Judging Restaurants – Asian Bistro Pho & Grill

Asian Bistro is located at 1901 L St NW. Unfortunately there is no Web site or menu available on line (and reviews on Yelp are widely mixed.) Since many of us are huge lovers of Pho, I thought I’d continue Pho week and see if there were any fans here? In addition to the Pho, any fans of the grill offerings?

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  • I used to eat there often. I only got the pho once or twice, but their daily lunch specials (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) were normally good.

  • The bibimbap is good. Prices are pretty average for the area.

  • This spot is right by my office. Went a couple times… price is okay for the area, and lots of vegetarian options, but, not all that much flavor in the things I bought.

    May try it again some day when I tire of other options in the area.

  • I’m a fan of the pork noodle soup

  • Was at a meeting over that way recently and thought about it all morning…but then it was nothing memorable. Bland.

  • Just got back from eating cold soba noodle soup there. It’s nothing special, but solid food that is a nice break from the Corner Bakery/Chopt/etc. options that dominate the area (and without the lines of Greek Deli…which are totally worth it, of course).

  • Pho there is good enough; not the best I’ve had but if you are craving during a lunch it will suffice.

  • They serve “Authentic Asian Cousin” — can’t beat that!

  • Their bahn mi sandwich is one of the best lunch deals around, at $4.50. Overall this place is a great value with tremendous variety.

  • I used to work a second job in the evening and I would stop their quite often for dinner. I like their bento boxes.

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