about your last rant. That can be so hard. It took nearly a year of dealing with the fertility clinic for blood tests, occasional monitoring, ovulation predictor kits, IUIs and two miscarriages along the way before getting pregnant with my daughter. While it wasn’t an option for me, I’m sure it’s just as hard if you’re trying on your own at home. Be good to yourself.

  • skj84

    Rave: Birthday plans coming along well! Thanks to whoever suggested The Black Squirrel. I was able to book the space and I’m going to check it out tonight.

    Rave: Prompt responses from Event coordinators. Most of the bars I contacted got back with me in a 24 hour period. I don’t know why I had such low expectations, but i’m pleasantly surprised. Going to make a spreadsheet with all the private event space info I get. That way I can keep it on file.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Dinner with the parents and an awesome woman tonight at Fiola. Very excited for tasty dinner and pre/post dinner drinks!
    Rave: Only 7 more days until older brothers wedding weekend! Taking off work next Friday to go play golf… Life is good!

    • Accountering

      Rant: Sent a text to the wrong person today that made me look like an ignoramus. Moving forward, when I am very ironically texting my little brother, I need to make sure I am actually texting my little brother!

      • Ugh, I committed a really bad act of accidental texting back in college and a still regret it! Really learned my lesson about checking the “to:” before hitting send.

        • skj84

          A few years ago I nearly sent a very mean spirited text about my boss to said boss. Thankfully I was able to stop the text before it sent, but I nearly had a heart attack when I realized what I had done.

        • “texting back in college”
          Pshaw. Texting didn’t exist when I was in college. All we worried about was getting too drunk and accidentally saying it to their face!

        • SFT

          I’ve sent accidental texts to my mom that were meant for my husband (boyfriend at the time). She was very confused and a little concerned about my ‘new nickname’ for her 🙂

    • I also have reservations at Fiola tonight for restaurant week! Is awesome woman meeting your parents for the first time, or is this just a fun dinner?

  • Rave: Bought a safety razor from Art of Shaving last week. I could have bought the same one for much less on Amazon, but the salesman was very helfpful. Plus, I had a $100 bill to break, so why not just buy something nice for myself. It took a while to get it right (I was putting part of the head on backwards after putting the blade in) but now I have no problems with it. Probably the last razor I’ll every buy.

    Rave: Started using my cast-iron skillet (instead of a wok) for stir frying and I’m really pleased with the results.

    Rant: Working late every day this week, and part of next week.

    Rave: Working late so I can take next Friday off (without using paid time off) and go to the beach.

    • I love cooking with my cast iron skillets! I’m also in the process of restoring two pots that I found in the basement of my father’s house. Having a wood stove to burn off most of the crud has made the process easier.

      • cast iron skillets make the best caramelized onions!

      • dcgator

        What are the best brands/things to look for when buying a cast iron skillet? Sounds intriguing.

        • Just buy a 12″ Lodge. It’s the only brand made in the USA and is pretty cheap.

        • I bought both of mine at yard sales – the larger skillet is a Wagner which is an excellent brand but you can only find it used (company went out of business). Griswold, and also Lodge. If you buy new, I’d steer clear of “pre-seasoned” – it’s easy enough to season at home.

          • SFT

            Love that you got yours at a yardsale. Cast iron skillets get so much better with age! My mom gave me my grandmothers cast iron skillet a few years ago and it makes the best food – it must be over 60 years old by now!

    • Good choice on the safety razor. I’m not sure why they aren’t as popular anymore. It’s a smoother shave with less razor burn, and after you make the initial investment, it’s only $.05 a razor.

      • I don’t use one, but there’s a few decent reasons:
        Can’t take them on your carry-on bag on airplanes.
        Much easier to cut your fingers when installing the blade (especially in the morning when I’m half-asleep)
        People don’t want razorblades around the house if they have kids.

  • Rant: Will have my first “real” surgery next week. Anxiety is ratcheting up day after day due to fear of 1) procedure and (unlikely) death from procedure, 2) general anesthesia, and 3) recovery and life after surgery in general.
    Rave: Bad stuff is going to be taken out, so that’s good.
    Rave: Music and exercise are helping keep the demons at bay.

    • saf

      I will be thinking of you. I’ve had a number of surgeries, and they are always frightening, even when you know that odds are strongly in favor of a good outcome.

      • Thanks, saf. This is for thyroid cancer, which I think you mentioned knowing something about on this blog. Any advice?

        • I had a different type of cancer, but my unsolicited 2 cents:I was determined to have as close to a “normal life” as possible when I was going through treatment. Looking back at it, my thoughts are, “Why the hell did I do that? I should have rested more.” I turned out fine, but I put myself through shit that I didn’t need to do simply because I was stubborn and in partial denial perhaps.

          Point being: don’t be shy in taking time off (if you have the option) and it can be counter-productive in pushing yourself to do your “normal stuff”.

          But like I said, I didn’t have thyroid cancer, and everyone’s “cancer experience” is different.

          • Thanks. I’ll keep this in mind. I’m definitely not expecting that everything will be normal within a week or two. This is a process.

        • jim_ed

          I’ve had several surgeries for cancer, including a 6 hour funfest under the knife. I took comfort in knowing the mortality rate for the surgery, which was incredibly low despite the complexity and length of the procedure, and also knowing that if god forbid the worst did happen, I’d never know because of the general anesthesia. For recovery I just kept my eyes on the prize of feeling better, being thankful that this surgery even exists, and knowing that I was lucky to have insurance that would cover my medical expenses.

          Long story short, I think the build up and anxiety is almost always worse than the actual procedure and recovery.

          • I like your thinking on this: “[I]f god forbid the worst did happen, I’d never know because of the general anesthesia. ” 😉

          • Thanks. Sorry to hear you’ve had several surgeries for cancer. A number of people have told me the waiting part is the worst part. Once it’s over, you just focus on getting better. Trying to keep that in mind!

          • Accountering

            Thats my thinking when I fly. If something does happen, I am not going to feel it, and my survival chances are basically zero. When you have zero control, I see no sense in worrying about it 🙂

        • saf

          I had thyroid cancer – papillary. If you have any questions or need any support, Dan can give you my email and I had happy to talk.

    • One thing that helped me going into surgery (both times) was preparing for it beforehand. I knew I would be mobility limited, so I made my space as easy to navigate as possible. For example, I made enough of my favorite foods as possible and froze them in individual servings so I wouldn’t be stuck with takeout every night. I put my hard to reach stuff on a lower shelf. It just helped me to feel more in control of my surroundings. I also got a free month trial to netflix and hulu plus (I didn’t have either at the time) and set up a queue of great easy-to-digest TV shows and movies for when I was in the fog of medication. I won’t say it was the most fun I ever had, but being prepared helped ease the nerves a bit. What you’ll need to be prepared will differ. I will say that a friend of mine had thyroid cancer and had her thyroid removed and has been feeling great since the surgery several years ago. Good luck and feel better.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Take care of yourself, and don’t be afraid to baby yourself while in recovery. I had problems walking from the anesthesia that made me kind of nuts, but I just told people I needed help when I needed it. I couldn’t even walk as fast as a snail, so couldn’t get on the elevator after it arrived b/c it was a few feet away from the button, so I just had to make people hold it. And strangers on the street were always offering to help me. Don’t be afraid to let them, if you need help.
      I hope you have an easy recovery!

    • Anonymous 10:33pm. Good luck with your surgery! A close family member of mine had surgery for thyroid cancer. The surgery itself was relatively low pain for her and she recovered quickly and was very mobile. The toughest thing she experienced was difficultly speaking for a little while. This may not be an issue with modern surgeries (hers was 15 years ago), but make sure you are prepared to communicate via non-verbal means for a little bit as you recover. Overall she recovered quickly and has just a small scar where the incision was made. I hope your surgery goes smoothly as well!

    • I’ve had surgery twice. The first time, I was so anxious I started uncontrollably sobbing on my way into the operating room. I was worried about having a similar reaction the second time, so I looked for ways to mentally prepare. My insurance (Kaiser) offered pre-surgery mindfulness downloads from their website. I’m not big on meditation or anything, but I listened to them a few times in the weeks leading up to the surgery. I ended up feeling much more calm as I was waiting for surgery and being wheeled in. Maybe your doctor or insurance has something similar or you could find something online?
      Otherwise, I echo everyone else’s suggestions to be kind to yourself and ask for help when you need it.

  • Rant: I keep having drams about ex-girl friends (just seeing them nothing intimate) and i keep having dreams about my home town (potomac, md). Not sure what to think about these.
    Rave: Restraunt week at mintwood place tonight with my urban tribe, any reccomendations? (I think the menu is limited for restraunt week)
    Rave: Going to see Miniature Tigers, Grisswolds, and Great Good Fine OK at U-Street Music hall thursday, very excited for GGFO! If you havent heart them check them out, fun upbeat music

  • Rave – My fridge is fixed!! Yay for modern conveniences.
    Rant – It’s been a really, really slow week at work. How is it only 10:30?? I’m ready to go home.

  • Rave: some work update – husband got a job offer in Seattle. Deciding whether or not to move there for a few years this week! eeek.
    Rant: it will cost $640 to add me to his insurance on the new job. uhm, what? I think it will be cheaper for me to go on my own.

    • Accountering

      We have that at my company as well. We cover 100% of the lowest-cost (pretty good) option for a single employee, and do not contribute a dollar above that. People with a family plan are paying ~$1,000/month, or more.

    • I’m upper-30’s female and pay 320/month for an individual plan through Kaiser. Prices go up as you age but if you don’t have any dependents, individual plans are really not that expensive.

      • Yeah, i looked into that too. i am just confused how it’s MORE expensive to be added vs going on your own. Shouldn’t be at least the same?

        • It’s probably apples and oranges — at least, I would hope so.
          I’d hope that if you’re paying $640/month for insurance on your spouse’s plan (I guess this means the employer is subsidizing the spouse’s individual premium, but nothing beyond that?), you’d have a better deal as far as deductible amounts, coverage levels, copay amounts, etc. than if you were paying $320/month for an individual plan on your own (as opposed to one that’s employer-sponsored). However, it might be that you don’t actually need whatever pluses the $640/month plan is offering.
          But yeah, $640/month does not sound like a good deal. At all.

          • At 320, I actually have very low deductibles, prescription costs, etc. My plan could be a lot cheaper but I choose to pay more monthly for better coverage.

        • Because they average everyone’s costs in a group plan so everyone pays the same amount. If you’re relatively young and healthy, an individual plan is going to be way cheaper because you’re not averaging with seniors, people with pre-existing conditions, etc.

          • Yup. This is known as “actuarial risk-pooling.” The other thing about the individual plan is they may be estimating you to get a tax credit to help pay for a plan. Employer-based plans are usually subsidized for the first person (the average is about 50-75%0, so individual plans are priced to be on par with that to make them somewhat competitive when people have a choice (but if you’re hard to insure generally, they’ll jack up the rate as much as they can).

        • I used to pay over $600 a month — for a plan with very low co-pays, no deductibles , and a great deal of flexibility and coverage. I now pay about half of that through a Kaiser Plan – but I have a high deductible, there are a lot of things that are either not covered at all or covered minimally campzred to my old plan, and I’m restricted re using KP doctors and even KP approved hospitals. I’m happy with my current plan given my current needs – but the reason adding you to your husband’s plan may cost more than getting a plan on your own could simply be that your husband’s plan would offer more and better benefits compared to the specific individual plan that you looked at.

    • Go to Seattle! It’s the best place on earth.

      • 🙂 We did like it way more than Portland, but it was so different from East Coast life that we are not 100% sure we want to move there. Researching neighborhoods right now – any recommendations? So far Lower Queen Anne looks the best. Looking for Adams Morgan (architecture + green space + amenities wise, not drunken friday nights – wise), but in Seattle.

        • My boyfriend is from Seattle, and I just visited him for the first time. His family lives on Capital Hill, which was really nice – pretty and green, some beautiful houses, but also not far to restaurants etc.

    • Good news on the job front – sounds like a great opportunity.
      I pay about the same for Blue Cross PPO (self-employed).

  • Rave: Dinner at Fiola tonight 🙂
    Rant: I have crap to do at work and I have zero motivation.
    Rave: At least I was productive yesterday.
    Rant/Rave: There’s so many things I want to do this coming weekend while in Delaware and I suspect I will not get to all of them (some of them fun, some of them accomplishing things at my parents house, some of them having some time at home afterwards before my mom and maybe my sister-in-law and my two nephews come over.)
    Rave: I can take care of that last part before the weekend comes.

  • Rave: This weather.
    Rant: The fact that people are willing to give $30k to some dude to have some musician play in his living room rather than do something useful like donate it to a local charity.
    Rave: Time with the GF this weekend in NC.

    • It’s their money. They can spend it on whatever they choose.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I understand where you are coming from and appreciate the sentiment but unless you spend all of your disposable income on charity then you have no room to talk.

      • Accountering

        This is a smack down of EPIC proportions from POP.

      • Of course people can spend it where they want. I don’t dispute that. But between all the effort and attention coordinated between Kickstarter, media outlets, what have you, I suppose it would have been nicer to see something like this maybe raise money for Kenny Loggins to play for some disabled veterans out at Bethesda instead of some guy’s living room. I also feel it corrupts what Kickstarter’s original intent was, which was support fledgling businesses and artists to get off the ground which I do support a lot of with my dollars. And yeah, it’s just a sense of disappointment rather than BURN EVERYTHING DOWN. I mean, it’s my rant, yeah?

      • Well now we know at least one person who donated money to the Kenny Loggins fund.

    • I think some people liked the silliness/goofiness of the whole thing. I thought it was amusing, but not enough to make me feel moved to contribute.
      I think the smartest (?) contributors were the ones who were in early enough and high enough (in dollar amounts, although other meaning of “high” might apply too) that they get to be there for this acoustic concert.

  • Rave: Finally got to try Rebellion. The bourbon cocktails were delicious, the wings were great. The shrimp and grits were ok. The services was meh but I’d give it another try.
    Rave: A night out with some good girl friends really snapped me out of the funk I’ve been in.
    Rant: The boy lives/works by the Pentagon and has to be in the office at 7. I live in AdMo and have a dog. This means lots of late night uber rides home for us on weeknights.

  • Rant: I was folding laundry on the kitchen island and knocked over a cheap vodka bottle which cracked my glass range top. WTF, how does that happen?

    Rave: Nice August weather again! Unbelievable!

  • Rant: Lauren Bacall’s death. I’m still reeling from the loss of Robins Williams. And of Maya Angelou. I feel like I”m being forced to face the reality that a major skill in life is dealing gracefully with loss.
    Rave: TWO very helpful people providing advice, expertise and considerable assistance as I sort out the details of making a pricey-for-me purchase.
    Rave: Discovered two authors: Louise Penny and Charles Finch who write mysteries — well into each series. Getting to read through stacks of enjoyable, well-written, minimally challenging books makes for a sybaritic summer.
    Rave/Rant: The weather this summer has been wonderful for wandering, not quite so wonderful for swimming (Brrrr). I feel like we’ve skimmed over August and jumped straight into September.

    • Accountering

      Rave: I was raving about your Rave/Rant about the wonderfully unseasonable weather we have had this August to both younger bro and roommate this morning! Normally, our August weather can be summed up in one word – “Swampass” and it has been nothing of the sort this year. Loving it!

      • I mostly agree with you but is it weird that I kind of miss it? I mean I don’t miss it on my Wednesday morning commute to work, but I kind of miss it on Sunday afternoons when I want to go to the pool or the beach. I feel like I need a swampass August to really appreciate the beauty of September and October :).

        • Accountering

          I can appreciate the sentiment of needing swampass august to appreciate Sep/Oct. Perhaps I have experienced enough swampass Augusts, and I know exactly what we are missing, such that I will still appreciate Sep/Oct 🙂

          • Haha I know, I can’t believe I’m typing these words. In previous years, I have spent August job searching in other cities because I’m so certain I have to LEAVE DC and cannot survive ONE MORE SUMMER. And then by October I’m back in love with it again. So I don’t know why I’m being ridiculous now.

    • Rave: Discovering Louise Penny this summer!

  • Rant: the ice bucket challenge and other public acts of altruism.
    Rant: the “look at me” aspect of mourning a stranger.
    Rant: my rants seem pretty selfish.
    Rave/rant: Trader Joe’s dark chocolate espresso beans. I’ve eaten seven or eight beans today.
    Rave: record label rebirth/reinvigoration!

    • “Rant: the ice bucket challenge and other public acts of altruism.”
      UGH, this is my rant as well. Please stop. At this point, I’m kinda hoping the kid kicks the bucket.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Jayson Werth was caught and charged with going 105 in a 55. I will be following this VERY closely, following the post from earlier this week/last week, and the fact the people regularly face jail time for this. WIll be interesting to see if he can get away with this as he is a celebrity, or if he has to face jail time. I am guessing he walks with probation and community service, but if you or I did this, it sounds like we would spend time in jail for it.

  • Rave: Job interview next week!! And, YIKES! The last job interview I had was over 15 years ago; I’ve been consulting for the last 10 years. Love consulting, and having a regular paycheck – and benefits – would be nice.

  • Rave: Actual LOL upon reading this in the Forum section: “So, our wedding came and went. Many of you will remember our far-less-than flattering review of the Tabard Inn.”
    (The post turned out to be from Arash.)
    Rave: It felt like spring this morning!
    Rant: Migraines.

    • Yeah, I saw he posted twice in the forum. Not sure what the purpose is to post something here that he already posted on Yelp, again. He apparently demands to be heard. Also I’m not surprised things went better after they petulantly sunk Plan A and *had* to come up with something else on very short notice. I imagine they were a lot easier to deal with after the Tabard affair.

    • lol there are a few interesting ones in there today. Particularly the one complaining of a t-shirt left hanging on their front fence. The horror!

      • I felt a little sorry for that poster. I relate to his/her frustration, as litter is an ongoing problem on my street… but somehow he/she didn’t come across very sympathetically. I suspect the deal is that no one is singling out that person’s yard for littering, and that it’s more a matter of other neighbors perhaps being faster to clean up the litter that the OP would otherwise see.
        The various and sundry things that people choose to abandon on sidewalks, in gutters, or in people’s front yards — and the volume of those things — is a source of ongoing amazement to me. As PoP was saying in his advice thing from seven years ago, recently reposted (http://www.popville.com/2014/08/tips-for-newcomers-7-years-later-what-would-you-addremove/ ): Yes, it’s frustrating. But pick up the trash in front of your house. (And if you’re feeling generous, in front of the houses on either side.) The litter is not going to go away just by virtue of you glaring at it.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: I’m at my wits end at my job. It’s been almost 4 years and it’s just been a downhill battle for the last year+ and no one is getting raises this year. I’m however, so busy and buried under work that I don’t even have time to find another job. Ugh.

  • Rant: 3 doctor appointments scheduled for today.
    Rave: Doctor #1 gave me the meds I was going to doctor #3 for and doctor #3 let me cancel my appointment without penalty.
    Rave: I’m relatively healthy, and have some great doctors.
    Rave: Seeing Emilie504 at doctor #1.

  • Rave: checked out a beautiful new apartment in noma that surprisingly, hadn’t sold out of the unit I wanted. Totally floored. french door fridge, here I come
    Rant: I need to find a roommate to split it with and I don’t want to sift through a hundred lazy craigslist responses. Anyone have tips for alternative websites to post roommate info?

    • Just go to the “Housing Wanted” and see if there is anyone looking for a place that fits your description. I’ve done this multiple times successfully. That way you don’t have to sift through responses (unless you send out a ton of emails).

  • I’m not logged in, so I can’t post this on the forum, but if the person wanting help with a chandelier checks in here — s/he might want to try Artisan Lamps on Connecticut Avenue, a block or so away from the Cleveland Park Metro station. They’ve been around for years, and do excellent work.

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