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  • Now, I have a question…
    I walk by this house from time to time and I need to know if these are replanted every year or do they come back on their own every Spring.
    Can a banana plant survive up here in DC over the winter?
    Anyone know for sure what gives here?

  • Yes – they do come back every year – as a matter of fact, they multiply. My husband and I moved into a house in Park View in 2009 and there was one banana tree. At the end of Fall, we cut it back and mulched it and the next year we had two, and last year, three – this year I think we are at 4. We may have to cut one of those back as we don’t have the room for all of those trees, but they are pretty awesome. They survive, but as you can imagine it is not warm enough to bear fruit. Although I did find one very small (inedible) banana on the ground after the first year.

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