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  • Don’t forget Palm Springs!

    Matchbox is good in a pinch when I want edible takeout pizza, but eating at the Cap Hill site is more trouble than what it’s worth especially on the weekends.

  • Matchbox has disappointed me and my guests on two separate occasions–brunch and dinner. Their pizza is not worth the money, and neither are their brunch options. It was surprisingly well below my expectations, considering how often I heard rave reviews. I’m not sure where they get the capital to open up new restaurants, but maybe they should put some of that cash back into kitchen training. I’m not a finicky eater, I just don’t appreciate wasting my money. A $20 pizza is a $20 pizza.

  • You need to get to the Barracks Row shop early for lunch/dinner, otherwise you’re swamped with strollers. I can’t imagine this one will be any different. And they must have done something to the pizza recipe because the past two times, it tasted like frozen pizza crust. Crackery and buttery when it used to be crisp and chewey. The burgers are still excellent and they manage to cook to order.

    • Seriously, unless Louis’ Rogue has amazingly good pizza, someone needs to open up an adults-only pizza joint in this town. Every place in town that makes a decent pie looks like a God damn daycare center from 5-10 PM.

    • I’ve always had success avoiding strollers (and a wait) by going really late. Even on a Friday/Saturday you can usually walk right in if you go at 10.

      Matchbox is a good crowd pleaser. I’ve taken everyone from a glamorous gay friend, to my 90-year-old grandmother, to my girlfriends’ relatives from India. The service is consistently good and the menu works for everyone.

    • The few times I went years ago their pizza always reminded me of a frozen totino’s or some other low end piece of cardboard. I have no idea why people wait in line for this place. Since then I have gone to Ella’s around the corner (from the original matchbox location) and their pizza is leaps and bounds better.

      • Are we talking about the same pizza? I’m a pizza snob, and while Matchbox isn’t my favorite pizza they do the brick oven type pretty well. I’ve had Totino’s frozen pizza in my youth, and I’m sure how you could could find any similarities between the two.

  • I had been a fan for about a year or so until I ran into a situation twice spread over three seperate orders.

    I would get my pizza home (from the Chinatown location) and find hair in it. Not just the stray strand or two, but wads of it. Like someone had decided to put in a layer of hair under the cheese. Didn’t feel like hauling it all the way back there to get a refund.
    Next Pizza was fine, I checked it before leaving.

    The third pizza (about 6 weeks after the first hair situation) was covered in hair again. This time it was from their capital hill location. I spotted it before I walked out, got a refund and haven’t been back since

    • I hair you (lol)….for some reason finding a hair in my food never bothered me. I mean, it’s worse, not better, but I usually pull it out and move on. I wonder what that says about me.

      • it sounds like we are similar… it’s gross, yes, but one hair won’t kill me (i don’t think) i don’t really like making a huge stink either, sending food back unless it’s completely inedible (i do this with chicken that’s not all the way cooked, or a burger).

  • The Capitol Hill location is night and day better than the Chinatown location.

  • I tend to boycott restaurants that don’t take reservations but I have to say I love their pizza. And I live about 100 steps away from this so will probably love the takeout.

  • The Fire & Smoke pizza is awesome. I know there are a bunch of Matchbox-haters, but that’s fine with me. Can’t wait for the 14th st location.

  • jim_ed

    Their pizza is good, but not wait an hour for a table good. Seriously, every night of the week the Barracks Row location has a line out of the door, despite all the other dining options on 8th. Although I think their hamburger is seriously underrated.

    However when it comes to pizza, I much prefer 7th Hill, or the surprisingly good pies at Justin’s Cafe near the Ballpark.

  • Good but overpriced. I still wish the “tryst” guy could get space in the area.

  • haha I’m curious to see if they found any surprises during demo.

  • Big fan. Love the mini burgers and pizza. Good craft beer selections too. Cinnamon rolls at brunch are delicious as well.

  • Hey Folks,

    Thanks for the feedback and will certainly never stop working to address any issues that are brought before us, especially opening a new location in a great DC neighborhood!

    We are really excited with this space–what’s not to like about a 100 year old building that once housed a bowling alley, a car dealership, Club Bali–one of the all time great DC jazz clubs– and most recently a rehearsal space for Arena Stage?? We are still in initial development phases and have a number of things to accomplish as we move forward. Thanks again for the feedback, and we certainly hope to be able to meet your expectations!

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