Jetties Sandwich Shop coming to Chevy Chase

5632 Connecticut Ave, NW

First Macon Bistro and now this – thanks to a reader for sending for an update on the former Homemade Pizza spot in Chevy Chase. This will be Jetties fourth District location with the other three in Foggy Bottom (20th and I St, NW), Cleveland Park/Cathedral Heights (Wisconsin and Macomb) and Foxhall (1609 Foxhall Road, NW).  You can see their menus here.

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  • maxwell smart

    This is, literally, the best thing that has happened all day. I can personally guarantee that I will be frequenting this local on the regular.

  • Anything is better than a Homemade Pizza. Stupidest food concept I’ve seen (even more so cereal bars).

    • maxwell smart

      I don’t know – I can sorta defend the cereal bar concept in that I find myself having a guilty pleasure craving, say, Froot Loops but can’t justify purchasing an entire box when all I want is a single bowl. Maybe paired up with a laundromat where it’s like “well I’m here on a Saturday morning doing my laundry… why yes I will have some Apple Jacks.”

  • I live down the street from the one on Foxhall and cannot comprehend as to why they are so busy, aside from location, as their food is mediocre on a good day.

  • A dream come true!

  • This is excellent news. While the Bethesda location isn’t that far from me, anything I can do to trim down the time between me and a Nobadeer is fantastic. Also, I second the Homemade Pizza comment. What a dumb idea.

  • And where exactly is the former Homemade Pizza spot in Chevy Chase?

  • I always liked the Bethesda location — good sandwiches and salads —- definitely the salads are not seen as secondary there. Glad they are expanding.

  • So excited about being able to buy a decent salad in this neighborhood! I work down the street and this is such great news for my waistline.

  • Jetties does well because there’s so little competition, especially in a neighborhood like Foxhall where there’s little to choose from, or the rest of DC where a Subway is usually your only sandwich option. I think that Jetties is thoroughly mediocre but when you have no other options, sometimes it’s the best choice out there.

    • maxwell smart

      Okay so what’s your suggestion for better sandwiches then?

    • They’re not great, but I’ll take Jetties, Jimmy John’s or Potbelly any day of the week over Subway. Plenty of those around. With respect for its many fans, Taylor Gourmet does little for me.
      When I can tolerate the crazy interior and often equally crazy customers, I’m a big fan of the sandwiches at Dupont Market, but it’s not really convenient on work days.

  • “Subway only sandwich option”….

    In what part of DC is this even remotely true?

  • justinbc

    I think Jetties is OK, for a reasonable price. Sometimes you just want a fresh, normal tasting sandwich that isn’t loaded with “hand-crafted mustard grains from the fields of France” or whatever silly descriptor places want to put on something to jack the price up. You can be in and out of Jetties with a decent quality product quickly, and not pay out the ass for it.

  • Jetties is absurdly overpriced (at least the one on Eye Street next to my office). Sandwiches are like $10, when just a few doors down is Potbelly ($6), Subway ($4-7), Devon and Blakely ($6-10), Bon Mi ($6), and a ton of other places. I don’t get the hype about this place.

  • aaaaah great news!

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