Yet Another Quiznos Bites the Dust but Progress at Bread Furst

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4481 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Just thought I’d let you know it looks like another Quiznos has bitten the dust. This one was on Connecticut Avenue in Forest Hills/North Cleveland Park, next to Italian Pizza Kitchen. I was in there on Friday and they barely had anything in stock. Walked by on Saturday and the signs were taken down and people were loading up a trailer. The location’s been removed from the Quiznos website. There is a Potbelly and Subway a couple blocks away (and a Panera in Tenleytown), so it’s not a huge loss, but the folks who worked there were always pleasant. RIP Quiznos in DC?”

I think there is still a Quiznos alive in Chinatown at 750 I St, NW. Any others still kicking?

4434 Connecticut Ave, NW

Nearby there is also some nice progress at the new bakery, Bread Furst:


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  • Wow, Quiznos is like the Blackberry of sandwich chains. 🙂

  • lindz0722

    Good riddance, not a fan of Quiznos. I was going to say, there’s one at I believe 13th & L NW, but apparently it has closed.

    There are a few, though:

  • diploj

    The Quiznos on I St NW between 17th and 18th is alive, but I would not go so far as to call it well.

  • quiiznos has been awful for years, i dont think i have ever enjoyed a sandwhich there. I lived a block up the road and walked by every day to work and back, maybe saw a total of 10 people in there, never more than 1 at a time. Good riddence, that area is starving for ANYTHING other than the status quo. i am sure the new devlopment up the block will help immensley

  • I wonder if their lease was up and the landlord upped the rent. About 200 ft. down Connecticut is a gigantic hole in the ground that will become a building with 237 apartments and ground-level retail. This stretch of Connecticut has always been a bit miserable but that new building, a new student center at UDC that fronts Connecticut, and a forthcoming redesign of the intersection at Windom St. will hopefully turn it into something half interesting.

    • Wall St Journal reported Quiznos is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, mostly because they charge their franchisees way, way too much for the owners to stay in business. Simple as that. I like Quiznos, but for the last five years the quality plummeted while costs rose. Corporate also tried extorting franchisees into paying ridiculous prices for signage and other BS when they started delivery. They also forced them into buy specific food items straight from corporate for higher prices than normal market price.

      The perils of franchisees.

  • Quizons will not be missed. One of the reasons why people from other parts of town dis Van Ness is it’s a restaurant and night life desert. And they’re right. I love Van Ness but there are only 4 decent places to eat – Acacia, Pho 14, the Sushi place, and Italian Pizza Kitchen. And there no bars – none, absolutely nothing to attract people from other parts of town. So we get dissed because nobody comes here unless they need to go to the dentist.

    We Van Nessers don’t need or want to be the next Chinatown or 14th street. But can’t we get just one decent bar, and one snooty/trendy/artisanal restaurant? I hate having to schlep it down to Cleveland Park or Dupont just to grab a beer or decent meal.

  • I wish there was a photo of the construction just a couple of doors down. There’s now a huge gap where that ugly strip mall used to be and now you can see Rock Creek Park very clearly from CT Ave – weird view but nice.

  • Cut-N-Edge is the barber shop next door. They’re awesome.

  • There’s still one at the Federal Center metro, and actually right around the corner on C St. SW. But their business cannot compete with Potbelly.

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