Construction Starts at the Potter’s House, Reopening in September

1658 Columbia Road, NW

Thanks to the folks at Potter’s House for letting us know:

“You had a post late last year about The Potter’s House closing for renovations. Wanted to let you know that construction on the renovations has started at The Potter’s House. We plan to reopen in September.”

Their website says:

“When we re-open in 2014, our cafe will have a whole new style. While remaining affordable and accessible, we will have an increased focus on the health of our bodies and the food system as a whole.

We are working with the Food Works Group to develop a seasonally rotating menu that is sourced from local farmers and producers. Everything is still in the works, but you can expect sandwiches, salads, soups and sides with a Southern accent.

We are in conversation with some of the country’s leading coffee roasters about sourcing direct trade beans for our espresso and pour over coffee program. The Potter’s House was one of the first spots in DC to offer espresso, and we are excited to return to this tradition of hospitality.”


“We are an independent bookstore with a special emphasis on spirituality, social issues, and cultural studies. Our curated collection also includes a selection of literature, poetry, and children’s books.

While the bookstore is closed for renovations, we can still fulfill special orders. To place an order, email [email protected] or call 202.232.5483.

When we return in 2014, we will have regular author events and reading groups, a selection of handmade gifts and cards, and an IndieBound online bookstore complete with e-books, essential reading lists, and reviews.”


More renderings of the space here.

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  • Unfortunately they will be removing the candle mural from the outside of the building. They told the artist (Karlisima) that the image of a candle does not fit with their new image. They said something about it (the mural) not being inclusive….

    • How in the world is the mural not “inclusive”? Inclusive of whom–those who work at the electric company?

  • They could generate some business by stocking the latest literary fiction releases.

    I read/buy tons of books and live just down the street but I’ve never been inside because my impression was they had a pretty limited selection. If I knew I could get the latest Lorrie Moore/Teju Cole/whatever I would definitely buy it there and maybe stick around for coffee.

    I get the concept of a special interest store, but stocking the basics would definitely increase foot traffic.

  • I like this place. It fills a niche and is a neighborhood institution that’s worth keeping and cherishing. Sad to hear about the mural. You’d think it would kind of go without saying that it’s religiously oriented – not sure why that would be a problem, exactly…

  • I haven’t been inside for probably 20 years because it felt weird and creepy – does anyone actually go there regularly?

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