More Restaurants Applying for Liquor Licenses in Bloomingdale

1822 1st St, NW

Back in June we learned that an “Italian-influenced American restaurant” was coming to the great space at the corner of 1st and Seaton St, NW. They’ve now applied for a liquor license under the name Red Hen:

“New neighborhood restaurant with Italian roots. Seating capacity of 78, Occupancy Load of 99, and Sidewalk Café with 46 seats.”

That’ll be a sweet sidewalk cafe:

And just down the street the recently opened Aroi Thai has also applied for a liquor license at 1832 1st St, NW:

Also nearby don’t forget the new spanish tapas Costa Brava has also applied for a liquor license across the street at 1837 1st Street, NW.

Hard to believe it was over two years ago when Big Bear had their difficulties getting a liquor license in Bloomingdale.

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  • “Italian-influenced American restaurant” = busketti & meatballs and pastafazool?

  • Bacio and costa brava have both applied for patios as well.

  • Bloomingdale is going to have an amazing downtown when it’s all said and done. I hope the businesses on First and RI pitch in some funds and refurbish the treeboxes and perhaps get the city to plant better trees. It all looks a bit haphazard and dumpy. Also, the sidewalk in front of Aroi has a pretty steep slope so I’m not sure how patio seating will work.

    • Downtown? While this is evolving into a cute little row of businesses, I would hardly consider it an amazing downtown. Very limited future growth with the commercial spaces available unless I’m missing something.

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