Listed District’s Phenomenal Finds Vol. 37 – Pedal Cars

Listed District is written by Ellen Richardson, a graphic designer and Pleasant Plains resident.

Strangely enough, I’ve found that there’s almost never a shortage of vintage pedal cars available on Craigslist. My family has had the same John Deere pedal tractor since the 50’s – it’s on its third generation of riders and still works perfectly and looks great. Vintage toys of any type are a great heirloom to pass from generation to generation, and are sure to outlast any battery powered contraption by at least a few millennia…
Though some of these are listed a little farther than usual, they might be well worth the journey. Happy Hunting!
$250 – 1950s Firetruck Pedal Car (complete with ladders!)
$130 – 1950s Murray Fire Chief Pedal Car (with bell!)
–And here’s what looks to be a restored one for $150:
$200 – Vintage Green Pedal Tractor
$100 – Yellow Pedal Car (is that a LIGHT on the hood??)
$180 – BMC Blue Streak Pedal Car (look at that paint job!)
$300 – John Deere Pedal Tractor + Trailer


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  • I found one a year or so ago in a sidewalk giveaway. Enchanted, I brought it in. Childhood memories, etc. Then it sat there and I got bored with it and gave it away. I suspect that happens in these Craiglist cases. (If you are not five, there is not much you can do with a pedal car).

  • What a great post! I want one for my 4 year old! But I’d bet she’d be in fights all the time with the 6 year old over it, guess I’ll need two!

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