Incredible 3-D Model of CityCenterDC

In Jan. we learned that condo sales had begun at CityCenterDC. CityCenterDC’s boundaries are New York Avenue NW, 9th Street NW, H Street NW, and 11th Street NW. Last week I took a tour of a model unit and got to see this unbelievably cool 3-D model of the development by LIDCM Corporation. I think I have underestimated how transformative this development is gonna be. To say I was blown away is an understatement. I can’t wait until we get confirmation on the retail and restaurants (“With over 295,000 sq ft of retail space, CityCenterDC will feature nearly 60 stores, restaurants and cafes”) but in the meantime – check out some more photos of the model:

More photos after the jump.

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  • I keep waiting for Beetlejuice to pop out from under one of the trees.

    Dig the green roofs, kudos for that.

  • What’s going to happen to the triangular lot between New York Ave., Eye St., and 9th St.? Will this be a park for the long-term or only temporarily?

    • This will be a permanent park. The exact wedge used to be a park called Northwest Park prior to when the old convention center was built on that massive site 10th and I Streets used to run through as well.

    • The wedge is between NY, 11th, and the new I that will run though. It’s the exact size as the wedge across from it. Those wedges are called “keys” which there are 8 of them in all. Sets of two running diagonally out of Mt Vernon Square.

  • More epic if it was made out of lego.

  • Queue the typical new building “I hate it, it’s so ugly, so boring, etc” comments from everyone in 3…2….1

    • I don’t really have an opinion on the aesthetics, but it is visually jarring if you’re accustomed to that area and you haven’t been there in a few months. It projects massively to the street from all sides. It’s one case where I wish they actually did build taller and left more open space abutting the streets. All of its substantial massing is on the perimeter.

      I really don’t care one way or the other. I am looking forward to Uniqlo.

  • I can’t tell from the orientation, but are they going to reopen 10th Street? Or will it be turned into a pedestrian walkway?

  • As if traffic flow through Mt. Vernon Square wasn’t bad enough…

  • The court yard seems like a cool idea. It will be interesting to see how it works in practice. Hopefully this will organically integrate into the city and not just function as a self contained outdoor mall. The exterior retail is a good sign.

    On the downside, the surrounding buildings on H and 9th are such disasters from a streetlevel experience. Hopefully, they can be repurposed for an active streetscape.

  • what is this??? a city for ants!?

  • I’ll never understand the floor to ceiling windows. To get any privacy you either shut off your entire view – so essentially live in a windowless box – or pay enormously to install bottom-up shades.

  • WBJ reports that negotiations are under way with Hilton who will possibly build a Conrad Hotel on one of the two existing sites within that development. The last building to go in will be a office building. The designs for that are online and look nice as well. Can’t wait till they break ground on those two.

  • I wish I was the person that got to build these things.

  • I know many architects and I know none that fit what you just said.

  • I wish they were putting in a playground. Seriously, if I drag my kid shopping downtown I would like to be able to go the park for a bit.

  • I am fairly certain that Apple is going into one of the retail spaces.

  • There will be an Equinox gym going in here.

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