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Sherman and Georgia

“This is Sherman the cat and Georgia the dog, adopted together from the Wetzel shelter in West Virginia with the help of Homeward Trails. They are napping together at home in Columbia Heights.”

Close up of Sue just after he took a "swim" in the 26 inches of snow.

“This is my cat Sue who lives in Columbia Heights. He’s a boy named Sue, don’t forget it!”


“This is Boomer wearing his backpack in the fall. We live in Takoma, DC”

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  • today’s whole group is pretty darn cute.

  • Sherman and Georgia get along?

  • houseintherear

    My wonderful wonderful cat came from the Wetzel County shelter! They are so nice. I still keep in touch with the shelter manager, Rosy, who always wants to know how her little friend is doing. There’s something magical there… the dogs and cats all seem to live in harmony. My cat used to go on pack walks with their shelter dogs when he was at the shelter. Maybe it’s the rural environment or something. Congrats on getting a great pair of furry friends!

  • Oh my gosh these are all so cute! The dog/cat spoon is precious. That would never happen in my house.

  • Boomer is such a pretty dog! Love the name too

    • Thank you! He thinks he’s pretty too! We named him after a Battlestar Galactica character and the name suits him well:)

      • That’s what I thought! We almost named ours Starbuck but we thought everybody would just think we were obsessed with coffee. lol

  • Cuties all!
    I love the interspecies cuddling in photo #1 (Sherman and Georgia). Great photo of Sue in the snow (photo #2); nice contrasting colors/textures and a nice sharp focus on his face. Boomer (photo #3) looks attentive and eager to oblige his human!

  • Emmaleigh504

    It took 3 tries to see these comment because clicking on the title took me to ads. Is this going to be the norm?

  • Sherman and Georgia do indeed get along–they were abandoned together, and when they were found, evidently Georgia was protecting Sherman; they would also nuzzle each other when allowed to visit each other in the shelter. So they were bonded, and we took them together; now there is a fair amount of interspecies cuddling and licking in the house, including some cat-on-dog nursing, which is weird but we let it slide.

    • houseintherear

      Ooh interesting about the nursing! The cat I referenced above is always grooming the dog, and sometimes gets “fresh” on his puppy wang ifyacatchmydrift. Pets are just fascinating.

    • I apparently failed to make a joke about Sherman burning everything in Georgia from Atlanta to the sea.

  • Ah, Sue! What a beautiful picture! I love black cats! (“I speak horse. His name is Susan, and he wants you to respect his life choices.” – The Doctor)

  • Lots of cuties today……I have a Wetzel/Homeward Trails cat, too

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