Looks Like Dunya Restaurant and Bar Will Be Opening Any Day at 801 Florida Ave, NW

801 Florida Ave, NW just east of 9th and U Street

Thanks to all who sent emails about the progress at Dunya:

“A Mediterranean restaurant serving tapas and high end cocktails with a seating capacity for 150 patrons and total load of 150. Request an entertainment endorsement with live performances jazz for brunch or private events and summer garden with a seating capacity for 25 patrons.”


In June we were happily surprised to see that they were adding a sweet roof deck. Today, a peek in the window reveals they should be opening any day now:


Dunya’s website still says coming soon. I’ll be sure to update when an exact date is announced.

Quite a bit of progress from March of this year:


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  • Is that nice front window above the door boarded over rather than replaced with glass?

  • Damn. I’ve been watching this place for months and excited for it to open, but tapas and high end cocktails? Ugh. No thanks.

  • I hate to say this, but the inside looks cheap and not particularly Mediterranean. I’ll try it, though.

    • Agreed – those tables and chairs would be right at home in a cheap mexican restaurant.

    • lovefifteen

      I had the same thought, and I usually try to avoid making critical comments about new places on POPville. But, yeah, those chairs and tables looks so cheap and ugly. I am really surprised by the choice. Maybe they look better in person?

      • And uncomfortable! What is it with restaurants and uncomfortable seating these days! Not loving the new bar stools at the revamped Heights either. (Though the food is still good)

  • Granted, minutia, but couldn’t they have replaced the one white window to match the rest?

  • Fenestration Frustration!

    Can they remove the wood on the upper level and put in some glazing – and as Anonymous said – replace the side window!

    It is too bad they took off the roof on the corner – but clever roof deck design.

  • Inspired, affordable, normal-sized portions – pick two.

  • I just spoke with the managers there, and they are not doing high end tapas at all. They also told me they made all of the tables from reclaimed wood that’s 100 years old! That’s pretty cool I think!

  • lovefifteen

    If this restaurant ends up being popular, the sidewalk area is going to be a trainwreck. There is so little space for people coming in and out. Just imagine if it ended up as popular as The Brixton.

  • Eat your food then dance it off at Town across the street!

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