PoP T-Shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia viewed from La Popa Monastery

Adrienne with Two Sloths in Cartegena, Colombia

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  • Cartagena is such a beautiful, historic city. It’s a little piece of old Spain in the Americas. I am glad to see it on PoP – thanks to the couple who sent in the photos!

  • that sloth photo makes me so happy

    • I read a story of some scientists living there who had a pet sloth – slothes seemed to make great pets – but when frightened their panic response is to clamp those huge claws down so hard that deep wounds result.

  • i also saw sloths in a parking lot in cartagena when i went in december! i guess that’s where they like to hang out…? 🙂

    • Really? The sloth I saw was in Panama City in a parking lot! Oddly enough the Kiwi’s I was with were far more distracted by the raccoon nearby.

  • POP–my partner is going to Laos next week, any way we can get a shirt for him? Are they for sale?

  • I think the sloths belong to the wild, but they are taken when they are babys from their mothers to be exhibited to the tourists for some money, people shouldn’t promote this.

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