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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
    Petals on a wet, black bough.

  • Rave: Flyers win to force a game 7 tonight!
    Rant: That means I can’t make it to happy hour.
    Question: Given the weather, any chance of postponing the happy hour to tomorrow night?

    • justinbc

      I’m sure there will be others soon, now that it’s gotten warmer. Lots of people aren’t able to come back and check here for every update, so it would be kind of inconsiderate to them to reschedule and have them show up expecting people there.

      • Good point. Hope to make the next one.

      • skj84

        Rant: Anyone having issues with this site? I was in the middle of a post and it routed me away with an error message.

        Rave: Looking forward to the Happy Hour tonight! I finally get to meet you all. Though I’ve always suspected a few people I already know are on this site.

    • wow self centered much? jeeeeeeez

    • pablo .raw

      See you all at the Happy Hour!

    • Let’s hope the Wayne Train shows up again tonight, and that some of the skaters were able to benefit from not having to take as much ice time in the 3rd last night.

      Do you know any bars that tend to attract Flyers fans? I have a hard time recruiting friends to watch games.

      • Sorry, just saw this, busy day. Yes, Ventnor in Adams Morgan is a Flyers bar and is a great place to watch the games. I was there last night and will be there again tonight. It’s all Flyers fans there and great energy (good food and drinks too).

  • justinbc

    Rant: Irregular door size on 100 year old house. Updating front door is critical to new paint scheme, but at just shy of 34″ it’s too small to squeeze in a now-standard 36″ door, and I definitely don’t want to downsize to other standard 32″ door. All of the commercial products that we’ve seen and liked will not do custom for 34″ after calling to confirm, and yesterday’s visit to Community Forklift yielded no promising returns on repurposing one. Argh. Every project with this house winds up adding 2 or 3 extra steps that frustrate the hell out of me.
    Rave: I’m not a DC native, so really have very little interest in the sports teams here, but these Wizards are fun to watch. They’re a lot more fun in my mind than when the Nats and/or Caps have been good. I read somewhere yesterday (Bleacherreport maybe?) that they actually have the highest statistical chance of winning the whole thing based on probable matchups, but then so did Romney supposedly.
    Random: Followup to coworker’s Vietnamese bride shopping … yesterday’s inappropriate work phone call contained the following words / phrases, you be the judge: gold digger, call girl, prenuptial, green card.

    • Rave: Romney was never a favorite. He got into the 40% range after the first debate, but was NEVER a favorite.
      Rave2: These Wizards have nothing on the Caps of the Bruce Boudreau era Caps
      Rave3: Very excited to see we have a sports team that is doing well. Despite my general pessimism towards DC sports team play-off chances, this team seems to have something. They will undoubtedly lose next round haha!
      Rave4: He is definitely buying a bride. Wierd.

      Regarding the front door… That sucks big time. We were lucky and our front door was a 34, but we could claim back some space by removing trim. You DEFINITELY want a 36″ door if you are ever going to move big things in and out (standard refrig today is 36″x36″ Plus the aesthetic piece of it. Even with some expense, would it be possible to widen it by 2″? Or do you have brick on either side?

      • justinbc

        Yeah there’s just no room to expand, thanks to the brick. We could shave some brick off either side, but that requires masonry work and probable inspection issues and god knows what else could come up to cause a couple hundred dollar door replacement to turn into several thousand.

        • If you haven’t yet, get an actual measurement of the frame size on the new door. We found that a 34″ fits where we thought it wouldn’t because the manufacturer makes it a little smaller than advertised. On one door we used the smaller size and didn’t need too.

          • houseintherear

            Same thing for me! And they actually slanted the door a little bit in the brick opening, which is pretty much indetectible but gave them an extra inch.

        • Definitely not worth it then. Masonry work would put this into 4 figures very quickly. We just got super lucky apparently. I agree with below, you have some other options, and very well may be worth the added expense as opposed to just downsizing to a small 32″

          • justinbc

            There’s no way I’m going with a 32″ As you mentioned the issue of getting stuff in and out has already been a PITA with the 34″, especially large appliances.

      • Anything is possible if you want to reframe the front door. It will just cost a lot more than re-sizing a door to fit.
        Do you need it to be steel core? If you can find a nice old solid core wood door it’s just a matter of careful measuring and cutting to shave off the appropriate dimensions on either side. If you aren’t comfortable hanging a custom cut door hire somebody to do it. It WILL drive you mad. Or just get somebody to custom build a door for you. Any of these options will be cheaper than reframing.

        • justinbc

          Oh we’re already hiring guys. I have the technical capability to do it all myself, just none of the tools necessary (donated them all when I sold my last house and swore I would never buy another lol).

    • Go with a solid wood door and shave it down two inches. That seems to be best fix for this situation. Plenty of really nice wooden doors for you to buy.

    • saf

      For the door – check with the Brass Knob, Galliher and Hugley, and Smoot Lumber.

    • Re: Wizards: The Nats were not only picked to play in the World Series last year, but to win it! And we all know what happened. Same thing for this season, and their playoff hopes are already starting to slip away, even after just a month of play. And we all know how the Caps were allegedly built from the ground up to be perennial Stanley Cup contenders. My point is, get used to being disappointed. You’re probably better off not getting to emotionally attached to these teams, anyway.

      • justinbc

        I’m not emotionally attached at all, so there’s zero disappointment in it for me. It’s nice to see teams in your area doing well though, if nothing else than for the local economy.

      • The Caps were very much so NOT built to be Stanley Cup contenders. They were built to score a ton of goals, and run up the score against mediocre competition during the regular season, and take advantage of power plays.

        None of those things work in the play-offs, hence why we haven’t even sniffed the Stanley Cup.

  • Rave: Happy Hour tonight from 6-8pm at Acre 121. Specials include $5 drafts, select wines, and rail drinks; the Popville bang specialty cocktail for $7; and half-price appetizers. People are also welcome to stick around afterwards for live music that night: http://www.acre121.com/events/the-hummingbyrds/. And drink specials resume from 9-11pm.
    Rant: Of course it’s raining
    Rant: and I never went to pick up that Aveda suggestion yet so my hair is a bit of a hot mess.
    Rave: I will not let that stop me from meeting some of you tonight (and hoping it won’t discourage others since Acre 121 is so close to the metro station)!
    Rave: Successful (and quick) work trip to Missouri Monday and yesterday.
    Rave: It rained while I was away so I didn’t have to worry about wilting plants.
    FYI: I’m wearing a white dress with black polka dots…please come introduce yourself! I should be there right around 6pm. (Sorry I am not rocking the Popville tee…I am coming straight from the office.)

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Another AMAZING meal at Rose’s Luxury. My friend was in tears over the fried chicken and I was blown away by the foie gras french toast.
    Revel: Seeing Eddie Izzard tonight!
    Rant: AC is on at work. Sooo coldddddd.

  • epric002

    rant: i think my dog is depressed now that the other dog we were watching for the last 8 months has gone back to his mom. she had no interest in food or treats this morning πŸ™
    rant: this weather and my flooded backyard.
    rant: planned on buying rodrigo y gabriela tix this morning during the presale, but apparently you can’t buy lawn seats during the presale?
    rave: my wine was delivered late yesterday (close to 7pm) so i was able to sign for it. the nice UPS guy gave me a local number to call to see if we can figure out how to get evening deliveries

  • Rant: New job clearance is taking forever to work out. It’s been a month. Don’t these people know I’ve got bills to pay?!?

    Rant: Where the heck did all these new alley rats come from? I feel like I’m living in the cold war era, afraid of Bubonic plague.

    Rant: Everyone, including friends on social media seem to think that it’s a race to tell you that someone famous died, to make a DJ mix of their music or videos and to constantly remind you that they new the person that died. They need to rename themselves “DJ HEY EVERYONE, SOMEONE I KNEW DIED”.

    Rave: At least I have some down time to get things fixed around the house. :/

    • Most security clearances take over a month. My Public Trust clearance took about six weeks and my TS will take at least two months.

      • My public trust clearance took 6 months. That was pretty awesome. Good job OPM contractors! I can only imagine how long a TS would have taken…

      • 2 MONTHS?? My TS/SCI took nearly two YEARS.

        • My company told me about two months. I think that’s how long it took one of coworkers to get TS. And no polygraph. I wouldn’t have gone for the clearance if they required one.

      • Yeah, I should have negotiated a signing bonus… Can’t find a short-term job because I may start any day now and can’t cancel the process for another job or I start from square 1… Worst part is that I’ve had this same clearance done for this agency 3 times for prior jobs, and I also have a TS, but this process needs to be redone every time I get a new job with this agency. Grrrr.

    • If there is any new construction near you it sometimes displaces rats and they seem more abundant.

      • This is what I was going to say. I think it would also apply if any rowhouses near you are having basement digouts and/or digging up the front/back yards. Call 311 to request that the D.C. Department of Health do a “rat abatement” for your alley.

        • Yep, I’d bet the it’s the stinky safeway construction… There was probably millions of them in that old store… hah.

      • Curious concept – rats “seeming” more abundant!

    • Emmaleigh504

      At least the Plague is curable with antibiotics nowadays.

    • RIP Bob Hoskins.

  • Rave: Three great days in the Windy City including a big room in a swank hotel on a high floor, dinner at Alinea (ninth best restaurant in the world, according to San Pellegrino) and excellent jazz at the Green Mill.

    Rant: Stressed girlfriend had to work too much.
    Rave: Stress makes her appreciate me more (when I’m rubbing her feet and not whining about it).

    • justinbc

      Envious of your meal at Alinea. It’s hard to compare to other countries’ best, but for my money it’s the best you’ll get here in the U.S. How long out did you have to book it?

    • Braggart.

    • We booked about six weeks out — I actually didn’t think we’d get anything (and wasn’t sure that the g/f would buy in) but I whipped out the computer one morning and landed the incredibly desirable 5:15 Sunday evening slot. There are certainly some things to dislike about the ticketing system they’ve put in — like paying the whole dinner tab (not wine, though) up front — but being able to see availability for two months at a time without dialing a hundred times to get to the reservationist is pretty nice.

  • Rave: my penchant for eavesdropping on other peoples’ dating lives is not contained to online forums. I got a drink by myself yesterday evening and was delighted to realize that there was an online first date taking place on either side of me! I could tell that the daters realized this too, and felt somewhat strange asking similar stock questions to the ones the other couple had just rattled off minutes before. In both cases, the men were spouting details about their office jobs to largely disinterested female parties. At one point, both women left for the bathroom at roughly the same time; the men perused their phones and I perused the men on their phones until the women returned, but man, I wish I could have heard what the women said to one another in the restroom about their lame dates.

    • This is awesome. I think in this situation, I would have certainly made light of the situation, and been able to laugh about it.

      I also make a point of pretty much not discussing my job, especially on a first date! I work in accounting. I like it, but it is simply not that interesting.

    • I love when this happens at a restaurant. I can’t help but totally focus on those first daters–it’s in person reality tv. For some reason, it seems like there are always a ton of internet first dates at Maple. Last time, I really wanted to stop the conversation and tell the guy how much he was screwing up but I controlled myself.

      • justinbc

        Passenger was always my first-date go to spot. If they couldn’t enjoy themselves there then they likely weren’t right for me.

        • =1 on Passenger for first dates…too many to count there

        • Someplace both swank and rowdy — a great combo. Although, hard to have a conversation once the place gets jumping. I know the Brown brothers well enough to get a shout and a personal conversation when they go by so, during my brief Serious Relationship hiatus I used The Passenger to use my hip connections to distract women from my advancing age.

          • justinbc

            Yeah a Friday and Saturday night date there would definitely be ill-advised. Thankfully there’s Hogo next door now for that. (if you can’t enjoy tiki inspired drinks then I think you’re not functioning properly)

          • justinbc

            Also Derek is getting a lot harder to track down now with all of his places opening up (last I saw he was back at Columbia Room), but you can still find Tom at Passenger pretty regularly on the weekend.

      • I love overhearing first dates. Once I was observing a first date next to me at Busboys and Poets while waiting for a friend and the questions got to a point of extreme desperation… “Do you like fruits or vegetables better?” I could have had a pretty good conversation over fruits and vegetables but this lady was not having it. Felt bad for the guy but still so great!

        • Busboys and Poets is prime first date territory. If I was in this situation, I could go on about fruits and vegetables for hours. Unfortunately, my dates are seldom so agricultural in nature.

        • β€œDo you like fruits or vegetables better?”
          Omgz. That’s just awful, hahahaahaha. I’m not sure how you held it together, I would have lost it.

          • I barely held it together. I think they were on to me– the two person tables are just so close together at the 14th and V St spot.

        • justinbc

          I went on one first date there, and after meeting the girl I could totally see why she suggested the place. In hindsight I was appreciative of the fact she actually took initiative, almost all of the other first dates were dependent upon me selecting the destination or activity.

          • How much do you think the perceived quality of the selected date location affects the daters’ chemistry?

          • justinbc

            Oh, immensely…unless they’re just so good looking / wealthy / whatever and that meets your materialistic desires that you’re willing to forego other priorities.

        • Fruits vs. vegetables – a few years ago in a routine physical – as I’m in my 50’s – the doc – trying to establish a baseline to judge my future plummet into dementia – asked me to name as many fruits as I could. I don’t like fruits nearly as much as vegetables and kind of panicked. Didn’t expect a pop quiz! I came up with about 20, then dredged up lots of weird tropical fruits from my traveling days but she didn’t count Durian or Rambutan because she had never heard of them and I forgot all the normal berries (could have been an easy 6 points!) plums, I think even pears. I was borderline fail. I asked for a “do-over” with vegetables, but she wouldn’t let me.

          • I had to chuckle at “[S]he didn’t count Durian or Rambutan because she had never heard of them.” πŸ™‚

        • I had a first-date guy tell me he wouldn’t eat pie. Any kind of pie.

          • Can I assume that your mind raced to the exact same spot mine (widely known to frequent the gutter though looking at the stars) did and you cut the date short?

          • Hahahaha, I didn’t get there at first read, but perhaps that was what he was alluding too?

            If one would allude to something like that on a first date (or if he just genuinely hated pie?!?) I think both are deal breakers on a first date. How are you going to hate Apple Pie? That pretty much means you hate Baseball, America, and the Fourth of July.

      • This is partly why I really hated online dating. You have to meet up at some place in town that is common ground to see if each other is an axe murderer, but then you have to sit through it knowing there are people around you who KNOW that you are on a first date. And probably cringing as much as I was inside. God I hated it.

    • I once overheard what was certainly an Internet first date at Floriana between a mind-bogglingly oafish guy and a woman from West Africa. He spent half the time rambling about what unwashed morons the Obama voters were (it was 2012 election day) and the rest of the time being patronizing toward her and interrupting her whenever she tried to talk. At one point he mentioned how good his meal was and actually asked “Will you cook this for me?” and she just icily said “That’s not going to happen.” I hope she got a free meal out of it at least.

      • Are you SERIOUS? That is ludicrous.

        • At one point he said something about how the US having a president with an African father “must be interesting for your country” and she smiled and started to talk about her home country, but she only got about five words in before he cut her off and said “Well, I don’t know much about Africa” and went back to talking about himself. He also seemed completely oblivious to how annoyed she was; at one point he insisted on taking a picture of her with his phone while she looked like she wanted to crawl into the floor to escape. Eventually the conversation all but halted at my table because we were all too busy listening for what head-smacking thing he would say next.

    • Ah, kids these days. Back in the dark ages of my youth, blind dates were something to avoid, and now online dating seems to have made them standard. I’ve lost count of the number of awkward first dates I have witnessed, many at Room 11, which seems to be another popular spot for this.

      • Yep, I’ve been on a few dates at Room 11, although I think only one of them was a 1st date. Room 11 was generally a 2nd or 3rd date spot for me. I tended to stick to grabbing a drink or coffee for a 1st date.

    • Fairly certain I was one of those dates last night. It was rough.

  • Rave: Cool dental whitening/cleaning hack. Take a strawberry, crush it and add half a teaspoon of baking soda. Let it sit for five minutes and then brush your teeth with your Buzz Lightyear toothbrush* and rinse. Your teeth will look and feel like you just had a cleaning.

    *Buzz Lightyear toothbrush optional

    Rant: This Windows 7 upgrade is killing me. I really don’t need all 20 thousand plus users to contact me personally to share their experience.

  • Rave: Cool dental whitening/cleaning hack. Take a strawberry, crush it and add half a teaspoon of baking soda. Let it sit for five minutes and then brush your teeth with your Buzz Lightyear toothbrush* and rinse. Your teeth will look and feel like you just had a cleaning.

    *Buzz Lightyear toothbrush optional

    Rant: This Windows 7 upgrade is killing me. I really don’t need all 20 thousand plus users to contact me personally to share their experience.

  • Rant: Beer tasting at 6th and I was HORRIBLE last night. Good beer from DCBrau, FlyingDog, and a couple of others, but the presenter literally talked for almost all of the two hours. It was comical towards the end. Everyone just wanted to enjoy themselves, and this guy was just up there rambling about all sorts of nonsense.

    Rave: Caps Select-A-Seat tonight. Very excited to hopefully get slightly better tickets for next years inevitable play-off run πŸ™‚

    • I have that same complaint about various dinners that I go to supporting this or that organization. Is it really necessary to have speeches for 2 hours at these things. Can’t we mingle and network a little bit? Give us a 10 minute update on how great your organization is and all the good you are doing (which by the way we know or we wouldn’t be there supporting it). Quickly give out your awards and let’s be done with it.

    • skj84

      He may have been required to talk, though I totally understand your frustration. I had a similar job and not only had to continue to talk about the product, but I had to engage the guests during the dinner table by table. I felt so awkward interrupting their meals to ask about the product. But it was what my boss wanted me to do.

      • That’s fair if it was the beer reps. This was the host of the event from 6th and I! They had a good crowd there, few dozen mid 20s early 30s men and women. If you want this to be a networking event/place for people to meet like-minded people, then let them meet!

        But your point is taken. Just wish it wasn’t like that, as the event could have been much better.

  • Rant : daycare drop off sucks this morning. My wife usually does it, and our daughter usually is happy to play when she’s put down. But this morning she just stood and cried. Breaks my heart. Part of me didn’t want to leave and the other part wanted to whine, “you don’t do this to your other mom!”

    Rave/rant: clearly she’s super attached to me?

    • That would break my heart too! A good daycare worker would notice this and distract, distract, distract. Yesterday at drop off, my son totally ignored my leaving because one of his teachers distracted him with Mickey Mouse music.

    • That would crush me too! My son loves our nanny-share (a cool dog, another kid, a fun nanny), but I’m dreading the day when we have to take him to pre-school for the first time and he knows no one. My heart hurts just thinking about it!

    • Her teacher grabbed her before I left, but she was busy at first. And they may be trying to encourage more independence because they’re preparing her for the toddler 1 cclassroom, where she’ll be heading in 6 weeks. But I’m not sure. I don’t usually do drop off, so it’s not usually a problem. And this was worse than usual.

  • Rave: sometimes I get really down about owning a condo and not a house, but then I overheard my coworker’s story of almost losing a gutter this morning, and having to clean out her gutters asap. I don’t have to do that! Bad feelings staved off for at least a few days!
    Rave: Sunday I danced with a WMATA employee at our U St swing dance.
    Rant: saw some pics of my at the dance, when did I get that chubby?
    Rave: I’m really looking forward to Popville happy hour!
    Rant: coworkers driving me crazy. It’s always the woman who makes everyone else do her work that is the first to throw others under the bus. I just hope my boss ignores her rants like most of my other coworkers do.

    • I pay for gutter cleaning. $69 each time, twice a year. It’s worth every penny because it means not having to get on the roof. I’m not afraid of heights, I’m just afraid of falling off of high places.

      • Would you recommend your gutter cleaner, and if so, what’s the person/company’s name and contact info?
        My gutters definitely need cleaning, and I am much too afraid of heights to attempt it myself.

        • I would recommend them but I don’t have their name and number handy. I have their magnet on my fridge at home. I’ll try to post their name/number tomorrow. They do a really good job. I don’t have to be home when they do it – they just leave me an invoice.

          They also do house cleaning and I really could use some help there. I just need to schedule a time when I can be home for them to show up and get inside.

      • “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.”

    • Eh I think different things work for different people. I have two rather large dogs and really wanted a yard and no HOA to tell me what I can and can’t do. The tradeoff is I have to take care of any problems that crop up on my own. On the other hand, some people really like the convenience of having an HOA to make repairs for them and not having a yard and a ton of space to take care of. I don’t think one is better than the other.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: WIZARDS. I forgot how much fun a winning pro hoops team is in this city. They’ve already overachieved, everything from here on out is just gravy.
    Rave: The rest of the NBA 1st round . How many thrilling finishes can there be? This is a golden age for basketball, I hope people are taking time to enjoy it.

    • Amen to both of your raves.

    • justinbc

      I normally don’t even watch the first round of the NBA playoffs (much more of a college fan), it seems to typically be a foregone conclusion who will win, but this year for some reason I tuned in and have thoroughly enjoyed the action.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Can’t seem to concentrate on work today, it’s worse than normal can’t concentrate days.
    Rave: I’m probably amped for the 2 HH I’m attending today. Why am I going to both?
    Rave: I splurged on a new ring. It was on sale for Mother’s Day, so not that expensive. It is beautiful and I love it.
    Rave: Tiny Kitty is soooo close to dancing for her food. She does a 1/2 circle when I say supper. Soon it will be a full circle or 2. I love my Tiny Kitty so much.

  • Rant: Went to the Nats game this weekend and four twenty-something Hispanic guys were sitting behind us a cursing a blue streak in front of my two young kids. When my wife politely asked them to stop, one of the guys responded “I guess we need to act like white people.” I was a little bit sad that he associated common courtesy with being white. Also, he would find his assumption totally incorrect if he ever went to a game when we played the Phillies.

  • Rant: learning via “stop work order” from ddot that the existing fence (in place for months before you purchased the place) on your new house was not properly permitted by ddot.
    Rant: being told by ddot that it is extremely rare to get a fence variance from a height limitation of 42″ on public space regardless of whether your property also has a retaining wall.
    Rant: noticing that at least 50% of your neighbors have similar or more violative fences, and not knowing why you are getting singled out or how to convince the committee to grant you an exception.
    Rant: calling ddot every day for 2 weeks for assistance and not having people return your voice messages or emails.
    Revel: finding this amazing community who has so much knowledge and hoping they might be able to help a neighbor out!

    • 42″? Is this a front yard? I believe the height limit is 8′ for a backyard.

      • It’s apparently 42″ on any public space, which is almost all fronts and sides and some back yards.

        • Sorry for the ordeal, but would you please stop spreading this bit of urban legend? Many streets, particularly within the original old city, were built narrower than originally planned. So people living on those streets have a de facto easement to use the extra space as front — and, yes, sometimes side — yards. If your back alley was built narrower than planned then it might be true for your rear yard as well. I can promise you, however, that this myth-that-would-not-die about all (or almost all) front yards being public property simply isn’t true.

  • skj84

    Rant/Rave: It’s been almost a full month since I’ve lost my job. Still don’t have a new full time gig, but I’m not worried. I have spent the past month reflecting who I want to be. And as embarrassing as it was to tell people I’ve received so much support from friends and family. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Unemployment has ignited a fire in me to change my life and I’m glad it’s shaken up my complacency. That being said I do want to find a job soon. I’ve been lucky to have a few temp gigs and bit of cushion money wise, but I don’t know how long that will last. I do like being able to set my own schedule for the day and work from home though. I really like the time to myself. Hopefully this next month will be fruitful.

    • Best wishes. With hope, you’ll land a new gig and have a greater appreciation for your life and work as a result of your spell of non-employment.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You don’t by any chance have a chemistry education? My work is looking for someone to do chemical research and is having a very difficult time finding someone.

      • Really? Where are you posting the job? Unemployment for chemists is a huge problem right now. I’d have thought you’d have hundreds, if not thousands of applicants. Can you post the job listing?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think the problem is not only do they need a chemical background but specific database research experience (which is stupid b/c we have tons of training). I’ll see if I can find the listing.

        • My company has openings for chemists. Are you looking Mike? Will you be at the HH tonight?

          • Thanks jeslett, I am looking, am a chemist, but we’re not in DC anymore, and I’ve got some good leads. It’s really surprising that you all would have trouble finding people. Please email me off-list if you wouldn’t mind sharing the job advertisements. If the work and pay are reasonable, there are hundreds or thousands of candidates out there.

      • skj84

        Darn, I don’t. But I think one of my best friends does. I can ask for her.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I should clarify that it’s doing database research on chemical stuff, not lab type work. I can’t find the job posting now because my company’s site has changed and is crap πŸ™‚ They may have also pulled it since it’s been open for ages. If your friend or anyone is interested you can gmail me at Emmaleigh504 and I can give you more info and send resumes to my boss.

    • Why not get some kind of retail job? Last time I was unemployed I was ready to apply for jobs at REI and Costco when my unemployment was about to run out. Fortunately, I found my current job at the right time, but I would have been fine working at either place until I found something related to my field.

      • skj84

        I worked retail for a while and hated it. With such a passion. My background is in hospitality and while I’m pretty good at engaging people I just want to move away from those kind of jobs. I mean if it comes down to it I totally will go back to restaurants but I really would rather not.

  • I’m that annoying guy who smiles and says hello to everyone along my path. I enjoy making people smile when it works, and it makes me happy. Plenty of people ignore me, and I’m cool with that. The returned smile and hellos come from men and women of all races and ethnicities. But there is one unique response which, when delivered, is only done so by black men. That response is “ok.” Sometimes it’s one “ok” and other times it’s two. Does anybody have any idea what is meant by that? I wish they would ignore me instead of giving me an “ok.” Btw, I’m a white guy. I’m not totally sure that matters, but I suspect it may.

    • I bet you’re prompting a lot of Craigslist Missed Connections posts.

    • “ok ok” is like a greeting, imo. its not anything unless they are laughing at you.

      • houseintherear

        Yes! My old lady neighbor says, “Alriiiight, alriiiiight,” whenever we see each other. I thought maybe she hated me until I realized it’s like an old-school slang kind of greeting.

        • A woman who lives nearby does the exact same thing ~

        • Yeah, my building super does that all the time to anyone who says hi to him.

        • I was going to comment about this as well. I live next to a coop building and seem to get that as a greeting from a number of the people who live there. I kind of like it!

    • They might be responding to the implied “how are you” that often follows “hello.” I’ve definitely responded to “hi” at work with “pretty good and you?” … which elicits confused looks.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I feel much better about it now. My rant went rave on me πŸ™‚

  • Rave: I saw a little free library in Mt Pleasant yesterday. I’d read about these in the WPost awhile back but this is the first one I’ve seen. Very cool idea. And if you look at littlefreelibrary.org there is a map of these around the world. Click on an icon, click on the photo and there is usually a description of why/who/etc built the library.
    Rant-ish: Pup doesn’t dry off quickly. She’s often still damp from previous walk when I need to take her out again.
    Rant related: Old man, being asked his secret of longevity said “when it rains, I let it”

    • Methinks your pup needs an adorable rain jacket!

      • I should try that – she runs away when I get her harness so I can imagine the fun in getting her into a raincoat πŸ™‚ Fortunately, she is bribe-able

        • Maybe more of a velcro doggie poncho than a raincoat. Something without sleeves might be easier than shoving little scrambling doggie paws into sleeves.

      • houseintherear

        Someone called in and asked about dog raincoats on The Animal Doctor podcast recently. The doc basically said, ummm yeah raincoats are cute but dogs don’t have the spacial relation and cause/effect rationalization to realize that their coat is protecting them from rain. If they’re outside and in the rain, they’re just in the rain, according to their brain… but if it helps cut down on fur drying time and doesn’t cause them anxiety, why not put them in a coat.
        I have a giant golf umbrella and hold the dog on a short leash when walking in the rain (and only walk him really early in the morning when no one is out and about so my giant umbrella doesn’t behead anyone).

  • Rant: Homeownership. Leak in the roof, mouse in the house and flooding in the basement over the course of a week. I just can’t even.

    • You’d have those problems as a renter too, except you’d have to beg and plead with the landlord to deal with them (except probably the mouse which you’d still have to deal with yourself).

  • Rave: Getting shipping confirmation emails for products ordered online.
    Rant: Realizing you ordered the wrong size shirt while in a hurry to make sure you got it before it sold out.
    Rant x2: Need to curb bad spending habits (see above).

  • rant: already ate most of my lunch. this is why you can’t bring cheez its to work.

    • Cheez Its are the devil. A tasty, tasty devil.

    • I have absolutely no self control when it comes to Cheez Its. I stopped buying them and stopped keeping them in the house. Now I only eat them when I go on road trips. I buy a bag at the gas station and snack on them for hours!

      • I actually spit diet coke out of my mouth just now. I ate an entire box of the mozzarella flavored ones last night!!

        • Ohh I never had the mozzarella ones, I’m intrigued! I’ll have to make those my next road trip Cheez It purchase πŸ™‚

      • I’d forgotten about cheez its until i was browsing this week’s Harris teeter circular and saw they’re buy one get one free. Was considering getting them out of nostalgia, but now you’ve reminded me of why I shouldn’t! I’ll just eat the entire box at once and feel gross.

        • When I was about three, I ate a whole box of cheez-its and threw up on the back porch. This is my first memory, and I haven’t eaten cheez-its since. My husband “protects” things around the house he doesn’t want me to touch by putting a small ring of cheez-its around it like a magical talisman. It works.

    • One was gone before 1015. Sigh. But I had high fiber cereal for breakfast so will feel full until 6.

  • Rave: Rain boots, in general.
    Rave: Snacks, I love all the snacks! I keep at least ten in my office. Currently enjoying some kettle corn.
    Rave: Breezed through our annual budgeting period like a champ. Now to wait for approvals.
    Rant: Overall, I spent a fortune on my sister’s destination wedding (flights, dress, bridal shower, hotel, etc.) – however, I do think it’ll be worth it. Clear blue waters, here I come!

  • Rant: This weather has continued my slide back into depression. I stood at my bus stop this morning and started silently crying for no reason. Feeling really adrift at sea.
    Rave: I called a good friend I hadn’t spoke to in awhile yesterday and just blurted out that I was depressed and thinking about suicide. I felt really bad to just dump that on the friend but that person stayed true to their colors and talked me through things. The call ended positively.
    Rant: I woke up this morning still feeling overwhelmed. I am not close to my family at all and my depression plus no contact with them really makes me feel small and non-existent. I don’t think they would even be bothered to attend my funeral.
    Rave: I’m really trying to dig some raves up for today.

    • epric002

      please call your therapist immediately, or the national suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-273-8255

    • I’m so sorry you’re feeling that way. It can be so overwhelming and the lack of sunlight is not helping I’m sure. I guarantee you you’re not alone, no matter how much it feels that way. Do you have a therapist you could talk to?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m glad you had a friend to talk to, but I second epric002 that you should seek some professional help. I know it can be difficult to get help when you are depressed but you will feel so much better when you do. I hope you get well soon!

    • +1 on reaching out! I’m also dealing w/depression issues and haven’t yet told anyone (other than my Dr to get back on meds, as of last week). In most areas of my life I’m a total oversharer, but not when it comes to my mental health, I keep that ish bottled up nice and tight.
      But it seems like you have found a bit of a safe haven here in popville, and I for one send my anonymous support and positive vibes your way. I also hope you learned from your call yesterday that reaching out can be a positive experience.

    • justinbc

      Come to the PoPville happy hour tonight (see above post) and I’ll buy you a drink. It’s not a solution, but it might be a nice distraction in a time when you’re looking for a bit of happiness.

    • Please know that you’re not alone. For something light-hearted google “hyperbole and a half depression”. It’s a blogger that does cartoons with captions but she has an amazing perspective/experience with depression that I was able to relate to. There are at least two parts, but maybe three. It helped me to understand that I was not alone, that this was something that might not go away on it’s own, and ultimately it encouraged me to seek treatment. I think I speak for everyone that we would love to meet you tonight at the HH as well! Best wishes!

    • I’m really glad you reached out to a friend. my partner lost his best/oldest friend to suicide about 2.5 years ago. it’s a loss he will never get over. you would be missed. i encourage you to see a therapist (i do, and my partner does – we’ve both struggled with anxiety/depression respectively).
      AND, i’ve totally started crying randomly in public – you are not alone.

  • Rave: Done with Higher Achievement Volunteering, and in the process of interviewing for a new volunteer job with dc government!
    Rave: got my leave approved for 2 weeks in july to go to my friends wedding in zurch (also traveling to other places along the way)
    Rant: i still need to request 3 additional days in june for the bachelor party (bonarooo)

  • sooo how old is everyone?

  • Rant- Someone made a comment to me online yesterday (anonymously of course) that has been bringing me down. Yes, I know, shocker, people online are mostly awful, but I haven’t felt “put down” by someone online since middle school. Just kind of a bummer.
    Rant- I can’t find any lingerie that comes in my size that isn’t too expensive (under $150-$200). Everything is just too big or looks weird. I signed up to do a boudoir shoot in June and now I’m kind of regretting it because I thought it would be a boost of confidence, instead it’s just reminding me of all my body issues.
    Rave- You know someone is your best friend if they’re willing to give you an honest opinion about how you look in lingerie!
    Rave- Almost done with classes for the spring and then it’s only a year left of library school.

    • epric002

      have you tried trousseau in vienna? if they don’t have something in your size they’ll order it for you. also, figleaves.com, barenecessities.com, herroom.com

      • +1 I have been going to Trousseau for almost a decade. They have a great selection and orders come in pretty quickly.

    • If you’re referring to the family-friendly thread, don’t let that get you down. Some people on here would have you believe one is “working class” if they’re making $100K a year, which is simply ridiculous. As long as you are happy and living comfortably within your means, then who cares what everyone else makes/thinks?

      • justinbc

        Yeah, it seems like a lot of people have a tough time visualizing other life choices and situations than their own (or not even their own reality, but what they imagine themselves being). If, as you say, you’re doing just fine, then F’em. You do you homegirl.

        • skj84

          Yeah. As someone who is taking the longing and winding road through life I refuse to feel bad that I’m not living the same lifestyle as other friends. I know someone who referred to a mutual friend as a loser because they were still trying to figure out what they wanted to do at age 30. It took all the fiber in my being not to chew them out.

      • +1. It’s all relative.

    • We didn’t have “online” when I was in middle school. Hell, we didn’t even have middle school; it was junior high.
      (Sorry to hear the anonymous putdown is bringing you down, though.)

      • We didn’t have middle school or jr high – elementary school then high school. Although come to think of it, it might have been a jr/sr high.

    • Try not to take whatever was said about you yesterday personally. While I think there are a lot of helpful and positive comments on PoP in particular, the reality is that a lot of people posting on the web are negative, depressed, and angry people- more so than the general population. They’ve actually done studies on this, and the Boston Globe had a piece a while ago about their “frequent flier” commenters. They led sad and lonely lives- it was not a pretty picture. The most frequent commenters were disproportionately angry as compared with the general population. Something to think about when you’re reading comments about politics or all kinds of things in WaPo, WTOP, etc.

    • Have you tried Sylene’s in Friendship Heights?

  • rant: last kickboxing class tonight at a place i’ve been going to for 3 years. the place is just ending the program abruptly.
    related rant: there are not a lot of options for kickboxing in dc.
    rant: a guy standing really close to the ledge at the gallery place metro got honked at by the metro operator. the guy then proceeded to yell at me like i bore witness to what he thought was a slight against him. he then proceeded to yell at the metro operator through the window. the metro operator called for the police over the intercom but then left the station before they showed up. the guy then got off at farragut north and proceeded to yell at the metro operator. dude, relax.
    rave: potentially planning a long weekend to orlando in the near future.

  • Rant – Anyone knows who owns/oversees the little playground on the north side of Grant circle. It’d be nice to see who owns it and if we could get something more updated in there. I reached out to DC Parks, but that got me no where.

  • Rave: photo featured on this post!
    Rant: rain, rain, go away!

  • Revel: Since the rain was smashing my tulips down I cut them and have a lovely bunch on my desk.

    Rant: Sorry that passers by don’t get to see them spritely and blissful in my front yard.

  • Rant: Weather (enough said). Can’t we ship some of this rain off to California or somewhere else with a drought?
    Rant: My new haircut looks like a mushroom. I was not going for that look.
    Rave(ish): Some day, somewhere, it might be spring. Bought seeds for some planting.

  • Rant: Like many others – this rain! Makes me so sleepy.
    Question: I’ve got a $50 Open Table certificate (hooray for using it a lot for booking business lunches). I want to use it to take my boyfriend out once he’s done with law school finals. Where would you go if you had this? I’ve never really been out to pricier places, and there’s so many options…

    • Obelisk. Not as hyped as other places these days but really good. Or, if you can use it for non-food, the prix fixe at Columbia Room (3 drinks and a small plate) was one of the most fun celebratory experiences I’ve had in DC. And I’ve done a lot of celebrating : )

      • justinbc

        Unfortunately neither of those places are available through OpenTable, but I do agree they are both outstanding and well worth the full priced visit. L’Auberge Chez Francois is on there though, and it’s a DC area institution. If you’ve never been I highly recommend it, and you can get out of there for little more than your certificate. I would also suggest the recently opened Fiola Mare, if you like seafood.

    • epric002

      there are so many to pick from, but my all time favorite nice ones are the bombay club, equinox, restaurant nora, or 1789. do you have a neighborhood/cuisine in mind?

      • Haha, sadly I don’t… Probably somewhere around the main DC area (live Columbia Heights and work in Dupont, he lives in Bloomingdale, so somewhere not too much of a pain to get to from those areas) and we both like all cuisines. Hence it being so hard to narrow it down! Thanks for those suggestions though – I’ve actually made reservations at all those places a lot for my boss’ work lunches, maybe I should see what they’re all about!

    • The Oval Room is very nice.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 and they have fab Manhattans!

        • O RLY?

          I need to get my Manhattan fix somewhere now that Palena is gone. I mean, aside from my kitchen where I make an awesome Manhattan (Dolin Sweet Vermouth, Redemption Rye, bitters, sometimes a dash of cardamom/clove syrup or Luxardo Cherry Sangue Morlacca). Soaking the rye with cinnamon for a week is also delish.

  • Rant: 32 year old husband admitted to hospital last night and being diagnosed with MS…

    Hard to find raves today…

    • So sorry for this tough news

    • So sorry about this. Stay strong!

    • How was it diagnosed?

      • I’m curious about that, too. I doubt it was diagnosed with one incident at the ER. A family friend of ours was diagnosed officially when he was 54. It took literally two years of going to different doctors and experiencing different symptoms to get an official diagnosis. These things can sometimes be hard to pinpoint. My best to you and your husband. While MS isn’t great, I know two different people with it who are doing well.

    • saf

      Oh dear. Prayers for you and him. I hope that you find the best way through this together.

    • I am so sorry.

      I know someone whose husband was diagnosed around the same age.

    • Try and hold on – this is going to be a really uncertain time. I was diagnosed with MS at 26 – it affects adults of all ages and I was just so confused. The beginning is really tough, learning about it, coping, and understanding how it will affect his and your life. But treatment does make the symptoms manageable for a quite awhile – mine is relapsing/recurring which means periods of time where symptoms are exacerbated. I like to think that I am still living a pretty normal life – finished a half marathon this past March. I know it will get worse, but I relied on my partner heavily in the beginning, while dealing with such an emotional blow. You can totally do this.

      • Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers. It is amazing how helpful it is.
        Beverly – your words are what we so needed to hear right now. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Any other insight or thoughts are so appreciated!

        We came to ER because his vision in one eye was screwy/blurred. Ophthalmologist sent him to ER. Drs saying MRI pretty conclusively points to MS. He had spinal tap today to rule out other possibilities but all specialties are pretty certain on diagnosis at this point.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry y’all have to go through this.

  • Rave: Let’s go Bullets!

    Rant: I have out of state tags and a ROSA exemption, but just moved within the same neighborhood and the new parking attendant has decided I need tickets…3 tickets in one month to be exact. How does the exemption not follow me 4 blocks up the street?! How do I fight this without going downtown for an entire morning?

  • Trapped in the hell of repair-person arrival window 12-4 …. Of course hoped they would appear at 1205, but nothing yet (230). Probably will be 355 but that better than not showing up at all.

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    Rant: like everyone else, the weather.
    Rant2: Mediocre dinner at Mintwood Place
    Last Rant: Can’t make the Popville HH tonight
    Rave: Pretty good second date

  • Rant: Starting to feel like I’m coming down with something. Not sure I’m going to make it to tonight’s happy hour after all. πŸ™

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