Morton Street Mews Coming to Morton and Sherman Ave, NW


Thanks to @ryanpougiales for tweeting us the photo above:

“Filipino church at Morton and Sherman set to become condos”

OPaLdc’s website says:

“Call it eclectic. Call it cool. Anyway you color it, Morton Street Mews is an exciting new addition to downtown DC. Each of the community’s 26 two-level condominiums feature modern aesthetics on the inside and a bold mixture of new and existing urban architecture throughout. Tucked between the Columbia Heights and Petworth Metro stations and just a block away from the neighborhood shops and restaurants lining 11th Street, Morton Street Mews is also effortlessly walkable. Fortunately, you’ll have off-street parking to accommodate your car while you enjoy all the conveniences these refreshing, colorful city homes provide!”

Rendering via Opaldc

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  • This group does AMAZING work! A great addition to the area!

  • The left 2/3 of the rendering looks good.
    Is the right 1/3 of the rendering part of the same project, or something completely different? I don’t like its appearance at all.

  • I find it interesting that their rendering doesn’t show what the houses that back up to the lot actually look like (according to google maps) and has given them higher roof lines.

    • I believe those are part of the project and not meant to depict homes on another lot. I thought previous renderings incorporated the existing church facade. It not too interesting architecturally, but I did like that they incorporated it. I hope that’s still the plan, but it is not evident in these renderings

  • Guessing they wrote the marketing blurb in house. Seems like a stretch to call this “Downtown DC.” Must be aiming for the suburban commuters to whom anything inside the District is downtown.

    • “Stretch” is being generous. It’s completely misleading for the website to describe this as “downtown DC”. Some out-of-towner unfamilar with DC might get all hyped and get really let down when they realize how far this actually is from downtown.

  • these look fantastic…i wish more devlopments would follow this type of style and scale

  • I’ve recently lamented the fact that row homes are no longer built. I’m glad to see that this will keep to form of traditional DC!

  • I live down the street and generally like the idea but a couple things:

    1. “Downtown DC”; We need to work on our definitions people.

    2. The rendering is interesting since those houses look nothing like what’s on the street plus there is an alley right next to the church.

  • Looks like they’ll be quite nice. Wow, that area is booming with all the new construction surrounding this site and the plans for the Murrys lot and post office at the other end of the Morton St. Block

    • Can you elaborate on the Murry’s and post office plans? My fiance and I just bought on Morton and am curious as to what’s in the pipeline.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Post Office lot: On January 15, 2014, the Office of Zoning received an application from 3321 Georgia LLC (the “Applicant”). The Office of Zoning received revised application materials on March 27, 2014, that replaced the materials filed on January 15, 2014. The Applicant is requesting a modification to an approved planned unit development (“PUD”) for property located at 3321 Georgia Avenue, N.W. (Square 3040, Lot 130) (the “Subject Property”). The Zoning Commission originally approved a PUD and related map amendment (from the GA/C-2-A Zone District to the GA/C‑2‑B Zone District) for the Subject Property pursuant to Z.C. Order No. 10-26, the validity of which was extended pursuant to Z.C. Order No. 10-26A.

        The Office of Planning provided its report on April 17, 2014. At its public meeting on April 28, 2014, the Zoning Commission voted to set the application down for a public hearing. The Applicant provided its prehearing statement on May 1, 2014.

        The Subject Property consists of approximately 22,002 square feet of land area and is located at the southeast corner of Georgia Avenue, N.W. and Morton Street, N.W. Square 3040 is located in the northwest quadrant of the City and is bounded by Morton Street to the north, Square 3043 and Warder Avenue to the east, Lamont Street to the south, and Georgia Avenue to the west. The Subject Property is located in Ward 1 and within the boundaries of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (“ANC”) 1A.
        The Applicant proposes to construct a residential building with ground floor retail uses on the Subject Property. The project, as modified, will contain approximately 125,446 square feet of gross floor area, with an overall density of 5.70 FAR and a maximum building height of 89 feet, eight inches. The project also includes 22 off-street parking spaces located in a below-grade garage.
        The C-2-B Zone District permits mixed residential and commercial development as a matter-of-right, to a maximum lot occupancy of 80 percent for residential use, a maximum density of 3.5 FAR, of which no more than 1.5 FAR may be devoted to other than residential uses, and a maximum height of 65 feet. Under Chapter 24, the guideline for height in a PUD is 90 feet and the guideline for density in a PUD is 6.0 FAR, of which no more than 2.0 FAR may be commercial.

        This public hearing will be conducted in accordance with the contested case provisions of the Zoning Regulations, 11 DCMR § 3022.

        How to participate as a witness.

        Interested persons or representatives of organizations may be heard at the public hearing. The Commission also requests that all witnesses prepare their testimony in writing, submit the written testimony prior to giving statements, and limit oral presentations to summaries of the most important points. The applicable time limits for oral testimony are described below. Written statements, in lieu of personal appearances or oral presentation, may be submitted for inclusion in the record.

        How to participate as a party.

        Any person who desires to participate as a party in this case must so request and must comply with the provisions of 11 DCMR § 3022.3.

        A party has the right to cross-examine witnesses, to submit proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, to receive a copy of the written decision of the Zoning Commission, and to exercise the other rights of parties as specified in the Zoning Regulations. If you are still unsure of what it means to participate as a party and would like more information on this, please contact the Office of Zoning at [email protected] or at (202) 727-6311.

        Except for the affected ANC, any person who desires to participate as a party in this case must clearly demonstrate that the person’s interests would likely be more significantly, distinctly, or uniquely affected by the proposed zoning action than other persons in the general public. Persons seeking party status shall file with the Commission, not less than 14 days prior to the date set for the hearing, a Form 140 – Party Status Application, a copy of which may be downloaded from the Office of Zoning’s website at: HYPERLINK “” Any documents filed in this case must be submitted through the Interactive Zoning Information System (IZIS) found on the Office of Zoning website.

        If an affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) intends to participate at the hearing, the ANC shall submit the written report described in § 3012.5 no later than seven (7) days before the date of the hearing. The report shall contain the information indicated in § 3012.5 (a) through (i).

        All individuals, organizations, or associations wishing to testify in this case are encouraged to inform the Office of Zoning their intent to testify prior to the hearing date. This can be done by mail sent to the address stated below, e-mail ([email protected]), or by calling (202) 727‑0789.

        • Thanks Pop! Do you anything about the Murry’s building? I know the former Horse’s Ass a stone’s throw away hasn’t budged. Maybe this would provide some incentive…

  • The “Filipino church at Morton and Sherman” is on Yelp!
    Church of Christ Iglesia Ni Cristo
    777 Morton Street NW Washington, DC 20010
    From the Yelp! review
    “The chapel is a pretty stone building and the interior is beautiful.”

    From the FB page for Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) – Washington, DC
    “Our old chapel at 777 Morton Street used to be a South Carolina Baptist church.”

    • The Carolina Church History page says

      “Deacon Henry Pogue informed the members of a vacant church building at 777 Morton Street, N.W. Ada Blue encouraged the church to consider purchasing this building, to which they agreed. Deacon Pogue, Deacon Johnnie Pringle, Sr., and Pastor Sligh made the purchase and the church moved there in January 1952.”

      • But it’s just an old historically significant beautiful church not something that did social for profit so let’s get the wrecking ball and all be happy about new condos.

      • The Carolina Church history page leaks the value

        “In December 1998, the church entered into a contract with the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church of Christ who offered to purchase the church for $505,000.”

  • The church was originally Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church where “A.M.E.” stands for “African Methodist Episcopal”.

    Rev. Logan Johnson purchased a site (Square 2894, Lot 805) – today located at 777 Morton Street- and planned for the erection of a permanent church building. The cornerstone was laid on December 10, 1905, and upon completion of the new brick church, the congregation held a week long dedication ceremony beginning on May 27, 1906.

    In 1945, the Trinity congregation moved to the larger church building at 625 Park Road, NW, where they remained until 1983.

    If only they had held on to the church for the full 109 years they could have made millions.

  • So now the work of W. Sidney Pittman, a notable African-American architect will be destroyed.

    This is common practice in DC; there are so few buildings from the turn of the century by black architects which have been preserved.

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