Hawthorne Homemade Organic Juice Bar & Market Coming to Cleveland Park

This may take a little sting out of yesterday’s post that Java Green is for sale. Hawthorne Homemade Organic Juice Bar & Market will be located in the former River House space at 3706 Macomb St, NW. Their Web site says:

“Raw-Live Cuisine, Grab-n-Go Prepared Foods, Seasonal Cleanses, Fair Trade Coffee & Tea Infusions Local, Organic & Seasonal Produce

Our Organic Juice Bar features a delicious menu of seasonal vegetable juice cocktails, green smoothies, tea infusions, fair trade coffee, raw wraps, dehydrated chips & crackers, soups, salads, wholesome meals & raw desserts.

We work with local farmers to secure the freshest produce and we always use local, organic & seasonal ingredients whenever possible. In addition, we grow our own wheatgrass, baby greens, sprouts, and medicinal herbs that flavor and enhance our nutritious foods.

Our health supportive chef prepares both live and lightly cooked foods and follows the philosophy of using food as medicine and medicine as food. Dishes are designed with food combining in mind to optimize the digestive tract’s ability to nourish and cleanse the body naturally.

Combining living foods with proper rest, physical activity, and a positive attitude, allows one to strengthen the mind, body & spirit.

Our ”no frills” Eco Market offers fine foods for local residents. We support and feature merchandise from local artisans, farmers and vendors.

We offer farm fresh organic produce, freshly baked bread, a variety of olives, artisan cheese, raw sauerkraut, natural fresh pressed beverages, nuts, grains, aromatic flowers, handmade soaps, candles, spa products, hand-crafted items and other natural necessities.

We use biodegradable packaging and we compost our wheatgrass mats, juice pulp, paper bags, cardboard boxes and other natural waste to lighten our “carbon footprint” on the earth. Whatever we cannot compost we will recycle. Our motto: Reuse, Rethink, Recycle.

Hawthorne Homemade, our food line will make you think of nourishing foods prepared with tender loving care by “grandma” in her cozy kitchen where everyone gathered to share a heart felt meal.

Hawthorne Express: We also deliver within the neighborhood.”

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  • meh, this is glover park north if anything.

  • I know restaurants near that corner of Wisconsin and Macomb advertise as being in Cleveland Park – Cafe Deluxe does for sure

  • I always called it Cathedral when I lived there. It’s def. not Cleveland and it’s really not Glover either. McLean Gardens is also an acceptable (and historical) name for it IMO.

  • Cathedral Heights is what I know it as. Heard it called McLean Gardens too, though that’s just the actual McLean Gardens complex in my book

  • I live less than a block from here. I was hoping something cheap and quasi-unhealthy would move into that space, like a Potbellys. But I suppose my waistline will benefit from “seasonal cleanses”….

  • I’ve lived here for four years and barely know what to call this neighborhood. Cathedral Heights, I think, is the proper term, but have heard my neighbors refer to it as Tenleytown, Cathedral Park, and Cathedral Heights. (Upper NW neighborhood identity crisis = white people problems.)

    Anyhow, I’m so glad these storefronts are getting tenants.

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