Adams Morgan Exxon to be Developed into 35-40 Residences plus 8,600 square feet Retail

1827 Adams Mill Road, NW

More exciting news for development projects in Adams Morgan. Urban Turf reports:

In addition to between 35 and 40 residences, 1827 Adams Mill Road will have 8,600 square feet of ground floor retail. The site is currently leased to an Exxon station, but in the next several months, that lease will be terminated and work will begin on the project. The expected completion date for the project is the beginning of 2015.

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  • Oh man, I’m running out of gas stations fast!

    • PDleftMtP

      My first thought too. We used the Watergate Exxon as a backup (near work) but that’s closed too – not clear whether it’s renovation or permanent.

      Any other suggestions in MtP or in/near the West End? The guys on Mt Pleasant Street are super nice and we still use them some, but the in and out isn’t as fast.

  • Oh no! They’ve plugged about 25 nail holes in my tires over the years!

  • More tan bricks and fake balconies coming soon. And you get benzene with your condo fees.

  • I’m sure the gas station at 18th & S will go down in a similar fashion. That’s a huge footprint in a very pricey part of town.

  • Can I nominate one of the three gas stations in a row on Rhode Island Avenue between 3rd and 5th for this kind of development?

  • Now would the owner of the Exxon on 14th and Parkwood Pl. in Columbia Heights *PLEASE* sell as well!?

    The number of drug dealiers and shady characters on that lot is climbing faster than the price at the pump!

  • Is this one of DC gas station tycoon Joe Mamo’s properties?

  • News of 35-40 new residences is indeed good news.

  • Where are all these people going to park.

    • They can “park” their asses in Metro seats.

      • Agreed. People in larger cities rarely ask this question with development. With DC’s population on the rise, it’s time for people to get used to the notion that you’re not gonna be able to park.

        • +1. If they have any sense, they won’t try to live in Adams Morgan with cars and no off-street parking.

          • This. There is no reason to have a car living in Adams Morgan. This location is an easy walk to Woodley Park metro, not to mention being very well-served by busses – 42, L2, 90’s, Circulator…

        • Let’s keep this in perspective. DC still has well under a million residents, so it’s not a “larger” city. And people still get around in cars in places like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

          • I’m not entirely sure what city you’re living in, but DC IS a major city. Yes, the population hovers around half mil when you just use the city proper boundaries (same thing for SF and Boston – which are both major cities). The metropolitan area is about 6 million. And has the worst traffic congestion in the country. Something we’re terribly proud of.

        • People in ALL cities complain about parking. New York included; especially in Brooklyn, which is more akin to Adams Morgan than Manhattan is. Plus, not everyone can take public transit to work.

      • I can’t wait till the Adams Morgan Metro station opens.

        • I’ve always thought that Metro’s appending “Adams Morgan” to the name of the Woodley Park Metro station was kind of a stretch, and Adams Morgan is not the most Metrorail-convenient area.

          However, the Circulator bus enables people to get from Woodley Park to 18th and Columbia pretty quickly.

        • We could use a new Metro line straight up 16th Street. Better still, make it an above-grade line, like Tysons.

    • Yeah, those hippies can use the metro or bikeshare!

  • Oh no, I’ve been going there for 30 years for gas. I used to go to the repair shops on 14th & Church Street but they’ve gone condo too so I’ll live.

    • Seconding a recommendation I just made above… Try Auto Tech Service, hidden a few blocks away at 2328 Ontario Rd NW. I’ve gone to them a couple of times recently and they were great.

  • The NIMBYs will be out in droves and kill this idea like they killed the upscale hotel at the old church.

  • Like it or not, cars still exist. We still need gas stations.

  • This is excellent news. Replacing an exxon with urban infill is the kind of development we should all be applauding . We’ll all be in self driving electric cars soon enough anyway.

    • When can we expect these self-piloting, electric flying cars? I’d like to get rid of my gasoline-powered land car.

  • Wow, where should I go now to get car repairs? I didn’t buy gas there, but they were my go-to guys for all my car problems. I’ll miss them.

    • not many places anymore. in the past i’ve used the garage up on connecticut near politics and prose.

      and a few places on capitol hill.

    • the garage on mount pleasant street has been ok. Also the Shell on Conn ave and fessenden is good.

  • Sad to see this Exxon go. I was also happy with them servicing my car — they were honest and reasonably priced. Hopefully the mechanics at his Exxon won’t relocate too far. I would like to keep taking my car to them.

  • More housing is always good for the neighborhood, but this comes at the expense of friendly and honest folks who performed timely repair work. I hope they land on their feet.

  • There is no safe gas station. That soil is contaminated beyond belief.

    I have first hand experience w/ brownfield remediation and clean up. I’ve heard about owners suing gas stations for underground gas leaks that occur blocks away from the site of the station.

    Developers essentially have two options:
    1. Pay to dig up all the soil and truck it away. (Most expensive)
    2. Cap the soil by paving over it, putting in some vents, and pretending that the future land use won’t be sitting atop poisoned soil. (Cheapest and most frequently used)

    CAVEAT EMPTOR! I do not recommend buying or renting a condo on this spot. Neighbors should test their basements for contamination and sue before the gas station is gone.

    • I have a feeling they’re going to dig down and excavate 3-4 stories anyway to make way for underground parking. Whether that’s enough or not, I don’t know. But – not to worry, our government is there go watch out for our safety!

  • I cut through the gas station every morning on my way to work. Shoot.

  • Hi everyone, this message is from Eddie Hanson. the manager at rock creek Exxon Adams Morgan.
    we appreciate your concern about our station, and we would like to inform you that our gas station and the mechanic shop will be relocated to the water gate gas station, which will be Rock Creek Valero gas station and mechanic services. and we will assure you that our gas prices will be very competitive and low prices. our main mechanic ABED and WINSTON will be at the location to greet you and take care of your cars’ services. We are expecting to open the new place in the beginning of March, 2013 after the renovation is completed. Adams Morgan station will be close by the mid of July, 2013. We will be honored to continue servicing you at our new location. you can reach us at the same phone numbers 202-23
    4-0422. 202-234-8711.
    Thank you and we appreciate all your business through the years and see you soon.

    • Wow – this is big enough news to have a post of its own! I noticed a few months ago that the current Exxon station at Rock Creek and the Watergate had closed. I’m glad (1) that it will be open again (and hopefully not have the high prices as the old station), and (2) that the good people in Adams-Morgan will be keeping their jobs.

    • I’m very happy to hear this. You guys have been a lifesaver on many occasions.

  • definitely great news that they will relocate to the Watergate. a little far from adams morgan, but worth the trip. winston has worked on my car for a couple of years, and he and his team have always done a great job. honest mechanics.

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