Big Palisades News – Listrani’s Closes but a 7th Hill Pizza is Coming

5100 MacArthur Blvd, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that Listrani’s has closed:


However in more positive news looks like the folks from 7th Hill Pizza (by Eastern Market) are opening up a spot in the Palisades at the former Marvelous Market space next to Blacksalt. A liquor license placard posted out front says:

“7TH Hill Restaurant Inc

To prepare and sell pizza and prepared pizzeria food products
Recorded music, Sidewalk Café with #25 seats, total Occupancy Load #85”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday: 7am – 2am, Friday and Saturday: 7am – 3am.

Updates when they get closer to opening.

Future 7th Pizza at 4885 MacArthur Blvd., NW

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  • Sort of sad. I am very old. Circa 1990 a friend in college introduced me to this place. It was a stop on our drive down from Podunk PA on the way to Georgetown to shop for records, t-shirts, Doc Martens, and soak up the urban ambiance in the safe part of what was considered a dangerous city at the time. I’ve changed, the city has changed, but I will remember this place because it was of a special and memorable time in my life.

  • Sad to see this go. It was our go to place for inexpensive pasta when we were poor med students in the 90’s.

  • “I will remember this place because it was of a special and memorable time in my life.”
    Me too – the only time I ever ate there was when I brought takeout up to SIbley for my wife after our daughter was born.

    • Similar story here. My son was born a month ago, and we relied on Listrani’s delivery to Sibley at a very exciting and stressful time in our cramped room with our new baby. It tasted pretty good compared to hospital food.

  • Good riddance to them- their pizza was overpriced and absolutely terrible. Almost $50 last year for 2 small-ish pies with almost no taste. Reading their yelp reviews afterward made me wonder how they stayed in business so long. Hopefully 7th Hill will have better pizza.

    • 7th Hill is probably better, but just as expensive! I live near the Eastern Market one but can only afford to go once a year.

      • seriously expensive? 8″ is 11 dollars and a large is 16 dollars (I’d say thats in line with your cheaper places like dominoes and papas – but much better)..maybe go more than once a year. Their sandwiches which are very good are also cheaper than most sandwiches at 7.50. It’s their bread that makes the pizza. so good.

        • My girlfriend and I went once a couple years ago and the bill was $60 for two small pies and an arugula salad, so it’s in line with what the Listrani’s prices mentioned above. Since I make pizza that’s just as good at home, and it’s not very difficult, we usually opt for mine instead.

      • It expensive compared to a regular pizza delivery joint, but for a dinner out, it’s not bad, especially for the quality of the toppings and that style of pizza. An individual pizza will run about $11, and it’s really filling. The larger ones, which can feed two people with not huge appetites are $15 I think.

  • They used to be very good when they were owned by the original owners. I used to work there after the sale, back in the early 2000s, and it was a bit scary some of the things that were going on. I guess you could say that about a lot of restaurants though.

  • Does anyone know where Listrani’s got their chocolate fondant cake from ? Would make their departure a little more bearable… thanks

  • I kept reading the Yelp reviews and apparently the place was a terrible dine-in experience. Which makes me glad I stuck to delivery, because I have nothing but good things to say about Listranis. This is very sad, and I am going to miss their pizzas something fierce.

  • Sorry to see them go. I’ve lived in Palisades, over 30 years. I suspect with limited parking, increased overhead, rent, limited hours and neighborhood-enforced anti-business restrictions, they had to move on. I’m moving on myself to downtown. After all, this is a city. Best of luck to 7th Pizza, If they can get the licenses (2AM closing, liquor). Over the years, Listrani’s were challenged on those same issues. Neighbors actualy complained about the smell of food!

    On another matter, my anti-business neighbors should be very careful how hard they push against the Safeway project. Tenleytown pushed too hard against the similar, mixed-use Tenley Safeway project. Guess what? Now they have no Safeway! Palisades is part of a city, called Washington, DC

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