From the Forum – What to do with worn-out astroturf porch cover?


What to do with worn-out astroturf porch cover?

“Has anyone replaced their astroturf porch-walkway cover? If so, what contractor did you use? And if not, did you just take it back to the concrete and do you like the result? Thank you.”

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  • We had astroturf and just ripped it off ourselves. The concrete underneath needed some patching so we just bought some stuff from the hardware store and fixed it up ourselves. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s better than looking at that horrid green all the time.

    • +100
      That is probably the worst looking thing you can have on the exterior of your house. Kill it by any means possible. If you do have some money to spend hire a crew to flagstone it.

      • True. And chain link fences and aluminum awnings are a close second and third.

        • At least those things are functional.

        • epric002

          fencing is ungodly expensive, btw. that’s why our chain link isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

          • I replaced mine with aluminum that looks like newer wrought Iron and it cost me about $1200 and was done in a day.

          • epric002

            anon @ 3:30- who did you hire, or did you do it yourself? we got quotes for our postage stamp size yard that were $3k and up. we got new windows for less than the fencing estimates.

      • I second the flagstone idea. We just did our entire front walkway and steps. We love it. Use the thick flagstone. Stay away from the thin stuff. It will crack too easily.

        • jim_ed

          any chance you’re willing to share the cost of this?

        • Yes, don’t use the thin stuff. We did and had to have it replaced a few years later.

          • Also, we used Pennsylvania Bluestone. The thin stones were fine for the walkway, but they chipped on the steps. We had the steps redone with solid slabs of thicker stone on the top of the steps and left the thin stones on the front.

        • Please, please share! About a month ago I was quoted 12K just to cap my (short) walkway and steps.

  • If you are my neighbor across the street: I would be thrilled if you removed the Astroturf. 🙂

  • There are some amazing painted blue steps at the top of the hill on kenyon st between adam’s mill and 18th! If I had cement front steps I would do that 🙂

  • Kill it with fire.

    • I did this with mine. It was a lot smaller than this, but I just took it into the back yard and set it on fire. It made a lot of thick, black smoke and my hippie deebag neighbors totally flipped out, but they eventually got over it.

  • My contractor just coated it with a nice special paint designed for concrete (i.e. won’t peel or come off easily and is designed for foot traffic). I’m sure if you go into a hardware store and ask what kind of coating to put onto concrete they will know what to do. He got one that is a deep red and looks nice with the colors of the house. So much better than the astroturf.

    • Floorpaint. You can get it at Annie’s or any hardware store and get them to mix a color you want.

  • definitely take off the astroturf. It’s not just about aesthetics. I manage an apartment building that has concrete balconies with metal railings. There was astroturf on the balconies, and we removed it because it traps moisture between it and the concrete, which lead to accelerated oxidation of the metal railings. So if you leave it, eventually where the railing meets the concrete will rust out and become a safety hazard…

  • It makes great weed control under mulch

  • Rip it up and lay sod.

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