Meeps Re-Opening in Adams Morgan Friday, August 17

2104 18th St, NW

Meeps closed for renovations at 2104 18th St, NW in mid-June.

From a press release:

A Washington, DC fashion force for twenty years, Meeps has undergone a major renovation and is re-opening August 16th to reveal its metamorphosis. In the hands of new owners and expert vintage curators Cathy Chung and Katerina Herodotou from Treasury Vintage, Meeps will re-emerge with a newly infused, curated aesthetic that includes casual vintage, contemporary designers, a buy-sell-trade system, and a Cosmic Costume Room coming in the Fall. Meeps’ new era also includes a renewed emphasis on the local, with area artisanal wares, fun social happenings and DC artists and musicians taking center stage.

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  • “It’s the Moors!”

    (Seinfeld, anyone?)

  • Meeps was my favorite vintage because it was actually affordable. This sounds like we might have another Annie’s Creamcheese. I hope the new owners keep the spirit of Meeps!

  • I feel like Meeps moves every few years – I swear this is like the 5th location!

    • Meeps has been in its present location for 5 years. Prior to that it was on U street for 15 years.

      • hmmm….first time I went there they were on 18th near Columbia and then somewhere else on lower 18th and then 14th …unless I’m getting them confused with another place … just curious

        • nope, you must just be confused. They were never on 14th and never near columbia…..Don’t worry, you are not alone. Even after 5 years at the same location on 18th, people would stop in and ask “when did you move??”

  • Beyond excited for this store to re-open, it was my fav in college and I’m glad to see it’s getting a new lease on life. I peeked my head in yesterday while they were working on it and it looked fab

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