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  • Yessssss

  • They’ll be lined up the night before.

  • Anyone know if the new TJ’s will have underground parking?

  • I haven’t paid too much attention that block in the last bit. Are there lots of bike racks?

  • This is going to be the best addition to the neighborhood in decades. Looking forward to doing my shopping there!

  • eeeek! i’m so happpyyyy!

  • Can someone explain to me the love for TJ’s? I’ve been to a few of them and while the shopping experience as far as service and what not, is great, but I’ve never been that impressed with their choice of products. I have a friend that’s excited b/c now she doesn’t have to go up to CH or P st. all the time but aside from that, what do people like?

    • Stupidly cheap beer, wine, cheese, hummus, fruit, and organic products.
      And I’m lazy, so their frozen stuff is really good and has lots of rotating selections.
      Meats (and especially fresh fish) can be lacking and on par with Teeter pricing or slightly overpriced.
      It’s pretty much ideal for the single person in the city who doesn’t like to cook (aka ME).

    • Their frozen/canned/boxed foods are great but I wouldn’t want to rely on them for fresh meats or produce.

      • Yeah, for me, it’s a combo of their frozen stuff (seriously good frozen dinners with not a lot of additives/preservatives, at least the ones that I eat, and reasonably priced frozen fruit – I make a lot of smoothies) trail mixes and nuts (I’ve yet to find anywhere else that offers the variety of mixes at the price – what can I say, I’m a huge fan of nuts and dried fruit) other pre-packaged food/snacks that I can’t find anywhere else, or at least for the price, and the dirt cheap wine that don’t taste half bad. I still supplement with trips to other markets when I need things that TJ’s doesn’t sell, but I guess it all depends on the type of stuff you like to eat as to whether or not you understand all the hype.

    • In most cases, it’s not meant to replace a full-fledged grocery store. As others have pointed out, they have a great selection of nuts, dried fruits, frozen foods, and beer and wine. In addition, their dairy section is pretty decent. They have a decent selection for fruit juices. If you cook, oils are generally cheaper here. For instance, I think the organic coconut oil is about 40% cheaper than most other stores. They also have a pretty good selection of teas and coffees. Fresh produce isn’t great, but for fruits like bananas, oranges, apples, and vegetables like potatoes and onions, and some greens, they’re acceptable.

      I also like their British style crumpets a lot.

    • all the better you dont like it. one less person in line. ; )

    • When I was a vegetarian, I found that TJ’s had tastier prepared/frozen options than most “regular” grocery stores (I recommend their pesto pizza, palak paneer in a pouch, and frozen veggie lasagna). Their coffee, cat food, organic eggs, etc are cheaper as others have mentioned. I’m hoping the new store opening will make the lines at the Foggy Bottom store slightly less ridiculous, but I realize that it is cursed with GW and GU students so I’m not expecting any miracles either.

    • Supermarkets make you look through 7 different brands of canned corn that all look the same, taste the same, and are made with the same crap, just to find the cheapest. TJ’s has 1 brand of canned corn that has fewer processed ingredients, tastes just fine (sometimes better), and costs as little as other stores’ “sale” items.

      • What “processed ingredients” do you find in canned corn??

        • Well, canned corn was just the first random example of a grocery store item I thought of and you’re right, processed ingredients don’t really apply to that one, but there are often unnecessary preservatives and extra sodium added to it, and other goods are usually far worse offenders, like snacks, instant meals, jarred sauces…

  • I hope someone with a mop will be on hand to clean up all the froth that will issue from the mouths of customers.

  • wells fargo < kentaco bell 🙁

  • Live close by and got flyer in the mail for grand opening. Says regular hours are 8am – 10pm which seems a little early for a grocery store and given the demographics of that location. As a professional (or any worker), a lot of nights I’m just getting home around 9:30/10 when I would make a run to the grocery.

    • The 8 AM opening works great for me as I’ll be able to avoid the crowds(hopefully) during the weekend.

      • The Foggy Bottom location is also 8am – 10pm. They just have the same hours. I also go early and avoid the crowds. I can do two weeks worth of shopping in 30 minutes.
        Though they will need to do something about the parking lot and backups caused by cars. 45 spaces isn’t a lot and drivers from Petworth/CoHi/16th Street Heights will have no qualms with queuing up on 14th and blocking up the street through the intersection.

      • Love avoiding the crowds by shopping at 8 am. Hate that I have to wait till 9 am if I want to buy alcohol. Have had to sit and wait for 10 to 15 minutes on multiple occasions until it’s after 9 because I forgot about that law.

    • The TJ’s website says that the 14th St store’s hours will be 9am-10pm. If you look at their national list of stores, the vast majority are open 8am-9pm. They seem to do well without being a late-night grocery.

    • For reference, the Union Square (NYC) TJ’s also closes at 10pm. That location probably has 5x the population density in proximity to the store…so I’d say little chance this store is going to buck the trend.

    • 8:00 AM works better for me than 9:30 PM.

  • I peeked in over the weekend and counted I think 15 registers. They are going to need them!

  • Great! Now I don’t have to drive to Bethesda anymore.

  • I’ve been meaning to order a small freezer since the freezer part of my refrigerator is always full and I’ll soon need space again for my ice cream maker (and homemade ice cream).
    Seeing this post, and anticipating the need for even more freezer space (TJ’s frozen sweet potato fries, mango& sticky rice, etc) I ordered a new freezer. It will be here on Thursday, just in time for TJ’s opening on Friday : )

  • I’m guessing we’ll have a post one to two days after the opening detailing the absurd lines.

  • Not a fan of their frozen fish – tends to be crappy. Any chance this will become a Wegman’s soon?

  • Oh god not another bank! Such a waste of a prime retail spot. And dead at virtually all hours.

  • Pet peeve when big chain stores come into DC: Please hire local artists and designers instead of going on what your marketing folks in NY or LA *think* DC looks like. For example, a sign that advertises “Your Neighborhood Grocery Store” could have done a better job, you know, actually depicting the neighborhood as opposed to monuments set in front of the Rosslyn(?) skyline.

    • All tjs art (including price tags) is done in house. That particular mural was done by a tj’s artist who works at a nova store. It’s all local.

    • I’ve seen the inside of the store, and there are a ton of murals everywhere that represent the neighborhoods of DC, and U St. in particular, much better than the one shown above. The artists apparently spent quite a bit of time working together to get the look down and I think locals will be pleased once they see the full results.

  • Great news; this has been a long time coming. I remember reading all the rumors on Borderstan and other websites back in 2011. A true boon for the neighborhood! Can’t wait to get lower prices on pantry staples (oil and vinegar, pasta, grains, crackers, teas, spices, jams, soymilk, etc.), as well as their house-branded stuff. Plus, absolute rock-bottom prices on beer and wine, and a pretty damn good cheese section, too. Yes, their produce section is limited, but, they have great prices on veggies that are much more expensive elsewhere (blood oranges; avocados, fennel bulbs; grapes; berries).

    I will have to stop by on opening day just to join in the festivities and check out the wonderful madness that will no doubt ensue, LOL.

    The real danger is showing restraint with all of the ridiculously tasty sweet tooth items and munchies snacks that they carry…

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