Madam’s Organ Not Particularly Pleased with Neighbor Tryst


From Madam’s Organ facebook page:

Tryst. Our shitty neighbor, every New Year’s Eve rents a large moving van and park it in front of Madam’s, completely blocking out front. This shit move just so they can temporarily store their furniture to squeeze more people in the door. For this I would like to award the owner, Cunstantine, the 2013 Worst Neighbor Ever award”

Ed. Note: The first name of Tryst’s owner is Constantine.

Ed. Note: Tryst hosts a private fundraising event for Bread for the City on New Years Eve.

“The ticket costs $60 ($55 for the first 100 early-responders), but the ride around the sun is free, and all net proceeds from the party will go to Bread for the City, a nonprofit that provides food, clothing, medical care and other services to vulnerable DC residents.”

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  • I’m guessing there must be some preexisting issues between these two, to warrant such a message on Facebook.

  • It could be worse, Bill. You could have a neighbor who hosts a New Years stabbing party. Oh, wait…

  • Yeah…when they’re moving furniture out to cram people in *for a fundraiser to help a nonprofit that feeds, clothes, provides medical and legal services, and a lot more to poor people* you lose the moral high ground over the truck.

    • Not necessarily. That’s not overnight parking, and it’s a dick move to block another business’s visibility. They should have parked the truck in front of their own restaurant, or around the corner somewhere.

      • Yeah, nobody can see Madams Organ’s sign or huge mural around that van.

      • Agreed. Just because you’re having a fundraiser doesn’t give you free reign to be inconsiderate to your neighbors in the process. But there’s obviously an ongoing thing happening here so I doubt the nature of the event is actually important here.

      • I wouldn’t say M.O. is wrong to be upset with Tryst over the truck issue, but that level of vitriol, and especially the name-calling, is just juvenile and unprofessional.

  • Can’t we all just get along?

  • Not that it excuses the Facebook post, but….

    if a neighboring, competing (sort of…), business blocks the entire facade of my business, on potentially the busiest night of the year, I’d be pissed too. That said, there are a ton of other things to think about, not the least of which is how busy MO was on NYE – if it was already full, who cares. Also, I’m pretty sure that most people walk on the sidewalk, and could see the bar anyway, and most people know about the bar.

  • Did they park the van on the sidewalk? Street parking is based on availability, even with emergency no parking signs. If they parked it on the street and not on the sidewalk in front of your entrance who cares?

  • Maybe the owners of M.O.’s should get on the ball and park their own vehicles in the referenced spaces instead of waiting for them to be taken, then griping about it. This happens annually, no? It’s not like they didn’t know this was coming. Also, what an immature rant to place on a public forum like FB. And not a smart choice either as backlash can ensue if folks are offended by the rant. Bad choices all around by the M.O. owners, IMHO.

  • Don’t do drugs kids.

    • +1. I’m guessing a solid dose of cocaine must’ve been consumed shortly before the person clicked on “Post”.

  • The NYE benefit at Tryst for Bread for the City does happen annually (for 10+ years now) but the truck has only been parked in front of Madams Organ only sometimes (it goes wherever they can get a space nearby earlier in the day).

    I can’t imagine it affects their business at all. Madams Organ is being needlessly whiny here, and to post that publicly makes me think there is bad blood there that goes far beyond a truck parked legally in front of their place for one night.

  • Relax Madam’s Organ. What law did they break? I highly doubt it effected your business. Losers.

    • They never said it was illegal just felt it was the action of a “bad neighbor.” “Bad neighbor” doesn’t always mean the offending neighbor his necessarily breaking any laws.

  • Madams sucks and it’s owner.

  • Park your truck out front of there place for the next several big holidays and see how they like it…

  • As a woman, I nam highly offended by the misogynistic “Cunstantine” insult levied by Madam’s Organ on what is essentially a public Facebook post.

  • Fundraiser
    Madam’s does fundraisers every Thursday for the past 6 or 7 years…all without shitting on our neighbors

    And someone wrote that there must be some pre-existing issues
    Yes there are…..for many years the Tryst employee handbook instructed their smoking employees to smoke in front of Madam’s Organ…and they all followed those instructions….when I confronted the owner about this he initially denied that those were the instructions but, after I informed him that I was holding the manual given to me by one of his recent hires, he agreed to change the policy…… Tryst doesn’t tell their smoking employees where they can smoke…it simply tells them that they cannot smoke in front of Tryst or The Diner….effectively telling them to smoke and leave their butts in front of neighboring businesses….again, not exactly neighborly

    And, returning to the fundraiser…I applaud anyone who does work or raises money for any of the hundreds of non-profits that work to make life better for those of our many, many less fortunate neighbors……Madam’s, from the first day of operation has made it part of our mission….non-profit Thursdays, giving hundreds of neighborhood children summer beach vacations for over 16 years and our annual Christmas party for over 70 families………but we don’t do this at the expense of our neighbors
    We can do good work and be good neighbors at the same time………………….and even have some fun doing it

    • “Without shitting on their neighbors” – like in a really immature facebook post? Get over yourself. My 2 year old has more maturity.

    • the smoking thing is pretty fucked up.

      • Yeah sure……. I’ll believe anything ……this man says after he…. literally…..wrote a paragraph…. without a single…… GD…… period……

    • Yet anytime I am standing outside of either Tryst or Madam’s Organ, one of Madam’s Organ’s douchey patrons who can’t handle their liquor, stumbling around slurring, tries to bum smokes off of me, and when they are told no by multiple people, become belligerent and rude. Douchebag patrons for a douchebag owner.

  • The Madams Organ crowd is fond of hurling both male AND female name-calling at the Tryst crowd (ref: “dick move” above). Meanwhile, the Trysties are fond of generating actions that infuriate others to the point of such name-calling. Probably if the owner of Tryst didn’t instruct his employees to smoke outside his neighbors’ businesses and probably if the owner of Tryst did not block the entrance of another owner’s bar, then there would be no name-calling. And then again it’s quite possible that if it were another offended owner, he (or she) might not resort to name calling. As an AM veteran, I can say that though Bill Duggan’s responses are quite often outraged and yes offensive, he is at the same time just as often justified in his anger.

    • Sorry, but IMO there’s no reason a business owner can’t be angry but still conduct themselves like a grown-up, without resorting to profanity, personal attacks, and the type of name-calling that you’d expect from a middle-schooler rather than an adult, much less a professional in the hospitality industry. I agree, the smoking issue, if it’s true, sounds very inconsiderate of Tryst. As for the truck–unless it’s parked on the sidewalk, which earlier comments and the photo seem to suggest it was not–I’m not understanding how it could be blocking the bar’s entrance. The view from across the street, or drive-up access? Sure, maybe. But 18th is a congested street with limited parking, and there are always going to be annoyances and grievances about jockeying for parking spaces–that’s part of the reality of doing business in a high-density urban restaurant/bar/nightlife corridor. Given that, at least in my observation, most if not all of the 18th St bars are pedestrian-oriented rather than car-oriented (meaning, more foot traffic walking by, as opposed to patrons just driving up to the bar), I’d be surprised if a truck parked in front of MO really impacted their customer volume all that much.

      • “Sorry”

        Ah the perennial Washington debate: tis better to endure the slings and arrows of unkind – but ‘cool’ – neighbors or bring their misbehaviors to the light of day the surest way we know how: by being the squeakiest wheel?

        Truth vs manners?

        DC in reality has neither!

  • I think tryst has parked the truck infront of their own door in past years. Not that it makes a diffrence on NYE that whole area is elbow to elbow with people.

  • Btwn two lame joints…who cares

  • Maybe Duggan should finally lay off the coke for a while and think about how ridiculous he sounds.

  • The preexisting issue is that the owner of Madam’s Organ is an egomaniac. I’ve seen this guy flipping out assaulting someone on the sidewalk outside the bar and when people tried to step in and stop it, threatening to call the police, he went on a rant about how he owns the DC police department because they are all his friends. Talk about terrible neighbor, he blasts their music so loud that even when Bossa, next door, has music all you can hear is whatever Madam’s Organ is blasting. They guy is a jerk, plain and simple, and anyone who cannot see that from his ridiculous, whiny post must themselves be a simpleton.

  • Never been to MO, never will after a whiney idiotic move like this. Angry because your neighbor is hosting a charity event? Give me a break, seriously. I’d rather see MO shutdown and be an empty building at this point.

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