Pulpo Closes in Cleveland Park, will host Hula Girl Food Truck Pop Up “for next few weeks”

3407 Connecticut Ave, NW

From the Hula Girl Food Truck:

“Ok Hulas – here’s the news – we are doing a ‘pop-up’ for the next few weeks…so you can come get your fix while the truck is off the road!!”

You can check out the Food truck menu here.

The Washington Post reports:

“Pulpo, the Cleveland Park tapas emporium, has officially shuttered…

The Hula Girl Bar & Grill will debut Friday night, a sort of valentine for lovers of Hawaiian cuisine, which one mag recently argued is the “next foodie frontier.” The pop-up is expected to run until mid-March, with a possible week-long extension, says Hansen.”

Updates on the permanent plans for this space when they are known.

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  • Bring back the McDonald’s.

  • I was wondering why, when I walked by there on Wednesday, there were cans of Spam on all the tables!

  • Cleveland Park is taking a beating lately.
    Or at least that block.

    Lavandou, Dino, and Pulpo?

    Pulpo’s bottomless cocktails for brunch (even on Saturdays!) was pretty awesome.

    • Some of the other places in CP might have been victim of the neighborhood’s downturn restaurant-wise. Pulpo, on the other hand, was doomed from the start — it started out terrible, but only got marginally better. By then the writing was on the wall.

      • I agree that Pulpo was doomed from the start. Do you remember that Tackle Box had to reinvent itself in the same space? Pulpo did a slow motion version of that.

        I had a fantastic dinner at Pulpo during the government shutdown, but the place was empty.

        Lavandou closed (according to what I read on PoPville) because of an irresolvable landlord issue.

        With Dino’s move to Shaw, it appears to be more about profit (big first floor bar, second floor wine bar) than anything else.

  • Thank god. This is one of the worst dinners I have ever been to. Scallops on a bed of chickpeas with popcorn dumped on top… no thank you. I am hardly ever happy when places close (especially ones with cool kraken logos) but good riddance.

  • msmaryedith

    Their brunch sounded like a good deal–bottomless mimosas AND as many dishes as you wanted. But the food was absolutely TERRIBLE. We kept ordering things and taking a bite and just being like “no, I can’t do this one, either.” It was seriously the worst brunch I think I have had in my life. I would never walk through that door again.

  • According to a number of recent reviews on Yelp, people were having their credit card info stolen after dining at Pulpo. Let’s hope Hula Girl doesn’t have the same problems.

  • Not to pile on, but I too thought the food here was bad… just terrible. Everything I ate there was salt or had a stale quality to it.

  • I would be sad, but then I remember how my (and that of several friends) credit card was used fraudulently after dining here. Good riddance.

  • …hmmm… Just about the same time that Pandora died… Coincidence?

  • The food here was appropriately poorly rated and overpriced, but the half-off happy hour at the bar was pretty sweet. Chill bar staff and good drinks. But that ended a couple months ago.

  • Rumor has it that the Sardis group is taking over that space. They plan on opening their second Picca Pollo A La Brasa location. Looks like Washingtonian mags top chicken will be available in CP

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