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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Setting aside that weekend in late August to get the hell out of town and disconnect. Question is, where do I go? Was thinking Sleepy Hollow in NY. Any other suggestions that wouldn’t strain the wallet would be great.

    Rant: Deadline for Thurs evening, and working with several interns on a project that is slowly going down the drain.

    • What are you looking for? Beach, woods, small town, city?

      • As much as I love city life, I need to remove myself from it. Beach could work (but peak season = high prices), woods could work (I was pricing cabins in WV) or a small town (like Sleepy Hollow).

        I also had the crazy notion to Metro to DCA and take the first domestic flight out and see where I end up…

        • renting out a cabin in WV is highly recommended. shouldn’t be too pricey, especially compared with the beach. and closer too.

        • If you really want to fly check DCA to Wisconsin – often a cheap direct flight that takes less time door to door then driving 3 hrs. Rent a car and you have hundreds of lakes, camping & state parks, plus House on the Rock, Dr. Evermore’s sculpture garden and cheese curds.

    • Rent a cabin from Potomac Appalachian Trail Club – cheap, relatively close by, and a great way to disconnect! I just booked one myself for a “get out of the city” weekend


    • I was in the Poconos this weekend. Really nice area, with lots to do, and about a 3-4 hour drive.

    • Go to Colonial Beach, VA! Went with my neighbor and it was amazing. You can relax, drive golf carts, eat hush puppes and stay in a boutique inn for under $300. Also there are wineries, a berry farm and some great historical sites!

      • They had a blues festival there in June. Hopefully this will be an annual event.

      • +1 for Colonial Beach. The berry farm has kick ass shortcake sundaes. Two other fun things to do there are to visit Westmoreland State Park, which has a great pool, a river beach, sharks’ teeth fossils, camping & cabins, and go fishing on the Potomac.

  • Rave: Running into a grad school pal at the metro this morning!

    Rave: Heading to my professional association’s annual conference this week — woo hoo!

    Rave: Sunburn finally starting to fade.

    Rant: Still in a bit of a post-vacation-with-adorable-18-month-old-nephew funk 🙁

    • Rant: My professional association’s annual picnic is way out in Reston. Why are they always holding events out in VA?

      • Because the organizers live there. The truth is that most people at your office live in Virginia, not Petworth/Columbia Heights.

        • Tell me about it. I’m the only person who lives in the city– the rest all drive in from the exurbs.

  • Not really a rant or revel, but an observation:

    Yesterday I was sitting at a red light at 13th and I NW heading north on 13th. A scooter rider lane split from behind, slowed as he approached the intersection, and went right through the red light.

    The scooter had VA tags and the rider was wearing a helmet.

    I don’t think much of cyclists running reds, but licensed vehicles (over 50cc) going right through a red light in front of dozens of cars surprised me.

    It was a Red Honda SH150i. The rider then went left on K street after cutting in front of the cars waiting to turn left on K.

    Just seemed a little brazen to me.

    • saf

      “licensed vehicles (over 50cc)”

      All motorized vehicles, no matter the size, MUST be licensed in DC. Also, they ARE motor vehicles, and as such, must obey traffic laws.

      • Ahhh. You missed the VA tags part. VA does not require registration of scooters less than 50cc in displacement.

        • saf

          Oh, yep, I did. I was thinking DC.

          Still, it is a motor vehicle, and all they have to do is look at what happened this morning to know what can happen.

    • I’d seen a girl on a blue/white scooter who used to ride around AdMo who used to do this. She’d ride in the bike lane and roll lights and had no plate. Used to see the scooter locked up to a sign on a side street. Then one night I saw her pulled over by a cop. Haven’t seen the her or the scooter since. Guessing it got impounded.

      • I think this person is my neighbor! There’s a blue-and-white scooter with no tags that’s chained up near my building in Adams Morgan.

        Maybe this is a different tagless blue-and-whiet scooter, though.

    • Same general observation about the pizza/sandwich/whatever delivery guys who buzz around G’town, Dupont, Adams Morgan on crappy mopeds. They never seem to stop for anything. Annoying in the same way a swarm of gnats is.

  • orderedchaos

    Rave: The Red Derby rooftop last night — fun times, and no rain to chase us away.

    Rant: Others’ incompetence making this a really frustrating workday.

    Rave: Having a job, even one that pisses me off at times.

  • Rave: East Potomac Golf Course. Truly a gem in the city.

    Rant: Sliiiiice. Still there.

    • Definitely a great course to work on your swing. If you are looking for a bit more of a challenge, check out the golf course in Rock Creek Park. Actually has some topography and is also run by NPS.
      And I am right there with you with the slice!

  • Rave: Still excited about new studio apartment living.

    Rant: The reality of finance is setting in. Whomp–guess I can’t have a roommate forever…

  • Not completely sure whether it’s a rant or a rave but it is certainly noteworthy for us Washingtonians on a comparative basis with the rest of the country and I post this judging by the heavy bar orientation seen here I guess it might be more considered a rave in this latest report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:


    • rant: run on sentences.
      rave: kittens.

    • Rave: As a Wisconsin native and a DC resident for 5 years, this report allows me to justify my excessive use of alcohol by my drunken environment.

      • Also as a Wisconsin native, I have to say that Wisconsinites probably have their own degition of “alcohol abuse” and can handle their liquor better.

    • The press release for the actual report shows that they’re comparing states (and quasi-states like D.C.), not cities.


      To me, that makes the results less surprising. I wonder what the results would be for various U.S. cities, and where D.C. would fall in the rankings then.

      • I’m sure it goes off percentage of population, which then probably wouldn’t make difference if it was state or city

    • Does it surprise anyone that DC also has the highest amount of admitted coke users?

      • That’s primarily because crack cocaine is also factored into those numbers. While the crack wars of the 80s might be over, crack use is still pretty enormous around here, compared to other parts of the country.

      • There is NO way we use more than L.A.

        • A couple of my coworkers were discussing it this week. It may make sense, because of the amount of money here, making coke an affordable or at least available drug. Other places probably have the same percentage of usage of other drugs. It ain’t a meth town.

    • claire

      Wow, the comments on that article are really frustrating – “Of course! The lazy govn’t workers party it up literally every night in Washington DC…. on the taxpayer dime.”

      • austindc

        If you haven’t done a line off of a bureaucrat’s belly with drugs you bought with tax money that was allocated for an underfunded school, you haven’t lived.

  • On Wisconsin!

  • Rant: it’s a cruel, cruel summer…

    • I hear that. July was the worst month of the worst year of my life. I have somewhat higher hopes for August, but if my luck holds the way it has, I really shouldn’t hope for anything.

  • rant: i’m a big harry potter fan. There are daily contests happening this week online in order to get early access to Pottermore, JK’s new harry potter thingy. But for the past 3 days every time the clue is posted, its at 3, 4, or 5 in the morning. By the time I wake up the allotted spots for the day are taken, and I can’t even try to solve the clue! Why does this have to happen so early? I get that the thing is based in England, but US fans spend a TON of money on harry potter stuff and we should have a shot too. And I’m sorry that I have a job and I can’t stay up all night waiting for the damn thing to be posted. I just want my early access dammit!

    • Go to bed at 8 or 9 pm and wake up at 3 am. plenty of sleep and plenty of time to await the clue.

      • or, you know, stop being fanatical about children’s fantasy books.


        • Thaaaaaaaaank you. I just can’t get into this Harry Potter business, but I do know that no children’s book is worth losing sleep over!

        • Steve, other haters- please shut up and let me have my damn rant : )

          And TBH I wouldn’t classify all of them as children’s book’s books per say. Especially the last 3, with all the *spoiler alert* death/murder/soul splitting, ect. Shit gets real!

  • Rant: FAA shutdown looks like its going to continue until September. This affects more than just the 4,000 furloughed.

    Rave: having too many good things going on to pick just one rave

  • me

    Rant: My husband’s grandmother passed away late yesterday. This is about a month and a half after his grandfather passed away back in June.

    Rave: I got a job offer in writing after waiting for it for a long time. I couldn’t celebrate, however, as the offer came about a half hour after the news of my husband’s grandmother. So, I’m off to join him for family stuff in a few hours. 🙁

  • Small rant: not being able to find a “seeded” watermelon to teach my kids the joy of spitting seeds.

  • Rave: After years of saving I was finally approved for a house loan!

    Rant: I’m priced out of most neighborhoods in the city and at the first house I really love the neighbors yelled at me that white people better not move in. ugh.

    • Check Petworth just northeast of Sherman. There’s a lot of good inventory there and a friendly neighborhood.

    • Saw several houses for sale near 4th & Decatur this spring, they may be still listed.

    • Similarly, look at the NW corner of 20017. Amazingly safe, friendly, quiet and cheap. You do give up the convenience of having a ton of walkable shopping, groceries and restaurants, but that’s changing. You’re a quick bike ride or car trip to anything you need, or Ft. Totten is only a few blocks away.

    • Wonderful neighborhood! We will welcome you with open arms up here too. North of Sherman is awesome!

  • Rave: Got our little man his first pair of shoes and they are adorable.

    Rant: Little man is walking and requires shoes. He isn’t even 8 months yet!

  • Rave: Only three more days until the weekend is here! Have a can of beer!

    Rant: People biking into work, dripping with sweat and stinking like old gym socks. Memo: just because you can’t smell your ass sweat doesn’t mean the rest of the office can’t! Either take the bus when it’s over 90 degrees outside, or take a shower!

    • Oh god, I hope you’re not talking about me! This morning seemed slightly less hot than usual so I biked for the first time in a while. It’s less than a 10 minute ride, slightly downhill, so I didn’t get very sweaty, and I wiped off with a wet washcloth in the bathroom so hopefully I don’t smell bad.

      Funny side note… people who saw me walking in with a bike helmet automatically assumed I have a motorcycle because no one lives close enough to even consider riding a regular bike in.

  • Apt hunting is so discouraging. Maybe I’m looking too soon (for mid sept/oct) but im so worried I’m not going to find a reasonable place that’s not a basement.

  • Rave: Found out this week that the comic strip Jim’s Journal is back! I’ve been catching up on the new online strips today.

  • Rant: I just walked in after doing a major grocery shop and my fridge is dead, dead, dead. I am pissed, pissed, pissed.

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