New Restaurant from Owner of Thai-Xing Now Hoping for a November Opening

2020 9th Street, NW (just north of U Street)

It’s been a while since we had an update on the status of the new restaurant from the owner of Thai-Xing coming to 9th Street by the 9:30 Club. I finally ran into some workers last weekend and they said if all goes well they should be able to open in November. I get asked quite frequently – ‘what new restaurant/bar am I most looking forward to opening?’ – well, this is it. Here’s hoping everything runs smoothly from here!


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  • justinbc

    Darn, it’s further from me than Thai X-ing, but good for him. Thai X-ing is one of my favorite all time DC dining experiences.

  • Beau Thai was opened by the sister of the creator of Thai X-ing and offers many of the same dishes at a fraction of the price (including the famous pumpkin curry in the fall!). A cheaper, almost as good, alternative. 🙂

  • While their food was fine, and I really wanted to like this place when I went, I got absolutely horrible service at Thai X-ing. This was possibly the worst service I’ve ever gotten at a restaurant, and I eat out a lot. I really hope that they hire more (or any) employees for the new place and run it professionally. For $50 bucks a head before alcohol, which is a lot for me, I expect service at least as good as that at any chain restaurant.

  • @cochrynn- Be snobbier. That’s part of the experience and something most know before going in. It used to just be the owner/chef manning the tables and the kitchen. Be grateful he’s hired a wait staff. And be grateful for BYOB!

    • Trust me I’m no snob- Thai X-ing is a much more expensive place than I am used to. I frequent $10-20/head restaurants that all have much better service than Thai X-ing. I had heard about the place from friends, but they told me that the place was homey and that they treat you like family. What I experienced was a place that leaves reservation-holding customers standing out in the freezing cold for over an hour, totally unacknowledged and not knowing if they will ever get sat. And once we got sat, we were rushed at rapidfire pace through our courses, which could barely fit on our table. To say we were rushed is actually a laughable understatement. And to top it all off, a dessert to which I was allergic was placed on our table no less than 4 times. The final time I realized that they would never bring our check until the dessert remained on the table because the entire place is run like an assembly line. I think people like this place because it seems ‘underground’ and ‘exclusive’ and after going through the PITA service they want to justify all the trouble to themselves.

      • justinbc

        My last visit was a party of 20+ people and not a single one complained. Maybe people “like this place” because they actually had great food and service, and you just got proverbially shit on.

        • I suppose my experience could have been a huge departure from their normal level of service, but so many things went wrong I kind of doubt it. When I’ve gotten terrible service at other places, the staff usually goes out of their way to compensate or at least acknowledge that something went wrong, and I will then frequent those places again. At Thai X-ing no one acknowledged that the service was bad or that making reservation holders wait out in the cold for over an hour was unreasonable so I have to think it’s pretty run of the mill for them.

  • most importantly – will it also be BYOB?

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