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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: Going to Nationals game tonight as part of Nationals Night OUT with the GLBT community.

  • RANT: drivers who find it necessary to go 25mph through a speed camera zone when the speed limit is 35mph. I wish speed cameras would give these jacka$$es a ticket for driving too slow.

  • File under ‘random question/thought’: Any word on Petworth Safeway reno? Last I heard demo would begin in May. Thanks!
    Rave: New bike!

    • In April the developer said they planned to file for a raze permit in the next 60 days, and that they hoped to start work in summer or early fall. I believe they did file for a raze permit in May, but I haven’t heard any more than that. I’m guessing no work will begin before the fall, but it does sounds like it’s gonna happen.

  • PDleftMtP

    Rant: we’re going to have to put one of our cats down today. We visited her at Friendship last night, and it’s clear she’s just gotten much worse.

    Less rant: at least we’re not conflicted that it’s the right thing to do. She’s miserable.

  • alxindc

    RAVE: Had a very nice, wholesome breakfast.
    RANT: Will miss the England game today as the BIG BOSS is back. Grrrrr

  • Rave: Spending the weekend in Baltimore. Great city. Would love to see it find solutions to its problems and become a model for incremental urban comeback.

  • Rant: Head hurts. Heart hurts. Shoes hurt.
    Rave: Short week.
    Rave: Coffee makes everything better.
    Rave: Change.

  • Rant: Walking to the train I saw a girl reading her phone on the sidewalk run into a blind man. The girl didn’t bother to apologize, while the blind man did.

  • Rave: In Tunis, work is interesting, colleagues are great, and we’re actually progressing on our project.
    Rant: All this in 103 degree heat. And in full suit attire. I’m melting.
    Rant: Will only be home for two weeks through the middle of August. That means I’ll miss the yummy corn and the yummy peaches and I don’t know what I’ll do with myself if I miss out on all that goodness!!
    Rave: Me and the husband in Paris this weekend!!!

  • I ranted and raved too soon – electricity is out. No AC.
    At least the internet still works…

  • claire

    Rant: Interns. Nothing against them on a fundamental level, but the ones we have this summer don’t make any sense to me – I work in a technical field, but for some reason, we have two English grad students (one of whom I couldn’t help but judge pretty harshly after seeing her carrying a Stephanie Meyer book) and one high school student. Doesn’t seem like a very good use of our time to be trying to come up with tasks for them, but maybe I’m just annoyed because my room was already crowded enough (and windowless on top of that) and now it will have up to 5 people in it… ugh.

    Rant: My cat’s been eating a lot less lately, and I’m starting to get pretty concerned. She seems healthy and fine otherwise and still bugs me for food around her mealtimes but then just isn’t interested in it. Ordered some different food to see if maybe she’s just bored of the current varieties (I rotate through three different flavors – one of which she started absolutely refusing to eat a month or two ago and the other two which she’s now losing interest in as well). Hoping it’s just that she needs some new flavors.

    Rant: Boyfriend leaving for the beach today, and I’m hosting his sister for a couple of days before she leaves to join him. Not only am I missing out on the beach (not enough vacation time to do it + it’s kind of a family thing) and missing my boyfriend, I have to make sure to be an extra good host to his sister (who, admittedly, is quite low maintenance as a guest and who I know pretty well).

    Rave: Even with a lot of rants, life still feels pretty good overall.

    • “Doesn’t seem like a very good use of our time to be trying to come up with tasks for them…”

      Amen to that. Interns are not a good use of anyone’s time. Internships, especially unpaid ones, are such a waste. Most of these kids are obviously not in a financial situation that forces them to work a real job for money, so they get a soft introduction into the real world – which is to say not an introduction at all. Instead of getting a real job and learning real skills, they get to screw around for a semester and extend the college experience while other people have to handhold them and end up doing the work for them.

      /Why no, I did not intern when I was younger, why do you ask?

      • I don’t know about all that. I had three internships while I was in college– they all paid better than a typical summer job, so why not? Much of the work was admin-type stuff, but it was in industries that were relevant to my degree and it was a good way to get a feel for the different types of work environments that were out there.

      • I agree about internships that don’t have clear functions, but sometimes internships are critical ways to get into a field. I interned, FOR FREE, three summers in college, all at very respectable regional theatres. In the theatre field, there’s hardly any money in it for full-time staff, much less interns, yet those internships are highly competitive. I ended up working for one of those theatres later in life — it was because of that original internship and the communications I kept up that gave me the leg-up for the full-time job.

        But definitely agree: coming up with tasks for an intern is no fun. We had one here last year who was worth-less.

    • Perhaps it’s her teeth. If they’re bothering her, she’ll be hungry, but not eat as much.

  • That picture reminded me that Artomatic closes June 23. There are a lot of good artists this year – makes the trip to Crystal City bearable.


  • Rave: Graduate studies info session tonight with my top 3 school choices

    Rave: Made the earlier train today and avoided Rush+ disasters

    Rave: One of my best friends from college who has been in Africa for a year will be passing by DC in August for a few days.

    Rant: Impatience.

    • Out of curiosity what schools are you looking at?

      • Georgetown SFS, SAIS and CIPA at Columbia. Aiming high, but I think (hope!) I have the qualifications to get in.

        • Good luck! I went though the process last year. If you aren’t looking to get into the ID program at SAIS, I don’t think getting admitted is as hard as people make it seem. I didn’t have the best quals but still got accepted.

          • Thanks! I’m pretty confident that my undergrad grades, experience, languages, etc. will be more than sufficient on that front. I’m hoping that admissions will take into consideration the economy and how tough it’s been to try to get valuable work experience since I graduated in 2010.

        • PDleftMtP

          At least 20 years ago(!) those schools weren’t nearly as stuck on prior work experience as Fletcher or on academia as Yale. Good luck!

        • Good luck! My best friend just got her graduate degree from SIPA and she loved her time there.

  • Rant: Parents who don’t teach their children how to interact with strange dogs. We live near a family with 3 or 4 kids, including a toddler. We’ll be walking our two dogs and the kid will just run up to them, all grabby-hands, as we try to get away from him, and the mom just watches and doesn’t give a crap. We have a 60 lb pit bull and an elderly beagle. We don’t want strange children approaching our dogs that way. We’ll be like, “No, please don’t …” but for the most part we have to block them with our bodies. I am so sick of it. Strange children rush at the dogs all the time as their neglectful parents ignore them, but this particular family is a repeat offender.

    • I hope you call the parents out on this.

    • Sounds like you are already being careful, but definitely be forewarned. My old neighbor’s daughter had an awful experience with a family who would let their kids approach her hyper Great Dane. She continually asked the family to not allow the kids to run across the street to pet the dog. Finally, the dog bit a child. In order to avoid having the Dane put down by city officials (this was in Minneapolis), she had to give her dog away. Fortunately, it was to a nice family in Iowa. Before anything else, protect your dog. You can’t change the incompetent parenting, but you can be firm and forceful in not allowing their children to touch your dog.

      • I sympathize with your situation. What can you do but try and stear clear of kids you say walking your way? Unfortunately, your dog will sense any anxiety you feel near kids and it may put him on the defensive, worsening the dog bite risk. I thank my lucky start that my dog is soooo chill and conflict averse that she just turns away when a strange kid pets rough.

  • RANT: Last week, D.C. was ranked #6 with bed bugs in the U.S. and it was reported the D. C. Department of Health found bed bugs in the Vital Records section on North Capital Street, NE recently. I haven’t been sleeping well at night in fear of bed bugs in my apartment. I’ve seen 3 bed bugs within the last 4 months in my apartment and they are hard to get rid of. I am a very clean and neat person. Other tenants have found bed bugs too in the building, however, some tenants live like pigs.

    RAVE: My birthday is next week. (Cancer)

  • Rant: I hate the proposal I’m currently working on. Just want to get it done already.

    Rave: Booked a beach trip with the new man for August. Excited about the trip, excited about the guy.

  • anon. gardener

    Rant: migrainous malaise just will not end.
    Rave: job I love that allows me to telecommute.

    extra rave: friendly dog asleep on my feet

  • Rave: Bought the tickets to Istanbul!! Thanks to everyone last week who convinced me it’d be a good idea; I’ll continue to accept any and all tips! (Claire: We will DEFINITELY be doing an Istanbul Eats tour!)

    Rave/Rant: I know I’ll be hopped up about this trip until we leave (in … November) and will have a difficult time restraining myself; I’m hoping my boyfriend continues to be charmed about my excitement instead of annoyed, haha.

  • Allison

    Rave: Guy on the metro who said, “nice Kindle, I have the same one” when I was reading a huge paperback. Made me laugh. 😀

  • rave/rant: I just can’t wait for beach vacation with husband in August. Time is going by sooo slowly until then! Maybe i can convince him to do a weekend or two away camping or at a B&B while we wait…

  • Rant: The Natixis downgrade continues to make my life a living hell.

  • Upgrading from just Anonymous to an actual name. Thanks to everyone who supported my doubts a few months back about joining Weight Watchers. So far, so good! And today I’m wearing a pencil skirt that hasn’t fit in a year! Huzzah!

  • Rave: Lamiinating things today. I don’t know why but it’s so fun!
    Rant: The smell the laminater (?) makes. Blech.

    Rant: The crazy incoming heat!
    Rave: Wearing my new summer dress to work because of it.

    Rant: I received a text from my BFF from home, saying that she was in DC but only for a layover at the airport. By the time I got the message it was too late! I’ve been trying to get her to visit for over five years and this is the closest she’s come.

    Rant: Tension between the boyfriend and the local BFF. Perhaps I’m too old to have a close friend of the opposite sex?

    • saf

      “Perhaps I’m too old to have a close friend of the opposite sex?”

      I doubt it. I have good friends of both sexes and am married and am certainly older than you.

      It’s all a matter of the people involved, not the genders involved.

  • Rant: Unexplained bruises – one on my butt and a big one on my instep plus a pulled shoulder muscle. No drunken debauchery (or debauchery of any kind – but that’s another rant).

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