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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: People who don’t know how to use email. I’ve received over 100 (maybe 200) emails today from people using “reply all” in response to an email they think they got in error. And over a dozen telling people not to use “reply all” (using “reply all” to do this!)

    • My last firm disabled the reply all feature on Outlook. What a blessing.

    • they should dock people’s pay for improper use of “reply all”. Also, if you don’t know how to use a mute button, you lose all phone privileges.

    • I think I work for the same place that you do… The worst is all the people thinking that they can stop the email flood by sending one their self to the main email recipient group, further complicating and extending the flood of email. over 200 emails so far, people who took the day off are in for a surprise tomorrow.

      • Looks like the email flood has stopped, but one of my coworkers thinks this is the funniest thing she’s ever seen and now she’s reading her favorite replies out loud!

        • Haha, maybe I should have kept them! I deleted all of mine. It’s amazing how many people work in this org (In our Web Server/App Management Division) that don’t know how email or even the Internet works… LOL.

    • One of the GW graduate alum list serves has that problem. I will get an email from the listserve host and 50-60 people will reply all asking to get taken off the listserve…then another 100 people would complain about the Reply All then 50 more would make fun of those people because they hit Reply All….
      I had to report the email address as spam.

    • I think we work for the same company…

  • rave: 2nd anniversary, and one full year actually together (as in, no deployment like the first year).

    rave: great ultrasound yesterday and I really like the OB we picked (I have never had an OB, so it was a relief). But, one more month to go until I go back which is nervewracking.

    Rant: Birthday next week. During Passover. No (real) cake.

    Rant: Nowhere to go for Passover (community ones aren’t our thing). We tried through our synagogue and Gesher City, everyone says they don’t have room. Sort of sad, but we’ll make do. I wish we could go home, but taking leave isn’t an option.

    • What about hosting a small Seder with some friends? Especially if you keep it to a smaller group, there are ways to make it a little easier to put together. And I think you can find online sources for Haggadahs – or you can order them from Amazon or get them from the DCJCC.

      I’ve got a couple of really tasty Kosher-for-Passover dessert recipes if you’d like something sweet to celebrate your birthday with; perhaps PoP can put us in touch via email & I can send them to you.

      Also – yay for the great ultrasound & finding an OB you like; who did you decide to work with?

      • We would, but I’m working and don’t have much time to cook…nor do we really have the room (our dining room is small – we rarely even eat in it!). Most of our Jewish friends have family they are going to.

        We’ll just have the two of us. It isn’t a big deal, it’s more the NO ONE at synagogue has room for two people? Which is a bummer considering how much I feel we contribute to the community (husband leads services, we sponsor A LOT of onegs, etc). But we’ll be ok. It’s just one year.

        • Oh, that is a bummer. Especially since you’re involved in the synagogue. Just the two of you sounds nice, though another idea is to include a couple of non-Jewish friends who might be interested in learning more about the tradition (or in just sharing a festive meal) – but only if you’re up for it. I’m hosting for the second year in a row, though fortunately a somewhat smaller group this year. And my parents help. I noticed that Whole Foods is offering a fully-prepared (I think) Passover Seder meal for 6-8, but I don’t remember the menu or the cost.

          What synagogue do you belong to? Are you otherwise happy with it? We belong to a synagogue down in Fairfax Station since I’ve been a member there for over 10 years and adore the place (the Rabbis and community are really wonderful) – so it’s been hard to seriously consider switching. But DC would be so much more convenient, especially once we have Hebrew school to schlep to – though that’s several years away, at least.

          • I’d rather not say (just because I sort of bitched about the lack of support for us needing a seder! lol)
            However, ours is very small, no hebrew school. If you need that, ours isn’t the place for you. It works for us because we can walk there πŸ™‚

          • em

            We go to Temple Micah on Wisconsin – it is a great multi-generational community. You’d still have to schlep there for youth education (although Metro isn’t great, there are a lot of buses), but they offer Hebrew tutoring via skype.

    • I’m hosting brunch on my niece’s birthday, which is Easter this year, for a group of Catholics, Jews, and atheists. My Catholic mother is totally upset that my Jewish niece is having a flourless chocolate cake instead of a “real” cake. I guess my mom has never had a flourless chocolate cake, since those things are incredible. Also, my niece is turning two, so you know, it’s all cake to her.

      What are you planning to have for cake? I feel like with all the gluten free people around here there should be good options.

    • Aren’t there some restaurants that do kosher for Passover meals? Or cook your own dinner and watch The Ten Commandments. πŸ™‚

    • Who is your OB? I am looking for one and would love suggestions!

      • Dr. Metz at GW (but the 2300 M St location, which is way less crazy). she had a baby a number of months ago, so even though she’s young, it was comforted by her having been through this all.

  • anon. gardener

    Rant: What genius thought it would be okay to shut down part of Sherman Ave during morning rush hour? It took my bus 40 minutes to get around the 2-block-long detour.

    Rave: bright sunny morning.

  • Rant: saw a mouse in my apartment last night. And my bathtub drain is clogged, which i weird because that started after I removed hair from it. The draino didn’t do a lot.

    Rave: my clean and organized (save for the mouse) apartment is inspiring me to get things done, like finish reupholstering one of my chairs.

    Rant: drove to work this morning because I need my car after. It was awful. I don’t like the one hour walking+metro commute, but I like the one hour drive even less.

    • re: mouse….ugh. we had one for a while. FINALLY cought that thing. As much of a rip off as it can feel like, it definitely helped us to have a exterminator come to show us where it/they are likely coming in from. We set traps RIGHT there, used a mix of cheese in peanut butter (so hard to crab) and SNAP. Got it. With the old school traps. Haven’t seen any mouse crap since.

      If you haven’t already, use the inspiration of clean/organized to ensure all your food stuffs are secured so a mouse can’t nibble on it. That’s the WORST!

      • Speak on it!
        When I saw that mouse the other day I freaked the heck out…I dont leave ANY food around but apparently they/it was coming through a small hole (which has since been filled with copper wool) to explore.
        My sister came to visit last weekend and cut bread and cheese and didnt clean up after herself and I went clean the f*&k off.
        Mice scare me, so I dont encourage them by leaving crumbs all over the place.

        • until you see or step on the copper wool!
          It definitely ended up on the kitchen floor for us lol

          • Mice or rats – get the Rat Zapper.
            Hair in drain – there is a great bendy wire thing with velcro-like pad on the end. Just poke it down and pull it up. At any hardware store.

          • Ugh, I had mice in my old studio and it just drove me to paranoia. Once int he midle of the night the snap trap went off and I freaked out thinking they were everywhere. Luckily in my current apartment I am much farther from the kitchen.

            Drain- I have the Zap-it thing or whatever that barbed plastic thing is called. It was draining fine, then I saw some hair, so I pulled it out, now it’s barely draining at all. I tried the zap-it thing, there’s seemingly nothing in the drain. Used Draino and the water went down, but it’s not draining anymore. I don’t have a built it mechanism that switches the drain closed, so it’s not like the hair pulled that shut (there’s a screw in stopper than pushed up and down to close the drain.)

      • I had a rat in my house for 2 weeks, avoiding all traps that I sent. I finally brought in an exterminator, who identified its entry point and put down bait. No sounds of rat in 4+ days! I second the exterminator suggestion. Worth the money.

    • Not to escalate your concern or anything, but a rodent in the power switchboard probably caused the blackout at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

  • msmaryedith

    Rave: Snuck out a half hour early yesterday evening to enjoy a walk along the GW Parkway in the sunshine.

    Rant: Oh, allergies!! Don’t think the windy walk helped. My eyes still won’t stop watering.

  • Rave: Came home late, found son actually doing the dishes.

    Rant: No matter how early I wake up, can’t seem to get to work early.

    Question: A friend recently separated from his wife. He wants me to take him out (on a Thursday). He’s not looking for a full-out singles scene (yet), but he’d like to have a cocktail or two in the environment of attractive age-appropriate women after dinner in a trendy Blagden Alley establishment. So where in the greater Blagden/U Street/Logan area might a recently single, seriously hunk-ish 40-something and a recovering 50-something widower (The Glimmer Twins) find themselves among grownups?

    • LOL! @ Glimmer Twins

      DC Coast on K Street usually has an older crowd, but I’ve only been there right after work for drinks. No idea what it’s like later in the evening. Hotel bars in downtown are also decent bets.

    • Try a theater. That will make you feel young!

      BTW, there was an Irving Street equinox today, with the sun blazing straight down the street at 7:30.

    • Check out the bar at the Hotel Monaco. Plus, rooms are conveniented located upstairs πŸ˜‰

  • Rave: Brandt Brauer Frick. These guys are REALLY good: http://boilerroom.tv/brandt-brauer-frick-live-in-the-boiler-room-2/

    Rant: NPR report on hot housing markets. It’s eerily reminiscent of 2006.

  • Rant: Despite sleeping 9 hours last night, I’m still exhausted. This new exercise regime is taking it out on me. Maybe I need more iron or something?

    Rave: First day of spring. Even though the groundhog lied, it’s still exciting.

  • Rant: My new tat is ITCHY!!

    Rave: It still looks good.

  • Rave: Signed up for the spring spruce up this morning. Hopefully this will get my butt in gear to actually finally get my house all put together (only two years after I moved in)!

    Rave: first CSA delivery at work yesterday. The veggies look delicious! And it is really nice to have the, delivered to work. Now I just have to figure out how to cook some of them.

  • Rant/Rave: Major HR issues going on in my office – the rave though is having a decent HR professional to deal with. This wasn’t the case until one HR person left last week.
    Rave: Beautiful evening last night for spending the evening outside and riding and another evening at the barn planned for tonight. I love having daylight after work!
    Rave: Two weeks until the triathlon with my husband. I cannot wait – I’m so proud of all the work he has put into this and so happy that he’s been enjoying the training process.

  • RANT: The Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance’s efforts to cram a liquor license moratorium down all of our throats.

    RAVE: Show up at the Thurgood Marshall building tonight and let your voice against this be heard!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My computer keeps freezing up. I need my uncle’s secretary to pray the demon out of my computer.

  • Rant: I have the stomach flu and I am at work. It has not gone well thus far. I have to get this work done….so I suffer in my office πŸ™

    • Not to pile on but odds are you are infecting your co-workers. That is a little selfish, no?

      • No worries and I know πŸ™ . I have locked myself in my office (haven’t touched anything communal and i brought my air filter in today) . Hopefully I will get stuff done early so I can leave.

      • On another note…the one damn time I eat something one of these people cooked I get sick. I KNEW I shouldn’t have done it. But I was trying to be more of a team player πŸ™

  • Rant: enough with the cold weather! let’s see some spring!

    Rave: at least the sun is out!

  • Rant: People who take Rock Creek Parkway in the evenings to get home but decide of waiting in line like normal people to continue onto Beach Drive, cut in at the last possible minute. Continues to amaze me how many people do this on a nightly basis. And then you honk when I won’t let you in? Almost fell off my motorcycle yesterday with someone cutting off the car in front of me and him/she having to slam on the brakes

    • That is a poorly planned merge area. Traffic studies do show that “zipping” traffic just before an exit lane is most efficient. But the new lane markings give a very short solid line for the merge to the Beach Drive exit. And when cars line up too far, it makes sense to many drivers to follow the more sensible practice of merging at the start of the line. For those darting across the solid line at the very last minute however – I’m all for ray guns!

  • Happy Spring – here is the best poem.

    O sweet spontaneous earth

    by: e.e. cummings (1894-1962)

    O sweet spontaneous
    earth how often have

    fingers of
    prurient philosophers pinched

    , has the naughty thumb
    of science prodded

    beauty, how
    often have religions taken
    thee upon their scraggy knees
    squeezing and

    buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

    to the incomparable
    couch of death thy

    thou answerest

    them only with


  • I had a dream that a big blue planet was coming to destroy earth in 30 days but no one was freaked out. Everyone was chillin and enjoying life. I remember in the dream no one was going to work. People were just spending time with loved ones and enjoying what they had left of their lives. It was a frightening and relaxing dream.

  • Just an update. I sent the suspected moochers a direct, but not super confrontational, email about them using our connection (thanks again, I think it was MsMary?).

    They replied fessing up, saying they’d been using our connection for “a time” as they are having problems with theirs. They apologized for not asking our permission and for any “frustration” they caused by slowing our connection.

    We split the other bills and everyone pays their share each month. It’s pretty clear that they have no intention of paying us back for the share that they were not paying in those months. My roommate is in agreement about not wanting to move forward on getting a shared account with them. I’ll just have to chalk this one up to a lesson learned. I reiterated that we felt taken advantage of and that it’s not ok housemate behavior, but I didn’t take a scorched earth tone or anything. It’s a nice spring day out there, and it’s not worth the drama. Thanks for the advice all.

    • msmaryedith

      Well, I’m glad they fessed up and apologized, even if it was only because they were caught in the act! I think it’s best you got it off your chest/expressed frustration, but did so in a way that should not create any hostility.

  • Rant: Started the morning with a dizzy spell that still comes and goes. Tempted to go home and try to sleep it off.

    Rave: Got an appointment with a dermatologist for next Tuesday! All the other places I tried were booked through May!

    Rant: Eczema spot in the middle of my forehead the size of a quarter. Pretty hard to cover up.

    Rave/Rant: Saw the elephants last night! However, we waited for just under two hours down on the Mall and it was FREEZING. Come on, elephants, don’t you know I have to get home?

  • Anyone ever gotten an MRI showing hyperintensity in the brain? Is this something to be concerned about?

  • RAVE: Dinner last night at Satellite Room was awesome. Really good and the prices are excellent. Best value in the U Street area, IMO. Had the cheese burger, elote, onion rings, and the Mint Choco Milkshake with Bushmills. Holy crap that shake was good! My friend and her co-workers had the Vanilla & Bourbon shake – you could taste the booze a bit too much, IMO. She really enjoyed the lettuce wrapped burger and sweet potato fries. The two other guys had the fried chicken dinners and they both raved about it. I will be back soon – so many good things to try!

    RAVE/RANT: Since they are here on a work trip, they added my meal & booze to the expense account. Sometimes I miss working for the private sector!

    Question: they asked me to setup another dinner for them tonight – anyone have another recommendation? They loved the atmosphere at Satellite Room (bustling/hip/good for socializing), but we’re thinking a bit lighter fare. Also, my friend has Celiac’s, so we need options for her (meat, veggies, fish, etc.)

    Thanks PoP’ville! πŸ™‚

    • For some reason I read BUSTY not bustling lol
      Excuse my poor vision lol

    • I wouldn’t deem it lighter fare but it fits your other requirements: Pearl Dive Oyster Bar. A similar option would be Hank’s.

      Bistro du Coin by Dupont. Not hip, but bustling and really good food.

      Granville Moore’s and Argonaut are two options on H St. Atlas Room is also great, but maybe a little more upscale than what you’re looking for.

      • And you might need reservations for the Atlas Room and the Bistro. Don’t think Granville Moore’s accepts them and doubt you would need them for the Argonaut.

        • Hrmmmm, Hank’s or Pearl Dive are good options and I had those on stand-by. But I’ve been there a ton and was hoping to try a new place. Estadio is such a sh#tshow when it comes to getting a table, so I think we’ll skip that (and it’s a poor value for drinking, IMO).

          They’re staying at the Omni in Woodley Park, so I think H Street is just a bit too far of a trek for them on a school night. They headed home last night at 10pm with work to do in their rooms :-/

    • Satellite Room is so good.

      What about Masa 14, Room 11 or Estadio? Small plates, good vibes at all and lots of options.

    • How big is the expense account? If generous, I’d go to Obelisk!

    • Do you want to stay in that neighborhood? If so, 1905 or Vinoteca would be good choices. Or sit at the bar at Mintwood or Cashion’s on Columbia.

  • Rant: Is this semester over yet? I feel like my course load has been unbearable these past few months.

    Rave: Cookies from Momofoku’s Milk Bar!

    Rave: Almost over the hump.

  • em

    Recipe for kale slaw (including pictures!) that I referred to a couple of days ago: http://emtplate.blogspot.com/2013/03/kale-slaw.html

  • Rant: people who treat bike lanes like an extension of the sidewalk.
    Rave: signing up for a marathon with some of my oldest friends.

  • RANT – I’ve been working out a lot, eating well, and avoiding booze and haven’t lost a pound all month. I’m more than annoyed and discouraged.

    Rave – I got to walk outside while the sun was shining. I almost did twirls down the street.

    • What do you mean by “eating well”? You can’t lose weight without a calorie deficit, and the only way to know for sure if you have a deficit is by counting calories. Start using a free calorie counter like My Fitness Pal for a few weeks at least to get an idea of how much you’re actually eating.

      Even then, it can take time, particularly is you’re female, petite, older, and/or don’t have much weight to lose. It took me over a year to lose 10 pounds even with calorie tracking and daily exercise.

      • TRUTH. I’m a small gal with about 15 pounds of baby weight to drop, and Lord it’s hard. I feel like I have to try twice as hard as the normal-sized folks.

    • Depending on what kind of working out you are doing, you could be replacing fat with muscle, which of course weighs more. Do your clothes fit differently. That’s a better gauge than just numbers.

  • Rant: job posts at 1130am. I send in resume, cover, and writing sample at 130pm. Receive auto email reply: “we are no longer accepting new applications, as the high volume of responses to our ad has given us a number of strong candidates to consider for our staffing needs.”- Really, 2 hours later!

    At least I have a job but I’m aggressively applying and not getting any results!

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