Potential Huge Transformation for Former Church on H Street, NE

Rendering via Papadopoulos Properties

Whoa – potential huge H Street transformation for the former church at 1301 H Street, NE:

-Perfect for a Bank, Restaurant or Retail
-Join H St Country Club, Sticky Rice, Rock N’ Roll Hotel, Biergarten Haus, Dr. Granville Moore’s & OTHERS!
-DC Street Car coming SOON!

Lots more details on the property and potential transformation here.

How the property looks today:

1301 H Street, NE

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  • I like how they call it “SANCTUARY”
    Cause it used to be a church.
    Swagger jackers.

  • Dr. Granville Moore’s? Wow, that’s old school!

  • Looks like a missed opportunity. I vote for ground floor retail with 2-3 stories of apts above.

    • Yeah, I’m having a hard time imagining what single business could afford to operate with such a large footprint there.

    • I don’t understand this either. My best guess is that there may be some historical significance to the current architecture (why?), so it may be much more difficult to build something completely different from what was there beforehand.

      • Hopefully not historic, but who knows. It seems impossibly expensive to renovate this place as shown in the drawing, and for what purpose?!? Seems a more serious/viable proposal would be to tear this down and replace with a 3/4 story building that has retail/commercial or retail/residential mix.

  • looks horribly tacky, raze it and build more classic style row houses.

    • And expect people to want to live on that block of H Street? Ha…
      Or then expect businesses to come in and adapt their layout to fit in a row house for no apparent reason?

      • Lots of H Strret businesses are in rowhouses. And lots of people would love to live on this block. Makes more sense than this structure.

        • The businesses in row houses are there because those were the buildings already in place. Why build a new row house and then make a business adapt when you could build a structure that would better accommodate them?

          I live 1 block away, I love the area. Wouldn’t want to be on that block though, it’s already loud a block off H, don’t think many people would want to be closer.

          • I like the rowhouse setup for bars and restaurants; it’s intimate and cozy. I think it would also be much more affordable than a large building like this.

      • justinbc

        There are people living in rowhouses right next to that church.

        • But are they people who would/could pay to live in new construction? I just can’t imagine someone who could afford to live in a newly built house in the area being willing to deal with the H street noise and shenanigans. Once again, I live a block away (and love the area), but the foot traffic on the side streets here is already busy enough. You would need SERIOUS insulation to be able to sleep at night living right on that block. Not to mention the steady flow of ambulances (and cop cars on the weekend).
          I may be wrong, just giving my opinion.

  • Always nice to remember not all buildings should be saved.

  • this is a no-brainer raze and start over, this is pathetic looking and embaressing.

  • At least they took advantage of the sloped roof and put up solar panels. Not sure if that’ll be so great once some taller buildings move in nearby though.

  • What is the weird thing on top?

  • Agree with everyone else. Raze it. Build up.

  • Lipstick on a pig. Knock it down.

  • justinbc

    This is just a mock up drawing by the people wanting to lease the space, it’s not some actual transformation that’s going to happen. They’re asking way too much to expect anyone to want to move in as a sole proprietor without being able to make the space more efficient. I personally would love to see a TJ’s come in on this block (not because I particularly care about TJ’s, but WF and Giant are already on H Street and they won’t cannibalize themselves), but there’s no way it could happen in its current configuration.

  • Why not keep it. Instead of all the boring suggestions of building more of the same… I mean really people come on. It is Hst after all.

    Tear it down…

  • Why not keep it?

    Instead of all the boring suggestions of building more of the same… I mean really people come on. It is Hst after all.

    Tear it down…

  • This would make a great IHOP. Just paint the roof, and you’re good to go.

  • Church < Anything that isn't a church

  • I certainly hope someone will put this space to good use, but man that thing is horrendous. I hope the owners of the property will not have any hand in designing it…

  • tonyr

    How about a hunchback themed business?

  • Actually, I think the design is rather clever, if one accepts the assumption that the basic structure should be saved (which may make sense from a sustainability standpoint, even though the current building is hideous and has no historic value).

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