From the Forum – McMillan Reservoir – mixed use retail?

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McMillan Reservoir – mixed use retail?

“I just saw some minutes from a meeting today that included some discussion on the plans for the McMillan reservoir in Bloomingdale and it says “mixed use retail and residential buildings.”

I’m wondering what “mixed use retail” even means. Does that mean a grocery store? Or, maybe it’s just a typo…”

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  • Doesn’t “mixed use retail and residential” simply indicate that the structures will have both residential and retail components?

  • Probably just missing a colon or dash after mixed use. Mixed use means residential + retail.

    • “Mixed-use” means both commercial and residential.
      In this case (and with most of the mixed-use buildings we read about on PoPville), the commercial portion is retail (as opposed to office space).

  • why would anyone wonder what this means? It means a mix of uses.

  • Mentioned this on the forum, but
    A grocery store is one of the things that has been discussed and there was some discussion of it potentially being a Teeter.
    A few months ago, VMP put out a survey for residents to weigh in on what amenities they would like — I’m not sure it’s still active but fwiw, I advocated for a coffee shop, salon and some sit-down restaurants.
    Here are the current plans:

    • Part of it is absolutely a grocery store. They have plans posted to the envisionmcmillan website (VMP proposal) and also held an open house where they discussed the grocery store and showed mockups of it.

      For anyone that is legitimately interested in this topic, Vision McMillan Partners will be holding another open house to present their revised designs on November 16th. They are also going back before the HPRB on October 31st, although the revised plans they are presenting have not, in my opinion, addressed the comments from the last go around with the HPRB.

  • According to Vision McMillan Partners at the HPRB meeting, it means “thousands of additional vehicular trips a day” on three streets — First, North Cap and Michigan Ave — with no transportation upgrades other than a bus stop.

    Enjoy your new “mixed use retail and residential,” Bloomingdale.


    • They need to scale back the planned development, improve the VMP plans aesthetically and put some shovels in the ground. Northern section offices, retail (including a full, mid – rise apartments / condos, middle section park community amentities, southern section townhomes low rise apartments / condos. Add McMillan as a stop on the circulator to ease some of the traffic concerns

      At the current development pace Walter Reed may break ground before McMillan.

  • Why was this not mentioned as a place where DC could try to build the soccer stadium?

  • DC residents should review the plans the city has for this historic park. They are planning to build multiple 12-story office buildings and condos that will tower over the surrounding neighborhoods. The park was originally built as part of the emerald necklace ring of parks designed by Frederick Olmstead Jr. surrounding Washington on high pieces of land and providing beautiful vistas for the residents. The amazing part of the nationally designated historic park lies in the enormous underground caverns which used to filter the drinking water for the city. Search for some of the amazing photos of these caverns online. It is a real shame that this part of the city which is in need of parkland (just ask NoMa which just spent 50 million for some small parkland) is willing to destroy this national treasure and build more offices and condos. There is a petition circulating with thousands of signatures objecting to the city’s plans. Try to find that petition and sign it to try to save this historic site from demolition.

  • Most of my life, I have wanted to enjoy this stretch of land that DC has let lay vacant and now “surplussed.” I think it would be best used as a park again. I would make the trek across town just to visit this park as often as possible. Think of the educational opportunities! One of my neighbors used to field trip her students there to teach them how water is and was made drinkable. Kids today are so disconnected from our food, land, air even the water we drink. Restoring McMillan Park as a park, could be that missing link.

    Let’s develop in Ward 7 & 8 where it is desperately needed instead. Let’s also stop giving away public land to every developer that winks at us. I don’t believe this current plan is true “Smart Development” or good for Washington DC in any way, shape or form.

    Rilky – because it is a historic site and a stadium can’t use the cells underneath. Perhaps you should go to the site now and view it.

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