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  • I was there at the ANC6D meeting. They said Whole Foods would be making the announcement officially in November, but due to numerous city/zoning/etc approvals, it would become public before then. Still not solid timeline for the opening, but, it was said that the retailer is pressing for the earliest opening possible.

  • Can we get a whole foods in Shaw. The one in Logan circle is way too crowded

  • What’s with the wavy brick facade? Everyone is doing it.

  • When asked how many days construction will take, a Whole Foods spokesperson responded “365”

  • Isn’t that neighborhood more Near Southeast than navy Yard? I think of the Navy Yard as the area around M Street and south.

    • justinbc

      I guess they’re naming it based on proximity to that Metro station? Although it actually looks technically closer to the Capitol South metro. Either way, it’s a heckuva lot closer to my place in Capitol Hill than the one in Logan Circle, which is great news for me!

      • I guess everything below the Southeast Freeway and east of South Capitol Street is now the Navy Yard. I’m really surprised they aren’t trying to call it Capitol Hill. Because really, if the freeway weren’t there, that’s exactly what they’d call it.

      • This really is just at the southern edge of the Hill, and I’d be willing to bet one Allegro coffee that WFM corporate will name it Capitol Hill.
        0.4 mi. to Library of Congress
        0.6 mi. to Navy Yard, Latrobe Gate
        0.8 mi. to Eastern Market

    • Everything south of the freeway and east of South Capitol Street is often generically referred to as “Navy Yard.” Near Southeast is a real mouthful. And despite the BID’s best efforts, “Capitol Riverfront” never caught on.

      • “Near Southeast” is a “mouthful”? It has the same number of syllables as “Navy Yard”. LOL. Maybe you meant “a type-ful” because it has more letters. LMAO

  • Solid location, I hope they provide for improved pedestrian access around there.

  • Looks like this is still a couple years away. The Capitol Riverfront BID site says this is scheduled to commence in Q2 2014. These large projects usually have a 2-year build time. Best case secenerio this is open by Q2 2016. But, these large projects almost never breakground on time and always run into delays. More than likely this will open sometime in late 2016/early 2017.

  • brookland_rez

    I can’t believe how much this area has changed. I remember just 10 years ago going to see NOFX and Bad Religion play at Nation down there. There were prostitutes everywhere.

    On one hand I’m glad the area cleaned up, but I sort of lament the loss of things like venues to see bands play, etc.

    I haven’t been down there in a while. Are the skateboard ramps still under the overpass at Garfield park? I built a lot of the original ramps that got that spot going. After a while, other people starting bringing ramps. The Capitol police would roll by while we were building ramps in the middle of the night, but they were cool with what we were doing. Fun times.

  • Rumors/hopes of a Whole Foods in Navy Yard have been around long before this past June. This idea was first bandied about in 2010. Hope it’s open relatively soon!

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