Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Carver/Langston

1217 18th Street Northeast,

This rental is located at 1217 18th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“1 BR 1 Bath newly renovated in one of the focal location of DC neighborhood of H ST NE . Full updated kitchen with wine bar and stainless appliances. full size washer and dryer in the unit and wall to wall brand new carpet.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,300/Mo.

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  • This was just sold for 500K in January. These folks are probably praying like hell they get $1300 for the basement to help cover the mortgage… but I wouldn’t say $1300 is a good deal at that location. Not sure I’d say 500K is either, but it’s a nice house.

    • Ditto on all points. No way in hell I’d spend either of those sums of money for Carver Langston. Say all you want about the steadfast march of gentrification, but those dense housing projects aren’t going anywhere. In 10 years. Or even in 20 years.

      • Agree. I got the heck out of there while I could. I sold my house for $375K after paying $200K for it as a foreclosure (sold after owning it for 2 years). I am in disbelief that less than a year after I sold my house, someone paid $500K for a house in that hood on one of the worst streets. It’s insane.

        • Or if you held it a little longer you could have made another quick 125k. But whatevs. I wouldn’t live somewhere I felt unsafe.

    • Yeah, my feeling was that $1300 seemed like a lot for a rather dark basement apartment. And after looking at the Google map, I see it’s quite a bit further from H Street NE than I would’ve thought from the description.

  • LOL. I used to live a block from there and they are DREAMING if they think they can get that. That house is right across the street from a corner store where hoards of people hang out/shout/get in fights/sell drugs You couldn’t pay me to live there again, and you really do need a car because it’s too cut off from H St to walk.
    Plus the renovation doesn’t look that nice. It looks really dark/like it doesn’t get any natural light. Also, any time someone has carpet in a basement apartment it really cheapens the whole thing.

  • No way they are getting $1300.

  • Neighborhood aside, that kitchen layout has to be the least functional I’ve ever seen. Who puts the oven in between the wall and the fridge like that? That is insanely impractical.

  • Yikes… and whatever this is supposed to mean “in one of the focal location of DC neighborhood of H ST NE”.
    No thank you, not even close!

  • Only thing I can say is, I wouldn’t want to live in that neighborhood but try finding a one bedroom with new appliances and recently updated and a washer/dryer in the unit for $1300/mon any where else in the city. These are Columbia Heights prices 10yrs ago.

  • that’s the shootiest stabbiest hood in DC… west of the Anacostia

  • The only problem with the cheap (relatively) price is you actually have to live in that neighborhood.

  • I live in Carver Langston and anyone who hasn’t been here recently needs to tone it down. I can easily walk to H St. and have never felt in danger, Google maps shows this place as a 15 min walk to H street country club and that route is right past the Flats at Atlas (an nice apartment complex). I walk my dog everyday, other than jerk drivers on Benning Road, I never have any issues. My neighbors are friendly, during the last snow there were 5 people on the street helping clear the sidewalk and dig out people’s cars.
    I am not blind to what the issues are in this neighborhood, I see them everyday, but it is not the “shootiey and stabbie” place that is described here.
    But that is cool, all you making comments from your $3,000 one bedrooms in DuPont keep throwing your pretentious stones.

    • i live pretty near this house. Not in Carver but across the road. I know the neighborhood pretty well.

      It’s not as bad as a lot of people think– I’ll give you that. But this IS a fairly remote location. It’s not very close to H Street and it isn’t a place that should be walked to and from after dark. This street in particular dead ends at the Arboretum fence, and that is a weird area in general.

      Things are getting better and there’s some cool stuff nearby (Bardo, Jimmy Vs, Mother Rucker)… but I still think $1300 is a stretch for this basement apartment, and $500K for that house isn’t a great deal no matter how you slice it.

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