Dacha Beer Garden Looking to Open Second Location in Mt. Vernon Square


Thanks to a reader for sending from the February ANC 6E Meeting agenda:

923-25 5th Street, NW (Dacha Beer Garden 2): Request for Support for Stipulated and Permanent Restaurant Class T Liquor Licenses for New Outdoor Beer Garden (Daci, Inc.)”

Dacha Beer Garden’s first location opened in Sept. 2013 in Shaw at the corner of 7th and Q Street, NW:


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  • justinbc

    Kind of surprised how close this will be to the original, but glad to hear they’re doing well enough to expand. Did they come to any resolution yet on the redesign of the current space?

  • I wonder how long this location will last. With all the infill either happening or planned for this area, it’s hard to imagine that strip from 923 to 931 won’t be itself redeveloped soon enough.

    • I’m guessing that this will be a relatively short lease for that reason alone. Maybe a stop-gap sort of thing. There isn’t much overhead running an outdoor beer garden that serves food made on a cheap grill.

  • Do they have a lot of Bavarian beers here?

  • Well, this is right next to that new restaurant, Silo. The only other planned development in that area that I have heard of is the potential to put a Hotel or Apartments at 5th and I (parking lot currently). I am sure these older buildings will be developed eventually, but who knows when.

  • I think this is the empty lot without a roof (but has exterior walls) that is in between silo and the cloakroom. Whenever I look at it, I always think, “Man, that would be a great place with an outdoor beer garden.”

  • This is fantastic news–they’re a perfect spot for this odd space (there’s a facade but no actual structure from what I can tell). I think they’ll do very well here. While Mandu has a small but always awesome beer list and Alba Osteria has a lengthy tap list, adding Dacha to the neighborhood will really improve the beer offerings available.

  • feel sorry for the folks living near the new location.

    • I live 100 feet from the existing location – my bedroom window looks out onto the beer garden – and I’m happy to report they have been good neighbors.

      I had a lot of anxiety about them moving on to our quiet block, but the owners have been respectful, the crowds have been under control, and the beer is amazing. When it snowed this week, Dmitri, one of the owners, was out salting the sidewalk. They aren’t even open, and he’s doing right by us.

      I don’t think Mt. Vernon has anything to worry about, but they do have a lot to look forward to. Cheers!


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