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  • Goes hand in hand with the Petworth mural– just horrible, and what a slap in the face to the neighbors.

    • Seriously??!! Actually the neighbours do like it – it has been featured on the Shepherd Park Garden Tour several times. The elderly couple who live there are very gracious and relish the chance to talk about their unusual yard art. It makes me smile every time I see it.

      • it makes me sad for our city when people hate on fun things like this.

        • Oh, I like “fun”. Been to Philadelphia, 10th and South? That’s super fun, and I love it.

          This is ugly, ill-maintained, and amateurish at best, and all that standing scummy water is nauseating. Looks like a mini golf course that was too tacky to draw customers, and has been shut down for the last two years.

          • Then again, I kind of doubt you have ever been consulted as an expert on art.

          • justinbc

            Completely agreed.

          • You also seem to be assuming that this was meant to be “serious art” and I am just not sure that is the case. This seems to be a couple who just wanted to liven up THEIR yard to THEIR taste and amusement.

      • What is the Jamaica connection? Are they from there, or are they travel agents? I like it because it’s different, but I don’t think it makes a strong case for going to/investing in Jamaica.

    • I love the Petworth mural!

  • Gorgeous!

  • dc could use a lazy river ride.

  • Jamaica me crazy.

  • I sincerely hope most of that is underwater for most of the year. Otherwise, this is one of the very few lawns I’ve seen to strongly make the case for home owner associations.

  • binpetworth

    To be fair, I’d rather have a neighbor with this on their front lawn than what I have now–neighbors with a buttload of trash and weeds that come up to one’s waist.

  • Ok, why do they have an advertisement for Jamaica built into their front yard? You couldn’t pay me to go there. Also, I sure hope they have mosquito dunks in that standing water. If I were their neighbor I’d be reporting them in no time flat if they didn’t.

    • i don’t think anyone is offering to pay you to go there.

    • You couldn’t pay me to eat/wear/use a lot of things that are advertised. What’s your point?

    • That’s my thought too. Standing water is mosquito heaven. It’s tacky, but to each their own until everyone in the neighborhood gets eaten alive.

  • What’s wrong with people?! This is so fun and different! Get off your snotty high horses and enjoy people!

  • This is fine, but they used the wrong color for the TARDIS.

  • Don’t understand the hate on this. I sorta feel like you should get out of the city if you can’t deal with some quirkiness in the urban fabric. It’s not garbage, it’s not crime, it’s not a danger to anyone, so lay off people’s yards. There’s plenty of cookie cutter suburbs that-a-way and they have all sorts of rules about their lawns for the folks that love that sort of thing.

  • You would never see something like this in Reston!

  • I’m sure this was well-intentioned, but I find it tacky.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Not my style, but not my yard. I’m not offended by it. Carry on Jamaica lovers!

  • valentina

    There are some mean and hateful people on this site.

  • Ugh. All that standing water is an open invitation to mosquitoes.

  • Unfortunately, I have to agree with the folks who don’t like the look of it. It does look like a reject from a sad putt-putt course, however it’s their yard so they can do what they like (the possibility of standing water attracting mosquitoes might be the one thing that people can legitimately object to and raise as an issue).

  • justinbc

    To the half of the people wondering why the other half of the people are “hating” and not “enjoying fun in the city”… it’s more about the execution than the idea. I don’t think most people are opposed to you expressing your artistic inspirations in your own property, but when you do them so blatantly poorly that it becomes a health hazard (attracting mosquitos) then you need to either put in a little more effort or just accept the criticism.

  • saf

    I love this – it has been there for a number of years, and I have always found it endearing.

  • Amazed that this is still here. I lived in this neighborhood as kid, this was a must stop on the way home from school.

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