Big Brookland News – Owner of Meridian Pint and Smoke and Barrel Opening New Location in new Brookland Works Building

Brookland Works building outside metro

Lots of good news continuing for Brookland this week. First Barnes and Noble confirmed leasing 14,000 square feet of the Cornerstone building with Catholic University on Monroe Street between Michigan Avenue and 7 Street, NE. And last week we learned Analog, “handmade and vintage shop” opened in the Arts Walk. Now comes more good news for the Arts Walk.

At the corner of 8th and Monroe St, NE – Meridian Pint and Smoke and Barrel owner John Andrade, has signed a lease for 4,200 square feet in the Brookland Works building, right outside the metro. They hope to open late spring/early Summer of 2014. While this, still to be named, restaurant will have a serious craft beer program – it will also feature a broader beverage program to include cocktails and wine. The 4,200 square foot space will have room for 120 inside and 48 on the outdoor patio. Lots more updates as construction progress and more details are known.

Arts Walk

4200 Square Feet

48 seat patio

Owner John Andrade at corner of 8th and Monroe St, NE

Monroe Street

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  • This area is just blowing up.

  • I need more smoke and barrel in my life

  • Is this really good news for Brookland? It’s been fine without them too. The MINIMUM cost for a 1BR in that building is 1,800. I pay $1275 down the block on 8th ST NE now. This building isn’t really for folks that live in Brookland. They might as well change the metro name to NOMA2.

    • And 5 years ago when you moved to DC, the Brookland residents said the same thing about you. The only difference is that they were paying $800 and living in your 1BR.

    • I’m sure property owners are salivating right now. Brookland has a LOT of affordable rentals – studios around $900-1000 and 1BRs from $1050-1200 in the older buildings. The type of places you can spend a few years in and save up for a down payment.

      Those will probably rapidly increase to $1400-1700 in two years’ time, which is the prices you pay in Adams Morgan or Dupont for a shoebox. Great for owners and investors; bad for everyone else who is just trying to stay above water or improve their lot in life. Brookland is one of the last truly safe and affordable areas near a metro station. Kiss that goodbye.

      • An acquaintance of mine just sold his Brookland condo. I think he’s a complete idiot not to wait two years.

        • I completely agree. He’s probably spooked about the rise in interest rates, but I think the increase in value in that area in a few years’ time will more than compensate for it. At the very least, he can rent it out and probably cover everything.

          • I used to live on 8th and Irving during the mid 90s … so I’m hard pressed to understand why anyone would complain about the success of a neighborhood with as much potential as Brookland. Though some will be forced out, the majority will benefit from an a more multicultural neighborhood, enhanced schools, cleaner options for living and shopping, etc. Learn to enjoy these things rather than dismiss them. Best of luck to all the new businesses who choose to come to Brookland … your arrival has been a long awaited event!!

    • Seeing as there was *nothing* on that site before, I don’t see what the problem is. New customers for the new shops and restaurants, plus CUA grad students (I was one once) won’t have to leave the neighborhood for a nice pint.

      And “one of the last truly safe and affordable areas near a metro station” is complete hyperbole. “Safe, affordable, walkable, within the District,” maybe, but there are 86 Metro stations and many are in quiet/cheap residential areas.

    • Is it good news? Yes. Yes it is. And if you think that this development is anything like what’s going on in NoMa, you need to have your head examined.

      I agree with that there needs to be an affordable housing strategy in Brookland as it develops, though. It would be really, really unfortunate if it turned into Clarendon. More affordable housing for artists, in particular, should be a priority.

      • Well, they have the artspace lofts, not sure about the pricing on that, as well as the new space at the 8th and monroe intersection.

        • The 8th and Monroe space that you’re referring to does not have housing, though – at least not to my knowledge. There are exhibit and performance spaces only, with market rate rentals. It would be a shame to build all of this art space and not maintain enough affordable housing. That’s not to say that affordable housing for non-artists is unimportant. Anything that’s built anywhere in the city – especially in already-affluent neighborhoods – should contain a meaningful percentage of affordable units IMO. But we shouldn’t be happy with empty lots and rundown buildings for the sake of maintaining affordability, and saying that the new shiny buildings are not “for folks that live in Brookland” is not very neighborly.

      • whats wrong with noma?

        • My point is only that there’s no confusing the two development styles. But I think that many people who choose to live in a neighborhood like Brookland find the new construction down there kind of hulking and generic and prefer something a bit more “human scale” as urban planners like to say. Obviously there are others who love NoMa and feel that the increased density results in a more vibrant neighborhood. Different strokes…

        • NoMa is pretty awful. I work there. It’s soulless and so Farragut Northy. It also needs a bar — a single bar — for the thousands of people who work there and want to have a happy hour drink in a place that isn’t inside a hotel.

          • But you have to remember that planned developments are nowhere near finished. IIRC there are lots of mixed-use buildings in the works that would contain eating and shopping options.

    • “This building isn’t really for folks that live in Brookland.”


    • So now you decide who gets to live in Brookland?

  • Congratulations to John and the MP/S&B folks on the new space! I’m sure it’ll be a FANTASTIC addition to the neighborhood.

  • HOORAY!!! Cannot wait to check it out.

  • Super excited about this. Definitely a great addition.

  • Brookland needs more beer!

  • Going insane with glee right now

  • Happy to be moving to the hood next month….now where is the supermarket that’s been rumored?

  • brookland_rez


  • This looks great!

  • I’ve lived in Brookland for almost 15 years now and can’t wait for this place to open. Until Menomale, Little Rickey’s and even San Anotnio Grill, there wasn’t a single place my wife and I could walk to and sit down to grab a decent drink and a bite to eat. No offense to Colonel Brooks, but every now and then I like to take my wife to a place where the seat cushions in the booths are ripped.

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