Moe’s Southwest Grill Coming to NoMa

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@TonyTGoodman tweeted the news last night:

“Coming soon to NoMa – @Moes_HQ on N at 1st NE, adjacent to TD Bank.”

image via KLNB Retail

Moe’s Southwest Grill’s website says:

Founded in December 2000 in Atlanta, Ga., Moe’s Southwest Grill is a fun and engaging fast-casual restaurant franchise serving a wide variety of fresh, made-to-order southwest fare.

The first thing you’ll hear when you walk into the restaurant is an enthusiastic “Welcome to Moe’s!” It’s more than a greeting; it’s a way of life for the folks who customize each meal fresh to order right in front of the guest.

While Moe’s is best known for its burritos packed with a choice of over 20 fresh, flavorful ingredients, the menu also features kid’s, vegetarian and low-calorie options. And all meals are served with free chips and salsa.

We believe in delicious simplicity, which is our way of saying we’re committed to serving only the highest quality ingredients 100% of the time at 100% of our locations. The fully customizable menu proudly boasts all-natural, cage-free, white breast meat chicken; steroid-free, grain-fed pulled pork; 100% sirloin, grass-fed steak; and organic tofu. At Moe’s, there are no microwaves, no Trans fats and no msg.

Food quality, safety and customer service are no joke, but aside from that, Moe’s tries not to take itself too seriously. For fun, the folks at Moe’s gave each menu item a unique name like The Funk Meister taco, Homewrecker burrito and Billy Barou nachos, to name a few, just to keep things interesting.

And the music at Moe’s is also a good conversation starter. If you listen closely to the tunes playing at any Moe’s restaurant, you’ll notice all of the songs are performed by dead musicians to honor the sweet sounds of the artists who left us too soon.

You can see their menu here. Currently Moe’s has DC locations at 1331 Pennsylvania Ave, NW and 470 L’Enfant Plaza East. Anyone ever eat at one?

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  • I had my first taste of it a month ago when I had a layover in Atlanta. The setup is like Chipotle and I thought the food was tasty.

  • Who needs Chinatown lunch options when you have NoMa lunch options

  • Will they serve flaming moes there?

  • Always found Moe’s to be far inferior to the other large texmex chains. :/

  • Their nutrition calculator is really fun to play with. Select the “bowl of queso” and watch your sodium levels dance all the way up to 147% !


  • I personally love Moe’s but to each their own. Free chips and salsa bar!!!

  • the real story in that retail map is the 47,000+ square ft health club being pitched for the final phase of Constitution Square. That is exciting news.

  • I do not wish to patronize any establishment that claims that corporate-mandated exuberance is a way of life for their employees.

  • I used to live in Atlanta and I love me some Moe’s. I first had Moe’s when I was in graduate school in Birmingham, AL and I fell in love with it instantly. Next, please put one in Columbia Heights or U Street….please and thank you!

  • It’s mediocre chain Mexican–the sort of thing that’s a big hit in Atlanta, which is usually a bad sign for any ethnic cuisine.. Baja and Chipotle are better in different ways.

    • Baja is absolutely disgusting and bland! Moe’s is way, way better! Each to his own though, I guess.

      • Baja Fresh’s salsa bar beats every other one out of the water.
        Lime Fresh is a joke, Moe’s is terrible. Baja at least has a great spicy red salsa.

  • I like Moe’s but understand I am in the minority on that. As far as quality and freshness goes, Chipotle reigns supreme.

    However, it’s not like Baja Fresh or Qdoba are anything to write home about. Same goes for California Tortilla, I’d put that one on the bottom of the list.

  • What a disappointment! Not a single gluten-free option on the menu. Yet another restaurant here in NoMA that my partner and I won’t be eating at.

  • Yay! To me Moe’s is on-par with the other burrito chains in taste, but it stands out in that it offers ‘Junior’ and ‘Kids’ sized burritos. Very good nutritional calculator as well. The portion sizes at Chipotle are out of control and I don’t want to have to order a lame ‘naked’ burrito, aka salad, just to get a reasonably sized meal. Burritos don’t exactly keep well so it saves money, too. I will definitely be going here once it opens!

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