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  • That’s awesome. I love their jams and jellies. To have a dedicated shop like that is going to come in handy.

    • I don’t think its the same Smucker (from what I understand, this is a not-uncommon name in Ohio and PA Dutch country).

  • Love this truck and everythig it stands for. Love the fact that they are already giving back to the community with their recent showing at the Washington Animal Rescue League dog walk. Their panini are FANTASTIC!!!

  • I’ve had Capitol Greenz food – the soups are delicious and the panini sandwiches were very good – high quality ingredients in the salads – healthy delicious food i could eat every day!

  • Dog walk was w Washington Humane Society an equally awesome deed!!!

  • Obviously the idea of selling salads isn’t new and now one can claim it as their own, but this seems to be a blatant SweetGreen rip-off. Since these guys are following the same concept (sourcing their product from local farmers) they probably should have picked a more distinctive name and a different color scheme just to keepthe lawyers away.

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