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  • What’s the over-under on how long this place will operate? By the look of the signage, I’d say: 15 months?

  • brookland_rez

    They’re going to have a hard time competing with Wise Guy’s.

    • that was my first thought because wise guys is pretty good

      and whats with the signage?? looks like a microsoft word job

    • justinbc

      Wise Guys is the only NY style pizza place I’ve actually enjoyed in DC, these guys do not appear to be going for that market. It looks like more of a “are you starving and / or drunk, come in, we have things technically allowed to be sold as food”.

      • brookland_rez

        Having lived as a kid in NJ, I agree on Wise Guys.
        Maybe there’s a market in Chinatown for cheap and nasty pizza? Are there not any bullet proof carry out joints left in that area?

    • Everybody in DC has a hard time competing with Wiseguys. In that neighborhood they will also have to compete against MatchBox, Ellas, City Pi, and Fuel. Can somebody tell me how Fuel is in business?

  • Glad to see life return to 6th street. That block has taken a hit recently with all the food establishments closed to make way for another office building. A real shame in my book.

    This was one of the few places in DC to have a messy, organic urban character with the big BURMA sign and the bilboards. All that stuff better stay on through the renovation, and not just come back as another bland DC office building with a button down wine bar or potbelly’s at ground level (or worse a multi-year for lease sign).

  • I’m pretty sure they guy I saw spinning dough in there last week was the same guy who was at Urfa Tomato Kebab (some block) when I used to go there all the time a few years ago. Wonder if the two spots are run by the same people, or if just a coincidence.

  • I like all the signage with the directional arrows. 😉

  • This spot has been taken over by the people who ran the now-closed Urfa Tomato Kebob. They ran a little Pizza shop next to the now-closed Burma. I imagine they are just consolidating into one storefront now.

  • I walked past the place twice last week, both evenings – I sincerely hope they up their design game even a little, because it looked like the creepiest place ever.

  • Yeah, this looks like the college/grad student version of the free candy van


  • I’m going to miss the chickens hanging in that window.

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