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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Awwww, cute pooch-in-bag!
    Rave: Finally getting over the nasty cold/fever/sore throat I came down with more than a week ago.

  • Rant: Falling down outside my office, spilling my coffee, breaking my french press and scraping myself up.
    Rave: Laughing about it:)

    Have a good day all!

  • Rave: bike to school day. Had a nice ride with my son on a lovely spring morning. What a great way to begin the day. We may have to make this a regular event.

  • I forget who asked about gutter cleaning last week. I finally remembered to jot down the name of the service I use. It’s Reliable Cleaning Company:


  • pablo .raw

    Rave: my phoneless life is working great; 5gb of data is more than enough, I have a phone number and text message and pay half of what I used to pay before.
    Rant: I sold my camera, I’m going to miss it.
    Rave: I sold my camera in like 2 hours after posting it. I blame the kick-arse photo of it I took for the posting.
    Rave: The new camera is just unbelievable. New lenses on the way.

    • Pablo, curious, how do you find the electronic viewfinder? Granted, I’ve only personally seen/played with much earlier EVF iterations, but it’s hard for me to imagine going from a solid optical viewfinder to an EVF.

      • pablo .raw

        It works great, only strange situation I’ve found so far happened when I was doing some studio photos and I couldn’t see anything through it except when I half pressed the shutter to focus. Not a big deal for me, photos came out great.

        • pablo – i replied yesterday about you camera for sale. I dont know a ton about DSLR’s is there any website you could reccomend for a very entry level model? Theres so much info out there but i dont trust it all. I am going to europe in july and would love to have a nice camera for pictures

          • Get a used entry level Canon Rebel DSLR. I’m not sure what the exact nomenclature is these days, but shouldn’t be hard to figure out. dpreview.com is a great resource for digital camera reviews.

          • I’m selling my Canon DSLR, but haven’t gotten around to posting it on Craigslist yet. It’s a Canon Rebel xsi with a couple of lenses, filters, charger, and great camera bag. Asking $500 for the whole kit- it’s in fantastic shape and was pretty lightly used. If you’re interested, reply this post and we can work something out, otherwise I’m going to put it on Craigslist next week when I’m home from a weekend away.

          • pablo .raw

            What’s your experience with cameras? What’s your budget? Where are you going? What kind of photos are you going to do? landscape, city… etc.
            In general, even entry level DSLRs offer a lot of possibilities and if someone is going to only use the auto features then I don’t think it’s worth getting one (I’m not talking about you specifically just my general opinion). Point and shoots are easier to carry, get good quality photos. If you go with a DSLR you have to also think about lenses. Entry level cameras usually come with an 18-50 lens that works in general for almost everything. Carrying more than one lens could be annoying (I got a pinched nerve once for carrying photo equipment!).
            Having said all that, I think the trend right now is to go with mirrorless cameras. They are extremely light, the quality of the photos is incredible. The one I just sold πŸ™ was a fuji x100s, incredible camera (not interchangeable lens). I believe the x100 was also a great camera and since it’s an older version, may be found for good price.
            I’m personally transitioning from DSLRs to mirrorless. I don’t have experience with other brands, but my DSLRs have been Pentax. The good: is one of the cheaper of the good brands, the bodies and the lenses. The camera shake reduction is in the body not on the lenses which I think makes the lenses cheaper. If you are planning to take photos in very low light conditions, you need to find a camera with a good ISO performance, I am really happy w my Pentax K5 that allows me to shoot at 1600 or even 3200 without problems. I have 2 older generation Pentax that worked great, except I was only comfortable using them at 800 ISO in low light. I will be happy to tell you more, I probably didn’t even answer your question! feel free to e-mail me [email protected]

          • Pablo can certainly give you better information than I can. That said, I think I was in a similar place as you when I bought my first dSLR. I was just about to study abroad in a cool place and wanted to be sure that I could “capture” as much of it as possible. I went with a Canon Rebel XTi as it had good reviews, was at the right price point for me, and I could grow in to it. The more I used it, the more comfortable I became with the manual functions that justify buying a dSLR over a point and shoot. I kept using it for a few years after that, beyond being a “beginner.” If it hadn’t been stolen on a trip, I would probably still have it. I upgraded to what was newish at the time, and still feel like I’m not maxing it out (if you ever get cocky, just hand the camera to someone with more experience than you and see their results).
            There was a great thread on Quora about the subject of a first camera for traveling. The reality is that some of the more convenient point and shoots can take much better pictures than a dSLR that isn’t used properly (think driving a manual car without being able to shift well). If you just want to take some nice pictures, that may make more sense.

    • If using 5 gb or less is considered phoneless, I must be a virtual hermit.

  • Rant: Squeaky wheels (people) who assume everyone’s out to get them. Sometimes all you can do is roll your eyes internally.
    Rave: Off to Philly for a short trip tomorrow to celebrate a friend’s graduation. I need to get out of town more – it helps put things (like squeaky wheels) into perspective.
    Rave: My parents think they found a new place to live after selling the house they’ve lived in for 37 years. Now all they have to do is actually move.
    Revel: It’s beautiful outside!

  • Rant: The lack of major outcry and movement on the kidnapped Nigerian girls.

    • Meant to rant about this the other day. The Nigerian government is handling this REALLY poorly.

      • pablo .raw

        I can imagine government officials afraid to act in a country with government corruption and who knows, maybe some ties to the terrorist group (I’m not justifying them btw). I’m in general against the US being the world police (America! F. Yeah!) but in cases like this, I hope our government/military/intelligence can do something without hopefully getting any of those girls hurt.

        • I think we ought to dispatch Cliven Bundy to get them girls back. He and his posse need a mission.

          • pablo .raw

            I was thinking about that this morning, there is something to say about these brave armed guys who thought it was a good plan to line up women and girls as a shield against los federales.

          • Hehe, “los federales.” Everything really does sound more romantic in Spanish! I must start asking my friends to call me “la federale” instead of “desk jockey.”

        • pablo .raw

          Lol Allison! I can hear the Spanish music in the background πŸ˜€ Maybe an Antonio Banderas-Clive Bundy duet!! ??

    • I totally agree that more should be done to help find those girls, but you have to think what that would look like. Full-scale invasion? Sanctions against a country that’s already third world? Strongly worded letters? What would you want?

      • Donation-funded mercenaries. I wonder how much that operation would cost? I’ll kick in. Maybe we could get a discount, as it would appeal to the hero fantasies a lot of these soldiers of fortune have.

        • Like super heroes? I can get on board with that.

          • Well… profit-motivated super heroes, perhaps. Really, just a bunch of armed-to-the-teeth dudes who want to see some action and maybe kill some bad guys, and if they get to rescue some kidnapped girls that’s nice too.
            My concern is this: These girls have almost certainly already been raped and therefore “dishonored” in their culture. What is left for them back home? Will their families really treat them well? Do they have a future now that the terrorists have had their way?

          • I totally agree – I worry too. But how do you influence the culture of a country without invading a sovereign nation?

          • There are lots of ways to influence short of invasion. Offer intelligence and investigation help, as President Obama did on Monday in this particular case. Fund projects promoting civil society, gender equality, etc.

          • Meg- You can’t fix the culture, so we should offer u.s. refugee status for victims of sexual assault, the girls to be sponsored by faith and civic groups here, like we did with laotian and cambodian refugees back in the day.
            (that’s my answer to most cases of mistreatment– bring us your poor, your tired, your horrifically abused and under-appreciated… I know. It’s naive and facile. But it *does* work, when little else does.)

  • Not a rant or a rave, but I’m wondering why Donald Duck doesn’t wear any pants.

    • Especially because he wears a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower.

    • Daisy Duck doesn’t either. Tramp.

    • Ducks don’t have external genitalia. But still, it’s a questionable call on his part.

      • But have you seen what they’re hiding? Google “duck corkscrew penis” to see some crazy videos!!

    • dcgator

      Both Goofy and Pluto are dogs, but only Goofy wears clothes. What’s up with THAT?

      • Goofy’s more of a man/dog hybrid, probably some genetic engineering experiment that went horribly wrong.

      • I read something once saying that disney characters clothing is tied up with their autonomy. Animals that are pets don’t wear clothes. Animals that are autonomous do.

    • I wish the Kool-aid man still didn’t wear pants. Now that he does it makes me think there was something to hide, which is just wrong.

  • Rant: I had to go out to my companys HQ in NoVa yesterday. Met my new performance manager, which was good but then they wanted to do a small HH after work, so I had to re-schedule my date with coffee meets bagle girl.

    Rave: She was cool about it even though i felt terrible. Also, there might be a new contract/project for me to start when mine runs up in July. No gaurentees but at least they are thinking about me!

    Rave: Date thursday

    • Rave: Dentist appointment this morning and I have no cavities!
      Rant: Wisdom teeth have to come out. All 4 of them πŸ™
      Rave: Leaving for vacation tomorrow morning!!!!
      Rant: SO MUCH WORK to finish today. Why is everyone assigning me a million projects to do the day before I leave?? Gotta get off PoPville get working

      • oops not sure why this appeared as rely

      • Emmaleigh504

        I have a dentist appt tomorrow, I hope it turns out as well as yours (my wisdom teeth are gone).
        Have fun on your trip!

      • epric002

        unless they’re bothering you, recommend getting a 2nd opinion from an oral surgeon, not a dentist, before you have them removed. every dentist i’ve ever seen wants my wisdom teeth to come out. after that first happened i visited an oral surgeon who said i couldn’t pay him to take them out and to keep them in unless they were bothering me.

        • Can you recommend the oral surgeon you went to? My dentist has been bugging me to get mine out, and I got a similar opinion from another dentist, but I’m still skeptical.

          • epric002

            he was in virginia beach so you probably don’t want to travel that far πŸ™‚ he told me that all dentists think that all wisdom teeth must.come.out. i have 4 horizontal impactions that are completely covered, so there is only a very small chance that i’ll have complications with mine, and yet every dentist that sees my x-rays tells me they need to come out.

      • Oof, I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out last April – and they were all impacted. πŸ™ Not very fun. Get a good long ice pack that you can wrap around your whole jaw. Being able to soothe both sides at once definitely helped. Also, some things I read suggested popsicles and ice cream to eat afterwards. Ice cream was definitely nice (I think you’re supposed to avoid very hot/very cold things in the first 24 or 48 hours though), but popsicles didn’t work because I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat them, too painful!

        • Oh man I’m really not looking forward to this πŸ™
          Three of mine have come in normally but one is impacted. They don’t hurt me but I can’t reach back there to clean them so they are decaying and the doc says they will start messing up the adjacent teeth. I guess it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion like Epric suggested.

          • epric002

            that sounds like they’ll probably need to come out, but i’m generally in favor of second opinions before anything surgical happens. good luck!

          • Same here– 1 is impacted and the claim is that the rest are simply hard to clean and are trapping bacteria that can affect the whole mouth. I guess if one needs to go I might as well do the rest, but it is hard to have oral surgery on something that’s causing absolutely no problems that I can tell.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Booo work, getting in the way of dating stories. Hope you have fun Thursday!

      • soon enough! the anticipation continues. On the one hand it is good that people can be understanding when something important actually comes up, i really do want to meet her and i hate being a flake!

        • Good luck! I have a date with Coffee Meets Bagel boy more tomorrow. Hope they go well for both of us!

  • Rave: Got may latest PoPville t-shirt yesterday. That’s four for me. Has anyone else won more than that? Just wondering.

  • Rant: I have not been able to drag myself out of bed early to work out. I’m feeling like a large bovine, and I have to dress formally today for a conference. And thank god(s) I bought a fat suit last year because none of my normal suits fit me. UGH.
    Realization: I think it is time to get serious about dieting and exercising. I’m not buying a whole new wardrobe because I’ve gained a few pounds. Also I need to buy more well-tailored blazers that work over dresses. That look is just so much more me and flatters my body more.
    Rave: This weather!
    Rave: The awesome tuxedo style dress shirt I’m wearing under my suit. At least I can fit a bit of quirk into conservative work clothes.
    Rave: I don’t work a corporate or conservative law job so I don’t have to dress in suits all the time.

  • Rave: I passed my dog foster home visit!
    Rave: Hey Anonymous with the same Nespresso machine, I fixed it! Nespresso customer service is excellent and their tech was so nice, even when I doubted him. Anyway, the frother comes apart into more pieces than I had realized. The button on top comes out if you twist it all the way to the left, the milk dispensing arm comes out if you nudge it away from where it attaches, the nozzle that goes into the machine comes out if you turn it a quarter turn to the left. So, you take all of those pieces and the main top part of the frother and soak them in warm soapy water for 30 minutes+, then rinse, then fill the milk holder with water and run the machine a few times, then switch to milk. My machine makes a normal noise now and the milk is nice and frothy. I’m so happy!
    Rave: I did a lot of cleaning last night, it feels so good to have an organized space.
    Rant: one of my last projects is hanging a gallery wall in my bedroom. I feel like I can never put together a cohesive one, plus hanging a bunch of stuff level relative to each other is hard.
    Rant: my brother in law’s car got broken into in Brightwood and he had forgotten to take his really nice DSLR out of the trunk :sadface:. He thinks it might be the same people who broke into their house about 2 years ago.

    • Yay! You’re on your way to becoming a foster dog mom πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know if you’re willing to do this, but there are services that will help you hang pictures. I had a really long hallway and was having trouble getting my photographs hung correctly and it was money well spent for me. I think I used a place called Georgetown Frame Shop or something like that – it definitely had Georgetown in the name. The person they sent out had a great eye and helped with placement and actually hung the pictures.

      • Thanks, that’s a good suggestion.

        • You may also have some luck googling Young House Love and photo gallery. They’ve hung several and are very handy with tips on how to get it right without nailing 500 holes into your walls!

    • To lay out a gallery wall – take pieces of paper the same size as your pictures and just tape them up & move them around until you like it.

      • This the method I’ve read about most often. Brown paper grocery bags work really well for it. Apartment Therapy also has some tips and examples.

        • Yeah, right now I have masking taped a section of my floor off in the same size and have been laying things out there. Last time I did the paper method and I still wasn’t happy with the results, but maybe I’ll try it again.

          • My problem with this is you still have to go back and hang each piece – making sure to measure exactly how far down the hanger is from the frame to get the nail in the right position. And if the frames have two hangers, then how far apart they are. I just never had the finely tuned measuring skills to make it look perfect.

          • That’s the most annoying part. Sometimes I just get frustrated and use a piece of hanging wire to connect the two hangers, so I only have to find the right spot once. There’s a little more play in leveling it that way too.

      • Or lay them out on the floor and rearrange until you like what you see.

        • Sorry – I think of a gallery wall as a collection of pictures in an arrangement – not on a straight line, so minor deviations of half-inch or so in ultimate hanging position due to the wire don’t really matter.

  • skj84

    Rant: In a rut. I have been so gung ho about job searching and this week I feel like I hit a wall. I can’t motivate myself to apply and I really need to rework my resume. Which in itself is a challenge that I can’t find the will to do. It’s difficult to focus on the task and then I get overwhelmed.

    Rant: I feel like life is passing me by while my friends all move forward. It seems like everyone I know is coupled up, in a great job, or purchasing a new home and then there’s me. Single, unemployed and not anywhere close to being able to purchase a home. I know only the only person to improve my situation is me. Plus I miss my best friend who is spending more time with her boyfriend. It’s understandable that she’s getting closer to him, but I feel like we never hang out anymore. Or when we do it’s with him.

    Rave: I have a busy weekend ahead. Hopefully I can motivate myself again after this week is over.

    • I feel you on a lot of your rants. Here is some perspective. I was walking out to the bus today and just before i could get to my stop 3 busses passed by. I was blown! But then about 2 minutes later an S9 bus came along. Long story short we ended up getting downtown faster than all 3 of those other busses. Just because thing are slow currently does not mean they wont pick up very quickly, and with a little luck you will blow by your friends. Just focus on finding a long term fit and dont settle, iv been there unemployed for 2 months and it was hard but i ended up getting started on the right foot and have had success so far.

      • That is excellent advice.

        • SAS Alum here. Miss the open ocean!

          • I too did SAS! I was Spring of 08!


          • “Staph at Sea” – the joke on our campus

          • After months of casually commenting here and there someone finally got it! I was wondering when that would happen. kyle-w.. I also was on Spring of 08! small world.

          • It took me a second to pick up on why POPoverWork commented about SAS!

            Go Baltic Sea! My biggest claim to fame from the voyage was coming in second in the pie eating contest during the sea olympics. One of my proudest athletic accomplishments of my entire life, haha!

      • Becks

        +1 Excellent advice. I am in the same situation and this advice gave me a little boost today. Thank you!

    • Sorry about your struggles. I’ve been doing job applications for about 9 months now, and I think it’s normal to have highs and lows. Sometimes I’ll crank out several applications a day, and other days (or several days) my body’s just like “nope.” As for your friend, try asking her for a “girl’s night out” to make it clear that although you’re cool with her boyfriend, you just need some girl time. I’m sure she’ll oblige once she understands.

      • +1 to Allison’s suggestion re. your friend — make it clear that you miss having “quality time” with just her.

    • I feel you. The same thing happened to me last year when I was unemployed for 8 months. My advice is this: don’t put off getting into a relationship or doing something new because you are unemployed. I did that- and now that I have a job I still haven’t figured out how to pull the other pieces together.

      • Great advice. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve missed out on great things in the past because I didn’t want to put myself in an awkward or embarrassing position if the inevitable questions came up.

        • I have a fellowship right now, which helps deflect the “what do you do for a living” question, but my advice for answering is “I’m in the market right now for a job doing X.” And then talk about why you like to/want to do X. That way it’s not just “well I’m unemployed” followed by awkward silence. (Womp womp.)

    • Your two rants apply exactly to me except that I haven’t been actively job searching despite my desperate need to leave my current job. At least you have a great rave.

      I suggest working on your resume with a supportive friend if you can. It’s much easier to stay on task and not lose hope with someone there to help and motivate you.

    • That’s rough. Unemployment sucks. I’ve been there almost 9 months now (with just a bit of consulting, not enough to keep me going). Fortunately, hubby is doing fine at his job and able to support us both…well soon to be three of us. I also have days where I do several applications and some networking and others where I just can make myself do anything…But I agree with others, don’t stop everything just because you’re unemployed. Good luck.

    • Lots of good advice from folks here, but I would add – don’t compare yourself to your friends. Just because you are in different stages of your life right now doesn’t mean yours is wrong and theirs is right – it’s just what it is. And remember, other people’s lives often look great from the outside looking in, but you don’t know what struggles they may be having that you don’t know about.

  • Rave: This weather
    Rave: Second day commuting on my bike – its been too long – hope I can stick with it during sweat season.
    Rant: Getting nervous about race on Sunday – hate second guessing myself.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: People parking in the bike lane on M Street, even with all of the freshly painted bike symbols and green paint on the road.
    RAVE: The really friendly police offices out on M Street taking photos of said people parked in the bike lane that said they were working hard to get this fixed.

    • Great that the police officers were out there. They were issuing tickets in addition to taking photos, right?

      • maxwell smart

        There was at least 1 vehicle around M and 20th that had multiple tickets on it and there were a couple of cops standing near the car, I assume, calling in to be towed away. All I overheard was “This lady’s purse is still in this car… and there’s a bottle of Hennessy in the back seat. I bet she forgot where she parked her car.” It was actually pretty funny.

        • Wow, with her purse sitting exposed in the car like that (and alcohol to boot) they’re doing her a huge favor by towing it. Otherwise it would probably get broken into and have all her credit cards etc. stolen. I’d rather have my car towed than deal with that mess!

    • Were they friendly cops also ticketing the bike-lane parkers? ‘Cause if not, that’s my rant. You know for damn sure that a car parked in an auto traffic lane, or on the sidewalk, would get ticketed . . .

      • maxwell smart

        I think so, at least some of them. I’m hoping they put up bollards and better signage, esp at the parking meters – I think it’s easy to assume you would park next to the curb and the parking meter because there isn’t a sign telling you otherwise – well aside from the bike symbol every 50 feet. Maybe they need to paint in giant letters PARK HERE in the parking lane.

        • Probably a good idea to remove the parking meters too. It honestly sounds a bit confusing from the driver’s perspective (especially if they don’t live in the area and are not familiar with the recent changes).

  • Rant: City Council treatment of the police force. Basing pay off of Fairfax county and other surrounding suburbs rather than other comparable cities as they have done in the past–DC police pay is the 31st in the country despite dealing with major city issues. Most can’t even afford to live here.

    Rave: ton of fun at the game last night

  • Rave: My neighbors are so neighborly! I saw the lovely lady two doors down on my way out to the baseball game last night- and she asked if I would be warm enough! Just like a Momma Bear! It wasn’t overbearing or weird- just cute and nice that she was looking out for me πŸ™‚
    Don’t worry everyone- I had a sweatshirt in my big bag lady bag πŸ™‚

  • Rave: had a lovely conversation with my grandma in the village near Kiev – we have 14 new baby turkeys, potentially 20 baby chickens, and 2 baby bunnies. Long long time ago my grandma was featured here on Popville on Animal of the Day with two baby squirrels that literally fell into her hands.
    Rant: miss Ukraine.
    Rant #2: Husband and self have been looking for work since January. Our visas are expiring, money is ending, and i’m staring to freak out. Anyone know of anyone hiring environmental graphic designers? Anywhere in the world, as long as it’s a walkable city.

    • that is a VERY specific career. are you open to graphic design in general?

      • What is just graphic design? I feel like it always has a specialty – print, branding, packaging, web, EGD. I have spent 10 years in the field so know about fabrication, materials, plans/sections/elevations, space planning, exhibit/museum design stuff. I could probably design a business card if I had to though. πŸ™‚

        • And to add to that, would love to get into retail and event design. so, if anyone has any leads, please holler!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Just ordered a Bowling for Rhinos shirt from the Tampa Bay American Association of Zoo Keepers. I’m was thinking to collect one from every state, but now realize that’s a lot of tshirts…Maybe just states I like to visit.
    Rave: The proceeds for the Bowling for Rhinos events and shirts goes to save rhinos πŸ™‚
    Rant: the Houston chapter of AAZK has a good design for their BFR shirt, but it’s an ugly green and will look terrible on me.
    Rave: Ugly green tshirts is my only rant πŸ˜€

  • KSB

    Rant: Baskets full of laundry piling up in my house. While I can handle the general craziness of three girls under five years old, the 3,964,851 pieces of little girl laundry that has to be washed, dried, quasi-folded (because, seriously, I half-ass that stuff) and put away might break me.
    Rave: Husband is equal partner in chores like this so we’re both miserable about it.

    • I grew up in a family of 3 girls. We were basically given clean clothes every Monday and wore them all week!

      • KSB

        I’ve just realized that my oldest two will be in a school with uniforms next year – HOORAY! I love the idea of giving them clean clothes at the beginning of each week and letting it ride… πŸ™‚

  • Rave: This weather! And Mother’s Day weekend with my mama and grandmother!!
    Rant: Gentlemen, I know ALL of you have such GIANT nuts that need to air out but could you please just close your legs to share the seat next to you on the metro.

  • Planning on looking at Historic Anacostia with my wife. I take it the block with the most attractive commercial activity is 1200 block of Good Hope? What other blocks should we look at? We will likely go on a weekday sometime after 5PM. Is that a good time to get a feel for things?

  • Rave: planning my 2.5 week trip to Thailand in September! Planning on going during the Full Moon Party…should be interesting.

    Question: I will be getting scuba certified before going over, what are good places to dive over there? I found some highly rated scuba outfitters through tripadvisor in Phuket that does trips to several islands. I will probably be in Phuket, maybe Krabi, Ko Samui, and Koh Phangan.

    • Ko Samui was great snorkeling/diving in 1988 – I don’t know how it is now. Phuket was always very crowded. And if you’re just now getting certified – consider doing a course that will let you do the book & pool work here but then do your 4 check-out dives in your tropical location. Local dive shops should be easily able to arrange that – it’s pretty common. Otherwise, you do your check-out dives in the Quarry which is a completely different experience. (Full wet-suit & fresh water = much more weight for one thing.)

      Plus, the skills check only take up maybe 10-15 min. of each dive anyway, so you are getting a whole fun dive that you would have to pay for anyway.

      • I highly recommend Blue Planet for certification – and they’ll let you finish your certification in Thailand. They are just great and everyone I’ve dealth with there has been knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I can’t say enough good things about their business!

      • I went diving in Ko Samui (friend actually got certified there during our trip – no pool work needed, just some stuff at the beach) around 2003 – it was great. We had one bad day (the currents were terrible), but otherwise it was amazing!

    • Oh – and the full moon parties are wonderfully insane – but I don’t recommend doing shrooms then – it’s crazy enough as is. (But day-tripping is great.)

      • Feel free to elaborate…

        • Sometimes I really wish Popville had a “like” button…and other times I realize how much Facebook has permeated my life.
          Regardless, I’m gonna go with “like” on this comment, Irving.

    • Ko Samui is still great – there’s a HUUUUUUUUUUGE underwater national park just off the island and you can go on multi-day “live aboard” trips or just day trips. Supposedly even better are the live aboard 5 to 7 day trips to the Andaman Islands, which is off the coast of Burma (you leave from Phuket).
      As for full moon parties, definitely go to Koh Phangon for that. I found the Had Rinn party to be a shitshow, especially if you’re over the age of 25. It was LOTS of drunk & high European, Aussies, and Kiwis on their gap year getting obliterated beyond recognition. LOTS of sloppiness. If you want to party, be there during the Bantai Jungle party (also once per month). Much more beautiful location, slightly older and chilled-out crowd, more hippies, better music, etc. Definitely go to Mellow Mountain for milkshakes πŸ˜‰

      • To be clear, the Jungle Party at Bantai in the hills is a “half-moon” party and there’s also a “black moon” party at the beach just down the road from Bantai. Again, both are much more tolerable and attract a similar crowd to Burning Man (hippies/creative types/travelers in late 20s through 50s with a bit of money).

    • I believe Krabi will be pretty much in the middle of the rainy season in September. We were there last week in November and still caught rain. Andaman coast has slightly different weather from the rest of the county.

      • Oh good point. Rainy season is going to destroy underwater visibility for diving due to much stronger currents and storms. The OP might want to reconsider going in September, if possible. The entire country is a rainy, hot mess πŸ™
        I went in early July and while it was hot & sticky, it only rained one hour per day in the afternoon (reminded me a lot of Florida weather). Which was honestly a nice reprieve from the heat. September/October is seriously the worst time of year to go. They can get hit with monsoons :-/

      • My brother and sister in law went to Krabi for 3-4 days I think in September a few years ago and said it rained almost the whole time.

    • I did the PADI online courses. It took about 3 days worth of dives to become certified but all the remaining work was in the water. Highly recommend confirming that you share a common language with your dive master.

  • Rave: yoga heights being open
    rant: nervous to do yoga in front of others

    • Don’t be! I am always nervous (even after 10-12 classes) and find that every time people are accepting and helpful…whether it’s the instructor or other students. Don’t hesitate to let the instructor know ahead of class if you’re new/a beginner. And if you’re just nervous about being in front of others try to remember that they all probably have things they are also self-counscious about too. I worry about my weight and my thin girlfriends always worry about their flat chests…I think we all just want what we don’t have sometimes. I’d kill for their flat stomach and they’d like some of my cleavage πŸ™‚

      • thanks! its a basics course, so I think I’ll be ok, but I’m just so self conscious!

    • saf

      Don’t be nervous. I am not small. I am VERY uncoordinated.
      I was terrified to do yoga in front of people. And it turned out to be no big deal. Everyone was wonderful!

    • Me too! I checked out the class listings and then realized that it will take a whole lot of self-convincing to sign-up, then pay money to potentially make a fool of myself in public. Maybe one day…

      • first class is free! come to the basics tomorrow at 6 and I’ll be there embarrassing myself, too! πŸ™‚

  • Becks

    Rant: Woke up tired and my back is stiff. I didn’t do anything to earn a sore back!
    Rave: New kitteh, Lady Carlotta was racing around the house this morning. She was so cute! I was loath to leave the house for work.
    Rave: I was running late because of the cuteness of Lady Carlotta, but the Metro Gods smiled on me and somehow I walked into a time warp and got to work 20 minutes early.
    Rave: I have a date tonight!

  • Rant: PoP keeps writing “Navy Archives” no matter how many times he’s corrected on it — most recently in the post this morning about the new Jose Andres restaurant. It’s not the Navy Archives! It’s the National Archives and the Naval Memorial, located near each other and not actually the same place. PoP’s being so disrespectful to the people memorialized at the Naval Memorial by acting like they’re just a bunch of archives. It drives me bonkers.

  • RAVE: watched Blue is the Warmest Color on Netflix streaming last night. Mesmerizing, beautiful, and controversial, for sure. But definitely the best film I’ve seen since Black Swan. Watch it! (but not with kids or your parents – that will get awkward very quickly lol)

    • An astounding movie and quintessentially French, in the best sort of way. Oddly, I thought the notorious, explicit lesbian sex scenes dragged, which is something I never thought I’d say. But it felt impossibly beautiful and strikingly real.

      • So what was the deal with all the gross eating scenes? I watched it with a bunch of people and we’ve spent hours discussing what the reason for it could possibly be.

        • I don’t recall any of the eating scenes being gross –with the possible exception of the cafe weeping makeout scene with the mouth-fisting towards the end — though there were a few scenes of Adele’s family in kind of “were you raised in a barn” mode over dinner, meant to contrast her unsophisticated/working class background against Emma’s more sophisticated/pretentious background. Or, did I miss something?

          • I agree with Irving Streete. The eating scenes were not particularly gross, though there were a lot of them (used as devices to highlight class differences and an alternate way of showing sensuality). There was also the eating scene during the backyard graduation party with all the artists, where they praise the deliciousness of the spaghetti bolognese.

          • Right, at first it seemed like the vulgar eating was meant to show that Adele came from a low-class family. But then at the party all of Emma’s sophisticated art friends were stuffing big wads of spaghetti into their mouths and talking with the mouths full, so that theory doesn’t hold. You guys definitely missed something, those scenes were incredibly distracting and almost made the sex scenes forgettable in comparison. I don’t think anyone would say it’s normal or acceptable to eat that way.

  • Rave: thank you to the gentleman who moved over a lane at the pool this morning. you were apparently worried about accidentally kicking the pregnant lady. I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened but still thanks.
    That’s all.

  • epric002

    rant: the lovely young couple engaged in a physical domestic dispute in public last night. was walking with husband, neighbors, and our dogs. at first we thought they were messing around, but nope! when we yelled at them to cut it out (they were both assaulting each other) we were told to fuck off. called the cops, and by the time we got back around the block they were gone.
    rant: being forced to listen to other people’s music on metro. they have GOT to be damaging their hearing, and seriously annoying me in the process.
    rant: some dumped an entire box of cereal the length of our alley. why?!
    rant: headache, likely allergy induced.
    rant: too many rants!

  • Rave: biked to work today.
    Rant: tour buses.
    Rant: I put in a leave request Monday for today to watch the baseball game. My boss verbally said it was all good, but then didn’t login to grant the request. I just had to cancel the leave request. Now she says that I should have not done so because she was planning on granting the leave. I am uncomfortable being absent without leave, but need to figure a good way to respond to her email. Advice? Aside from get a new job… I’m working on that.

    • Can’t you just pop by her office in future and remind her to log in to grant the leave request? Sure, she should’ve done so without your prompting, but if it were me and I wanted to take the leave and the boss had already verbally OK’d it, I’d follow up on it rather than cancel.

      • I followed up via email. Unfortunately, she left for a work trip yesterday. She emailed me yesterday to say she would approve the request once she got to her hotel. The time and attendance system is accessible through the same software as the email, too.

        It really chaps my hide that she blames me on this. Had I gone to the game without my request approved, I could be in a whole world of trouble.

  • Revel – new computer & new computer person who set it all up and transferred data. Switch from Windows xp to 7 isn’t too bad.

    Rant – Switch from Outlook express to Thunderbird is not as traumatic as expected, but still annoying. Just not as obvious and intuitive as it should be. It should be simple to sort emails by date received, sender, or receiver. Also still working on some basic formatting – too glarey, type too small etc. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but I sort of thought in modern days all this should be more straightforward.

  • Rant: Hopefully this delay will end before the metro closes!

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