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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Liverpool beating Man City this weekend. “We’re going to win the league, we’re going to win the league”

    • Not if Mourinho has anything to say about it.

    • It was brutal to watch from a fan’s perspective, although it was a fantastic game of soccer. Skrtel’s becoming too much of a liability, despite his goal – he could have given away at least two penalties yesterday.

      Coutinho is boss.

      Steven Gerrard in the huddle at the final whistle reminding them that they’ve won nothing yet made me very happy. He’s a Liverpool legend and deserves a PL title to complete his medal collection.

      Flanno and Sterling were both immense.

      Sorry that we’ll lose Henderson for three games. But we’ve got resources in the middle – Allen and Lucas can fill in.


    • Epic win over City! Liverpool will once again ascend to their rightful place as League champs and next year’s Emperors of Europe! No longer will we suffer the ignominy of a United, Chelsea or Arse-nal championship.

  • Rave: S. Carey was great last night at the rock and roll hotel, although you could easily tell which songs they had practiced and which were newer. Still a fun low key show. Helped my friend move successfully from g-burg to silver spring. Happy she will be closer and metro accessible
    Rant: People talking about what MBA school they want to go to before they even take the GMAT. My roomate and my friends went on a 30 minute tangent about grad schools last night after the concert. It is SO annoying. First my roomate is really smart – but im not sure about top 10 MBA program smart…its frustrating because i am not planning (at least in the near future) to go back to school, but all the sudden it seems like everyones doing that and planning to leave DC. Good thing i like it a lot here

    • “its frustrating because i am not planning (at least in the near future) to go back to school, but all the sudden it seems like everyones doing that and planning to leave DC. Good thing i like it a lot here”

      Ugh I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s got my grad school biological clock ticking.

      • it gets real old real quick, also have friends who are always dreaming up ideas what they want to do in the future….gets old real quick. I guess i am more down to earth and practical and less of a dreamer/in a fantasy world.

      • Be glad you’re not in debt. If I could go back 5 years, I’d stop myself from taking out those big loans and somehow get an employer to pay for my schooling. Then again, I wouldn’t have my good job right now without my grad degree.
        Catch 22.

        • yeah i definitely see the benefit of an advance degree, every little bit helps you stand out. But its just so annoying when people get into long long conversations about graduate schools, even traveling when clearly one person in the room is not involved. Its just kind of like a big make out session and the one person is sitting on the side watching awkwardly.
          Rave: i am doing some travel this summer so will most likely just be the grad school thing for a while

  • Rant: It’s Monday, blargh.
    Rave: Dat Game of Thrones ending last night tho…

  • Revel: Wildflowers like crazy right now – all along the Carderock trail (Billy Goat #C) it looks like snow. The Bluebells are out and should have another 3-4 good days.

    Rant: Houseguest lost his car key (car parked at airport back home) Anyone fine an electronic-type car key for a Subaru? On a plain ring with one other small bronze key. Could be anywhere (have contacted Metro & 3rd district) but maybe just on the ground somewhere in Columbia Heights?

  • Rave: Spring break traffic. I breezed into work in no time today…can’t wait for summer traffic!
    Rant: The babe is teething and his pain breaks my heart. I bought him a Baltic Amber teething necklace in hopes that it helps somewhat. He sounds so pitiful when his little mouth hurts. We had lots of cuddles this weekend.

    • My 16mo old wears one too! The in-laws think I am some crazy hippie and that I have wrapped some sort of voodoo around my daughters neck. But they aren’t the ones up in the middle of the night trying to console an aching baby. She’s been much less cranky since she started wearing it. I recommend it to everyone!

  • Rant: Street harassment/cat calling

    Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with cat calling? As a man, I’ll admit to being ignorant to how big of an issue it was for women until my girlfriend told me last week that she gets harassed pretty much every time she is walking somewhere by herself.

    Anyways, this weekend my girlfriend was walking a bit ahead when a guy made some lewd motions at her while driving by on his motorcycle. Having reached a boiling point after discussing the issue for the last few days we confronted him and told him to maybe try respecting women since they aren’t walking around outside for his enjoyment. For someone who thinks it’s appropriate to sexually harass women from his motorcycle, it’s probably not surprising that he didn’t have the best reaction and threatened multiple times to punch me in the face. He also told us he is a high school teacher and only after asking if he would do the same thing to his female students walking on the street did he begin to apologize for his behavior.

    Some people have said it’s not worth it to stand up to these harassers and others will say to just take it as a compliment, but I don’t see how those options will do any good in making this practice stop. Obviously it’s probably not wise to fight fire with fire, but I think these men need to know that their words and actions have a negative effect on women.

    • skj84

      First of all I want to say good for you for recognizing how big of an issue cat calling is! Too many men are dismissive of how demoralizing it is. Really guys, being cat called is not a a compliment. The worst part is feeling powerless over how to react. Tell them off and get called a bitch or worse being attacked for speaking your mind? Not mention the victim blaming aspect of cat calling, that a woman somehow deserves to be demeaned because of the manner of her dress. I’ve had lewd things yelled at me in the winter when I’m fully covered, in the summer when I’m wearing sundresses, and I know woman who have been harassed while pregnant or with boyfriends. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing or how you are acting street harassment is not OK. There is a group called Collective Action for Safe Spaces (http://www.collectiveactiondc.org) which focuses on eradicating Street Harassment. Check them out!

    • I definitely don’t take it as a compliment. Anyone who says to a woman “oh in a few years you’ll miss the days men paid attention to you” is a grade-A dip$hit. When I was in my 20s I’d generally tell those guys to F off in no uncertain terms. I don’t think it really helped because then that just gives them reason to believe I’m the one in the wrong, not them.
      Most recently, an older guy stopped and made some lewd comment as I was getting out of my car. I told him directly that it was greatly unappreciated and he should have some respect. He replied he was just complimenting me. I told him it was most certainly not a compliment to speak to me that way. He seemed genuinely surprised, apologized and went on his way. THAT is how it should happen, but I know not all the jerks who harass women would have the same reaction.

    • GiantSquid

      It’s obviously not the major issue, but do people (guys in my experience) realize how stupid they sound when harassing? Catcalling makes you sound like a fucking idiot. And you choose to do it loudly, in public? Seriously.

      • Lets keep in mind that this is a specific group of guys. I have never cat-called anyone in my entire life. That type of behavior is uncalled for and pathetic.

        I do tend to think a lot of it is a superiority thing. “She is there to entertain me” type of thing. That and just genuinely losers who subscribe to victim blaming “she was dressed like that, meaning she was asking for it”

        Either way, pathetic. Sorry you all continue to have to go through this on a regular basis.

        • GiantSquid

          Oh for sure. I’m well-aware not all guys do this.

        • i think we all know that when someone complains about a group of people, they don’t mean every person that fits the description.

          • Easy there. I was just clarifying, and it was one sentence. The rest of my post reflected on the mindset of the people making these comments, and then included my feelings about those types of people.

    • I’ve just come to accept being catcalled par for the course when it comes to being a girl. Considering that I’ve been subjected to this since I was like 12 or 13, I’ve just learned to completely ignore it. For one, I don’t ever respond, and not b/c I just don’t feel like giving them the time of day, but you honestly don’t know what this person will do. Making some snide remark or being a smartass can escalate the situation quickly. Honestly, someone who is passing by on a car, bike, motorcycle, in my opinion is less threatening…until they stop. That’s when things get hairy. For me, nothing is more terrifying than a man who will pull his car/bike/ride over and get out and approach…and sometimes follow. If walking and I approach a man on foot, I usually try to beat him to the punch, as in…say hello before he can get a word in edge-wise. That will usually throw his game off enough so that he doesn’t have the time to muster up an offensive comment.

      • That’s a really good point. If you force someone to acknowledge you as a human being (e.g. saying hello, how are you) then it’s harder for them to be a rude jackass. It can definitely backfire, but more often they just say hello and go on their way.

    • Cat calling is NOT a compliment. It makes me feel shitty and makes me feel like an object. I usually ignore it because I don’t want to start some kind of altercation, especially if I’m out walking alone. But sometimes I’ll tell the guy to F off. Cat calling happens all the time, whether I’m alone or walking with my boyfriend, if I’m wearing a winter parka or a dress, it doesn’t matter. My boyfriend usually gets more worked up about than I do, he always wants to track the guy down and tell him off. I’m the one who has to calm him down after I get cat called.

    • I usually ignore it — although that, too, can have its risks: i.e. “Bitch! You think you’re too cute to talk to me! You must be some kind of lesbian, or something!” I’ve been dealing with it since I was in junior high. It’s an ugly power trip. Even the guys that go “Smile, smile”. I wasn’t put in this world to smile for strangers!

      That being said, every now and then it’s genuinely nice and well meant. Having someone say “You look nice” — in a pleasant way, or “God Bless you Mami” — can be nice, but 9 times out of 10, it’s harassment. It sucks. And while ignoring it has its risks, confronting it — which I sometimes do — potentially has even greater risks.

      • It really annoys me when men tell me to smile. I’m not going to smile because you want me to. Ugh.

        • skj84

          +10000 on being told to smile. I have a tendency to look like I’m scowling or serious and I get men yelling smile at me a lot. I once was on a business trip to this small town in Connecticut i’d never been to. I had a meeting at a certain time and I was cutting it close. So I’m racing from the train station to catch a bus, with an incredibly stressed out look on my face and this guy goes “smile, it can’t be that bad.” Really guy? For all you know I could’ve found out I had cancer or a loved one died. I wanted to tell him off, but I was in too much of a hurry.

      • Yea, I’ve gotten the “Bitch! You ain’t cute anyway!” too. –really? 2 seconds ago you were trying to get some of this, now I’m ugly. Bye. Or the occasional “f*** you!”…because that’s TOTALLY endearing.

        Every once in a blue moon, a guy says something so incredibly stupid and ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh. I’m 5’11, and I had a guy ask me to be his Michelle Obama. I just laughed in his face and kept walking.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Men telling me to smile bugs me the most. It is not my job to look pretty and pleasant for you. I can ignore other catcall, but the smile BS just gives me a rage stroke. I either tell them to f*ck off or say my mom just died and keep walking.

        • I had that happen for real. Some guy got up in my face and said “Why don’t you smile! You’d be so pretty if you smiled.” I looked him dead in the eye and said “My father just died. And you’re an a$$hole.” And he actually looked shaken by that, and apologized. So that’s ONE guy who probably stopped with the “Smile, Smile” $hit.

    • Good for you for recognizing the problem. I too get harassed every time I leave the house by myself in the evening. It’s one big reason I’m moving out of the city in a few months. It’s a lot harder to enjoy going out to meet my friends, or even run errands by myself when I know I have to deal with harassment. The city just isn’t a friendly place to me. So I’m leaving.
      There is actually a lot that you can do as a man to stop it. After all, the harassers just think of women as objects, so they may not be inclined to listen to a woman who speaks her mind. I think you did a great job confronting the man harassing your girlfriend. But if you see harassment occurring in the future, you can also intervene, e.g., asking the victim “Is everything ok here?” or distract the harasser: “Excuse me, do you know where the Safeway is around here?” Those may be enough to stop that incidence of harassment. Confronting the harasser directly is great, because men who do this need to know that it is not ok to harass women in our society.

      • It’s one more of the basics of normal, non-offensive behavior that so many in this city either do not care about or do not know. Like, no, you do not shoot, stab or commit acts of violence against others. No, you do not threaten other people, including your children. You do not use obsene language within earshot of others who may not want to hear it. You do not break the law, even if you think you can get away with it. How do we get people to at least understand and try their best to adhere to these miniumum standards?

  • Rave: Free wine for me tonight!

    Rant: Don’t like Manischewitz.

  • Rave: this is my second week of physical therapy… its giving me a sense of progression even if i havent seen any gains in motion yet
    rave: the weather this past weekend
    Rant: cycling all winter through the cold emps to not be able to hop on my bicycle all spring or summer. at least i can go back to running in a couple months i think

    • msmaryedith

      It took a while for my physical therapy to pay off, but I really did feel like the tailored exercises made a big difference over time. Good luck! And stick with it 🙂

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: My friend was at the Georgetown waterfront Saturday. She patiently waited in a line for a cab afterwards, and as she was finally getting into her cab, a drunken bro came up to her, grabbed her by the shoulders, yelled that it was his cab he had waited for and pushed her to the ground. Wtf?! She was all scraped up (bloody knees and hands). The guy got in the cab and the cabbie drove off. Plenty of people saw it happen, and NOT ONE helped her. She was so shaken that she just walked up to M St and got a cab from there–it wasn’t until getting in the second cab that she realized how scraped up she was. I feel so angry that no one would even make sure she was ok, and that no one got the cab driver’s info. I told her that from now on she needs to Uber. So infuriating.
    Rant: Does anyone have a recommendation of someone who specializes in employment law?

  • justinbc

    Random: We saw one hell of an altercation on the Metro this Saturday while traveling in to see the parade. We decided to bike to the Stadium-Armory stop to avoid any potential crowds getting on at Eastern Market, so the train was pretty empty at 9:15 when we got on. We were the only passengers in our whole car, and the car in front of us only had 2 as well (young black man and young black woman, both looked around 17-19). Not long after the train took off it looked like a heated debate was going on between them, at which point she jumped all in his face, and he proceeded to push her back up against the wall while sitting down. We couldn’t tell if they were just horsing around or really fighting, but that quickly changed when she started wildly punching him in the face and he looked like he was trying to choke her out. At that point I got up to go try to say something to them but the pass-through door between cars was locked, so I at least tried banging on the windows, which was ignored. She punched him a couple more times, then spit on him, and he got up and held her against the ground. The next stop was approaching, so he held her until just before the doors closed then jumped off. It was kind of surreal, unfortunately I didn’t think to pull out my phone to capture it until after the fact.
    Rave: Beautiful day the rest of the day, with perfect weather to make the boring parade more tolerable, followed by an awesome lunch at Stachowski’s and dinner with friends at Toki Underground.

  • Rave: Great weekend
    Rant: Monday

  • Rave: Accepted the new job offer! T-minus two weeks.
    Rant: Now I have to break the news to my co-workers, which’ll be sad. I really love them.
    Rave: Amazing weekend weather.
    Rant: Potential frost on Wednesday??? I’m going to have to figure out some way to protect my plants.

    • UGH. I just checked the weather and it says low of 33 tomorrow night. I JUST turned the outside faucets on this weekend and connected the hoses. Does this mean I have to undo it all again?

      • I’ve also turned on my outside water – one night of freezing/near freezing temp shouldn’t be a problem.
        If you’re worried you can turn the water off on the inside then open up the outside faucet to let water run out the hose.

        • I figure as long as the temps are warm during the day it should be ok, but after that crappy winter and pipes freezing multiple times I’m probably a little more cautious than I would be normally.

      • One night won’t be a problem. What IS a problem is if you turn on your inside valve without realizing the front yard hose tap is fully open, then go out the back for a long dog walk and come home to find the front yard flooded and probably $100 water bill racked up!

    • Emmaleigh504

      My poor seedlings! Why does Mother Nature want them to die? She already killed one of my fancy violets 🙁 Must remember to bring pots inside.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Super sleepy and super thirsty for no good reason.
    Rave: Started learning foreign language over the weekend after finding out about free language software at a conference.
    Rant: So far I kind of suck at the language (I’m just on the alphabet).
    Rave: I knew I would kind of suck and since it’s free to learn, who cares! I can take as long as I need!

  • Rave: Braved the crowds both Sat and Sun to see the Tidal Basin. Going by bike was definitely the way to go. Had nice spots staked out each day, had an engagement go down right in front of us on Sunday!
    Rave: So much bike riding around town, I didn’t want to stop. So much so went on late night ride last night because I didn’t want the weekend to end.
    Rant: Return of cold weather this week.

  • Rave: a lovely and productive weekend: I had brunch with friends, cleaned the house, did some grocery shopping, cooked for the week, and spent Saturday afternoon reading in the park. Perfect
    Rant: Allergies. All that sweeping and vacuuming has caused them to kick up.
    Rave: My partner and I had our first financial summit on this weekend. It went so much better than I anticipated. We did some goal setting for the next six months and set up another meeting for next month. I think the best part was receiving some much needed validation and coming out of it feeling like we’re on the same team and working hard towards shared goals.
    Rave: Spring break starts on Friday! I’m heading west for a long weekend with my bestie. Looking forward to some sunshine, hiking, and bonding over yoga and margaritas.

  • Rave: Family visit to DC during quite possibly the perfect week for weather and Cherry Blossoms.
    Rave: Had an awesome phone interview with an awesome company after several hundred applications and disappointing rejection emails (if any).

    This past week is just one big Rave.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Allergies caused by pollen
    Rant: Catcalling/harassment, particularly when I’m biking
    Rant: Mr. Squid away this week
    Rant: “Q” key sticking on my keyboard
    Rant: Major uncertainty in personal life
    Revel: Good weekend

  • Rave: Cherry blossoms were amazing.
    Rant: The seriously idiotic and selfish tourists who think it’s ok to pull, yank, and/or break off a twig/branch. WTF?

  • Rave: listening to my alma mater’s radio station. makes me miss college a little, but more importantly it’s just got some great music getting me through a Monday
    Rave: the beautiful weather this weekend — I sat on my porch with some friends late into the evening just catching up, laughing and reminiscing…I know I will reflect back on this time 10-15 yrs from now and think fondly of it
    Rant: deciding to hit the Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday afternoon..what was I thinking…AND I didn’t bring a water bottle, total amateur move. I walked way more than I anticipated
    Rave: Podiatrist appointment tomorrow. Part of what prompted me to buy a car was my thinking that being a pedestrian was starting to take a toll on my feet. Hopefully getting an expert’s opinion tomorrow will help me make better sense of my feet-situation

    • epric002

      what kind of shoes do you wear when out walking?

      • Always wearing flats. Usually Sperries or a ballet flat, then I change into my heels at work. I tried going a half size up in my shoes, but to no avail.

        • Ballet flats can be pretty terrible because they’re so flat, with no support. I was commuting in flats and it crushed some of my tendons that run from my ankle, under the foot, and back up. My orthopedist told me my shoe hierarchy is running sneakers with insoles…heels……………………………………………flats. But, that’s just me and for my physiology, but I still think that flats are often so much worse than other shoes.

        • Heels are better for walking. Seriously. I wore flats today because I knew of be waking a lot and didn’t want my heels chewed up, but my feet are paying the price today. The refrain about heels being uncomfortable is basically a myth (though I think there’s some truth to it if you go beyond 4″).

        • GiantSquid

          Definitely need more support. If you’re looking for something comfy to commute in, I find that Keens have a significant amount of arch and heel support. I have a cute pair of “ballet” flats from Keen that get lots of compliments and have great support. Although, if you’re doing insoles, those take priority. Had a bout of plantar fasciitis a few years ago and some mystery foot thingy as well, wearing shoes with support helped clear things up.

          • Any other cute shoes for walking you can recommend? I also am developing a touch of plantar fasciitis that I want to head off. But I do a ton of walking and don’t want to be wearing sneakers all the time!!

          • epric002

            @anon 11:35- i love birkenstocks for warm weather walking. my personal style faves are the gizeh and cairo. if the regular birks footbed is too stiff/rigid for you, try the tatami option.

          • Olukai flipflops are the BEST! They have arch support, and they’re the only flip flops that I wear to actually walk in. J-41, Jambu, Keen, and Clarks also make cute summer shoes with arch support. And I sometimes (hides face in shame) wear birkenstocks indoors so my feet can recover. Flats are the worst for my feet, and I ended up with serious pain and plantar fasciitis after walking way too far in winter uggs — which felt so comfortable to walk in that I didn’t realize that they lacked support until my feet got wrecked.

          • I’ve also heard good things about Reef flip flops, but I’ve never worn them myself. I highly highly recommend olukai though. They are expensive, but very worth it, and they’ll last more than one summer — and I say this as someone who’s hard on shoes.

          • Some other brands to consider – Mephisto, Dansko, Naot, Hartjes, Ecco, Sanita. Some of my work included being on my feet all day and comfortable shoes are essential. You can have shoes that are both cute and comfortable : )

          • GiantSquid

            I’m a huge fan of Keen, and own hiking boots, 2 pair of sandals, ballet flats, and clogs by them. Their footbed is a great fit for me. I also really like my Dansko open back sandal/clogs (wearing them today). I know other people swear by Born, Clarks, and Rockport. It can be tough because none of these brands are cheap, but I don’t believe in suffering for fashion and buying a $100 pair of shoes that looks fun but also doesn’t kill your feet is worth it to me.

          • Where are all of you women when I walk around DC? These are the brands that I gravitate to, but I do not see anyone wearing them around so I always feel frumpy when I wear them.

          • Anonymous 11:35 — We are striding around engaging the world! Although you might find clusters of us in Takoma, Takoma Park, Cleveland Park and Upper Caucasia . 🙂 And I’ve never checked, but there might be intermittent swarms of us around all those Comfort One and Richey shoe stores!

        • Ballet flats are the most uncomfortable shoes for me. They hurt my feet in so many ways, especially on the backs of my heels. I just cannot wear them. Thick heels or wedges in the 2-3 inch range are way more comfortable. I walk a lot so I usually wear lightweight sneakers, like Nike Frees or something, then change into my heels at work. I’ve given up completely on flats.

        • epric002

          agree with everyone else that you probably need a more supportive shoe. i’ve dealt with both a stress fracture and plantar fasciitis from unsupportive shoes. even in the house now, i have to wear something with some support, which is total PITA. i have a pair of tatami birkenstocks that i use during warm weather for commuting/any extensive walking. unfortunately most of the supportive shoes require sacrificing some style. but some clarks are supportive and moderately cute (i have a pair of platform wedges from them that are cute and incredibly comfortable) and even some crocs are decent. good luck!

        • Ballet flats (and flip flops) offer no support to your feet – do yourself a huge favor and get shoes that give you support from a place like Comfort One. Your feet will thank you 🙂

    • I tried wearing heels once, just to walk in (to and from the Metro)…I wanted to cry when I got home.
      Thank you all for the advice though! I’m gonna float some of the brand-names you all mentioned to my podiatrist to see what he thinks. I’ve had 2 knee surgeries and an unstable ankle (all thanks to my years of playing volleyball) that I have to take into account as well, so we’ll see how this goes.
      New Rave: a good reason to go shoe shopping!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ve found that a very slight heel works best for my feet and (aging) knees, like 1/4-1/2 inch, just a slight raise. When I wear ballet flats I put a heel insert in to give me that slight height. Your doctor can tell you what’s best for you and your situation. Good luck!

  • Rant: Unintentional spring swim when my dog got out of the yard at the family farm. I found her trotting along the banks of the creek; just when I got near she jumped into the creek and went swimming to the other side where there are open fields – Freedom! Adventure!
    I went in after her – she was swimming faster than I could run in heavy boots and waterlogged jeans so I took a dive and tackled her. We both went under but when we came up for air I had her collar.
    Rave: The good news is she didn’t go adventuring
    Rant: Bad news is my phone and fitbit both got soaked; hoping that drying them in bag of rice does the trick.
    Rave: Great few days in the country (despite the spring swim)

    • GiantSquid

      Sounds like a lot of dogs are feeling wanderlust with the advent of spring. Friend’s family dog went for a walkabout in Maryland for a few weeks before being caught. Glad you were able to nab her.

  • Rave: spring weather.
    Rant: Allergies. Also Bradford pear trees. They’re pretty but good lord those things stink. Literally nauseating.

    • I am so with you on the Bradford pears trees! Those things are awful, they give me such a bad headache.

      • Oh sheesh, I had no idea what that rank smell was. Thank you! Googling “bradford pear smell” yielded as the first result “Bradford Pear Tree Semen Sex Smell – Business Insider.” Grrrrreeeeeat.

    • Another tree that smells horrible (and gives me headaches): the eastern black walnut. AKA the ones with the big green balls that seem to fall and hit you just as you go by.

  • RANT: Buying a house in this city is impossible. Looking into the one on 5th/H NE and the agent only wants to flip the beautiful old house to a developer to turn it into another boring condo unit that will ruin the neighborhood. Cash is king, but these pop-up condos are going to ruin our town.

    RAVE: Passover. Going gluten free for a week is always a challenge. Bring it.

    • What house on 5th and H? Are you talking about the one on K St?

    • Hear your frustration, but boring condo units do not “ruin the neighborhood”

      People live in those condos too. To say pop-up condos are going to ruin our town… Does that not feel a bit over the top to you?

      Four units in a former single family home somehow ruins our town?

      • Not the OP, but I think one could argue turning beautiful old houses into hideous popup eyesores is ruining the aesthetic of some neighborhoods. Especially once they start becoming the norm. For example, In my neighborhood there are two row houses that were turned into condo buildings. One of them kept the same structure, but just split the top and main floor into two units. Completely unoffensive and actually looks kind of cool. The other is that K and 5th St popup that was discussed a few weeks ago. Yeah, that thing definitely ruins the neighborhood.
        There is turning a house into a condo building and then there is turning it into a monstrosity and not giving a crap about the aesthetic of the surrounding area.

      • OP here. to clarify, I am seconding what is below…the condo units that ruin beautiful old houses, not those that go on empty lots and just make more space.

        this one is closer to 5th and M and at 550 asking, there is no way to make money for a developer without ruining it.

    • I agree on buying in this city is absolutely impossible. There was a beautiful condo listed on New Hampshire right next to the Petworth metro on Friday, with an open house scheduled on Sunday. It was the first time I’ve seen a reasonable price in a while. But the open house was cancelled and the place is already under contract. I didn’t even get a chance to look at the place…

      • justinbc

        It can’t be both “absolutely impossible” to buy and also “already under contract”. Those two facts contradict each other.

      • Your realtor (if you’re using one) needs to be more proactive. My wife & I were able to look at places before they listed due to his dilligence, and that helped us be ready with quick offers.

  • Rant: Everyone is out this week. Why am I here?

    Rave: I’m going to go home at lunch and work from home.

  • Rave: This weekend was close to perfection.
    Rant: Having trouble reading a girl I’ve been spending time with. Not sure if I should make a move or not, this relationship may be destined to be solely platonic.
    Revel: Trying not to let that get me down, enjoying the weather, the city, and the company nonetheless.

    • Make the move! What’s really to lose?

    • if you are unsure then its too late, better just go for it now. the girl will not make things easy for you by making the first move – this much i know

    • Im just afraid Im misreading the situation and she sees me as a solely platonic friend, thus making things uncomfortable in a main friend group. I know not to expect her to make the first move, but she’s not making it easy on me to figure out if she’d be open to it or not, if that makes sense. I’m probably majorly over thinking it and/or being completely oblivious to any signs she may be displaying, will see what happens if we continue to see each other in the coming weeks I guess.

      • (a) Go for it. I once had a guy friend tell me he was interested, I had never thought about him that way but this made me take another look and we ended up dating quite happily.
        (b) If there’s a mutual friend in your group who could get a read, that is one way to go. Though as I get older I much more favor the direct approach of just talking directly with the person you’re interested in.
        (c) If a kind and honest overture makes things awkward in your group, then someone (her, you, the others) is not handling it in a mature way.

  • Rave: Hosted out of town friends this weekend and had an amazing time biking along the Potomac, checking out the cherry blossoms, strolling through Dumbarton Oaks, outdoor dining and drinking, and soaking up the sunshine. Felt like summer vacation!
    Rant: So hard to be back in the office after a weekend like that.
    Rant: Dock spaces were hard to come by at the Bikeshare stations in Georgetown and the Tidal Basin. There was actually a line of people waiting for open docks at the the Georgetown waterfront station, and also a bunch of people trying to cut in front of that line.

  • epric002

    rave: dog sitting weekend turned out so much better than expected! skinny pete is SUCH a sweetheart. i wish we could keep him.
    rant: skinny pete needs a new foster or forever home- anyone interested? he’s a great guy but needs a yard with a tall fence, and big dog companions.
    rave: birthday week!
    rave: youngest brother’s wedding this weekend!
    rave: younger brother & gf come home from their around-the-world adventures this week!
    rave: this weather! got soooo much yard work done.
    rant: why are all of my comments “awaiting moderation”?

    • @epric002 I saw his pictures on the WashHumane website, he looks so cute! I’ve been hoping to foster for them soon…but now is not the right time for me (bunch of work travel coming up etc). Maybe by the fall things will have calmed down enough.

      • epric002

        oh i hope fostering works out for you once your schedule calms down. you may want to go ahead and sign up for the fostering orientation even if you can’t commit to full-on fostering for a few months. fosters often need short term dog-sitting (like how we watched petey this weekend), and it’s a great way to help out intermittently without a full 1-2 month foster commitment. please feel free to spread the skinny pete news far and wide!

  • Rave: The weather! Yesterday was the most perfect weather-day! We don’t often get pleasant warmth, low humidity, gentle breezes and no bugs all at the same time!
    Rave: I enjoyed part of the perfect-weather day at the arboretum. I’ve never been in the early spring, so that was a major treat.
    Rave: “Practice” really DOES “make possible”. It’s great when I can feel the slogging paying off. Doing music lessons as an adult has it’s challenges — but it’s been SO worth it.
    Rant: Can’t find my summer shoes. If that’s my biggest rant, I’m good!

  • Rant: Park Tavern: Worst “dining” experience EVER. No bacon, no bartender, no bloody mary mix, raw burger. 2 hours wait on food. Nice building though.

  • Rave: The weather
    Rant: Grumpy today but for no particular reason (or possibly for all of the reasons). I feel like I’m plateauing in all aspects of my life right now: work, studying, relationships (or lack thereof), fitness – and I have no idea how to break free! It’s like I’ve had a case of the Mondays for weeks now.
    Rave: My friends and family

    • I feel the same way today – especially after hearing about how all my friends are in the process of going to grad school last night – (blow my brains out)

  • gotryit

    Rant: Church people parking in front of my driveway.
    Rave: MPD ticketing them.
    Rant: Only $20 tickets.

    • GiantSquid

      If they’re blocking your driveway, get them towed.

      • gotryit

        I’ve tried before, but no one will do it. DPW points me to private companies, who point me to DPW, who points me to MPD, who won’t do anything about it. I’m convinced that the problem lies in city leadership, otherwise parking enforcement would be on them like the vicious mosquitos that they are.

        • Do you have AAA? I get free towing with my membership. I’d just have them towed to the local garage or whatever. It’s completely unacceptable to block someone’s private driveway.

          • gotryit

            I think you need to prove ownership… otherwise, that’s theft. So at the end of the day I’d have a felony, and they probably won’t even have a parking ticket. ? But nice fantasy.

    • Write them lots of polite notes – with Crisco – on every one of their windows. No damage but a real pain to clean off.

      • gotryit

        I don’t want to find out the hard way that it qualifies as some kind of misdemeanor. But I have fantasized about that – or I’ve heard lipstick is a real pain also.

        • Best bet is to be outside doing yard work or eating brunch on your front porch on Sundays when they try to park there. Catch them in act and tell them to keep moving; that will hopefully discourage them from parking there in the future. I’d also suggest investing in some cones, caution tape, and signs to block off the spot. Make it difficult for them to park there; most people are lazy.

          • Best idea yet. People used to park in my private parking space behind my house all the time (it was unfenced, but each house had it’s own space in the alley). I ended up setting cones with chains blocking the spot and putting up no parking signs. It did the trick and no one ever parked there again.

          • gotryit

            It’s worth ranting here about it (free). It’s not worth going to jail over (would probably cost me my job).

    • The proper method is to call 911 and get the police sent there. Tell them that a car is parked on your private property and blocking your use of your property. The police then write a ticket and verify your ownership of the property. At that point, you get authorization to get it towed via private tow company.
      The whole process can easily take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, which might be too late.

    • jim_ed

      Out of curiosity, which church are the worshipers attending?

  • rave: beautiful, perfect weekend that reminded me how much i love living here.
    rant: falling asleep at my desk from said weekend.
    rave: the DC DMV! i had an exceptional service experience at both the inspection station (there was literally no line at 1 PM on saturday afternoon) and the Penn Branch DMV. i had been putting off registering my car here for ages because of the terrible stories i’d heard about the DMVs (and i’m lazy) but i have ZERO complaints. i finished everything in 2 hours!

  • Rant: Relationship over.
    Rave: Not moving for said relationship.
    Rant: The reason why I’m not moving.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rhino Rave: The Baton Rouge Zoo (near my hometown) is getting an Indian Rhino exhibit! When I visit my parents I can also visit some Indian Rhinos!!! I’ve only every seen black and white rhinos in real life, so this is very exciting for me!

    • I lived in Baton Rouge for a short while when I was kid…back when the area code was still 504 lol. I always thought the zoo there was pitiful lol, happy to hear they’re getting a rhino exhibit. What school did you go to?

  • Is there another popville HH in the works? Sounds like quite a few people are newly single!

  • Rave: Had a wonderful date with the BF. Healthy relationships = a new thing for me & bueno.
    Rant: My job makes me want to invent new and exciting ways to hide under the cupboards.

  • skj84

    Not a rant or rave but a question. Does anyone know of a good place to get my laptop’s fan cleaned? It’s really loud and I think i’m running the risk of my laptop overheating.

    • Really easy to do by yourself, if not I could do it for you for a nominal fee. My credentials is that I am Asian.

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