The Reef Ordered Closed by Police Until Wed. Due to Stabbing on Friday Night

2446 18th Street, NW

On Saturday we learned there was a stabbing in the 2400 block of 18th Street, NW. Yesterday, a reader wrote in asking why the Reef had closed. Turns out the stabbing incident occurred in the Reef. I asked ABRA for details and they shared:

“Assault with Deadly Weapon (Knife). 96 hour Chief of Police closure.”

The reader hears the Reef will reopen Wednesday.


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  • Last year there was the dumb ass who fell off the roof. This year a stabbing. Can’t wait to see what happens in 2014!

  • I haven’t been to the Reef in years, but it never struck me as a stabby kind of place.

  • Reef-er Madness

  • What is the purpose or intent of closing the restaurant? Do the police think The Reef was somehow responsible or involved? Should the cooks and waiters really be punished – “taxed” in effect – with hundreds of dollars through lost shifts? Not even considering the lost revenue to the restaurant and the lost sales tax to the city. I don’t understand the point. Was the restaurant supposed to search patrons for knives and failed?

    • My understanding is that it’s to punitive (i.e., club/bar owners will do a better job of policing patrons and throwing out aggressive customers if they know they’ll get a closure if there’s violence) and to prevent retaliation (i.e., friends of the victim going back the next night to get revenge on the group that committed the violence – gives everybody a chance to cool down).

      • I still think it is abusive toward a business. If the police are concerned about retaliation, they should step up their own jobs in trying to anticipate and prevent it – not take thousands of dollars from the pockets of restaurant employees.

        • Agreed, unless a venue has a history of problems then close it. But as far as I know the Reef’s always been a pretty peaceful and not very Adams Morgany as other places on the weekend.

      • Yeah I think they are trying to deescalate things by not letting people show up there the next day. And also its kinda a warning to the bars to keep it under control. Cops can’t be expected to proactively police every bar and club thats the job of house security.

        • The best cops still wind up with stabbings & shootings on their watch. Why should the best restaurant/bar security be held to a higher standard? No business owner wants violence in their establishment. This is a FINE on a business owner and a FINE on dozens of employees. It is govt. abuse.

    • I don’t think ‘taxed’ means what you think it means…

  • That explains all the cops there Saturday night. Oh wait that was just because it was Saturday night in Adams Morgan.

  • That’s because the security started the fight and did the stabbings!

  • Rumor has it that it was a “security guard” employed by the venue that stabbed the patron.

  • Rumor has it that it was a “security guard” employed by the venue that stabbed the patron.

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