Checking Out Awesome Row House Roof Decks Vol. 3


You can see Vol. 2 here.

Hard to say just how much this cost or how long it took as this was part of a much larger renovation project over a period of several months. The deck occupies the back of our house (a new master bedroom suite that opens to the deck occupies the front half). Heat & sun are major issues so we had a 6′ overhang built out from the roof, and thank goodness we did. We love the deck and since we have direct access from a main living area we get a lot of use out of it.



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  • AWESOME! Anyone able to tell me what type of plant the 2 pinkish-tipped bush plants in the corners are?

    • looks like some kind of ornamental grass. something like mountain ruby.

    • The grass is Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’, a common and very easy annual grass that you can find at just about any nursery or garden center in the spring. Growing plants on the roof has been challenging because of the sun and wind, and the plants need watering every day in hot sunny weather–the grasses are among the few plants that have really loved it.

  • Perfection! What a gorgeous and tranquil space. Very nicely done.

  • So awesome and I’m so jealous. That’s a really cool way to incorporate your pop-up.

    I’d grow some w33d up there. Paging Dr. Greenthumbs.

  • “Hard to say just how much this cost or how long it took as this was part of a much larger renovation project over a period of several months.”

    Translation: This shit was crazy expensive.

  • Wow! Looks like a little piece of Florida heaven up there. Margaritas anyone?

  • This is my deck in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. Our house was a fixer-upper (which we didn’t realize when we bought it in 2000!) and the renovation gave us a badly needed new kitchen, a mostly new second floor (where we undid most of a previous renovation), and a completely new master bedroom suite that replaced a small attic on the third floor. So no, this was not cheap but the house really needed the work. We had discussed a roof deck for years and managed to work this splurge into the project. Here’s another photo of the deck (taken by our architect’s photographer) that better shows how the deck relates to the third floor:

    The deck also gives us a nice view of our garden on the hill going up the house behind us (that’s our garage at the top):

    • Thanks for sharing these pics. What an amazing space!

      Can you share any more specifics on the estimated cost and the contractor you used? I am considering a similar pop up + roof deck.

    • Nice work! We are using the same architects to do an extremely similar project on our house in Bloomingdale this summer. Can’t wait!

    • What a beautiful garden – and I love how your deck works with the room it’s coming off….lovely!

  • Wow, simply amazing, I love it! I’m filing this for when I can afford the fantasy version of my house 🙂

    I love your garden and the plant selection -your backyard garden looks like it was designed to be viewed from above. Lots of interesting and unusual plants – where do you get them? It reminds me of the annual sale at the Arboretum – they have a lot of unusual annuals. I also love the purple fountain grass – not unusual though but great looking and super easy. We grow it in pots by our sidewalk – loves heat and humidity.

  • Thanks everyone for the name of the plant… John – your rooftop is amazing – LOVE IT. I have a balcony that I “green up” in the spring/summer and would like to try the Rubrum this year. 🙂

  • John – I would also love to know the name of the architect and contractor – getting ready to do something similar in Columbia Heights. Thanks!

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