Bin 1301 Wine Bar Opening Soon on U Street

1301 U Street, NW

The transformation of U Scream Ice Cream to Bin 1301 Wine Bar is nearly complete. Looks like it’ll turn into a sweet little spot. An amazing transformation if you remember what the ice cream store used to look like. Updates when construction is 100% complete and an opening date is announced. But to give a little idea, I stopped by on Saturday for a quick look:





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  • Has anyone noticed that there is not a single ice cream place on 14th street or U street? You would think the stretch could handle at least one.

    • With rents as high as they are, I suspect the margins earned from selling ice cream are lower than usual (which are normally pretty low), and would thus depend especially on high volume. Demand for ice cream is driven mostly be families, of which there are not enough of in the area, which explains the lack of ice cream parlors around there. That being said, “froyo” and gelatto appeal to rich young people (and thus charge higher prices than one would normally pay for ice cream), and so they tend to have more success.

      • It’s gotta be the profit margins. Ice cream and the ingredients used to make it are definitely not cheap.

    • Ummmm, Menchie’s at 12th and U?

  • this is similar to the name of the wine bar that was supposed to open on north capitol. is it the same owner?

  • Scoops (U/15th) sells ice cream. Menchie’s (U/12th) sells froyo. There is also a small froyo shop between 10th/11th and U Street.

  • Plenty of froyo and gelato. Who cares if its actual “ice cream” or not?

  • Is this from the same owners as U-Scream and the failed deli across the street?

  • I thought I heard it was related to the wine shop a few doors down.

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